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Your autographs of Shahrukh ~~ Do share with us ;)

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Astri, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. nimat

    nimat srk&kajolfan

    [​IMG]this is my srk autograph, i finally got it. i am soo happy
    Wafa says thanks.
  2. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    here's minee got it 3years ago thanks to my dear Stella 429410_3458571464557_1279003221_3509067_310637269_n.jpg
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  3. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    heyyy am re uploading my siggy bc i couldn't find it here :wink:
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  4. Shadab

    Shadab New Member

    Im so unlucky dat i did not have king's autograph..........
  5. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Shadab, as long as there is time, you have an opportunity to get one! Think: one day I WILL get one and then make it come true!!! I never thought in my wildest dreams SRK would be in my town here in the USA, but he did come! Keep hope alive in your heart!
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  6. Shadab

    Shadab New Member

    That day was yesterday dear, i didn't get his autograph but i saw him after the play at Eden, really it was just like a miracle, my eyes cant believed it......... he was just 4 to 5 meter in front of me.........
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  7. Shadab

    Shadab New Member

    Can u pls send me SRK's autograph too pls........ I request.........
  8. ishq

    ishq Active Member

    berlin november 2010
    i became the autographs from the stars off don 2 by the mandala hotel.
    srks autograph by the gendarmenmarkt on his birthday.
    a verry lucky moment for me!
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  9. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Here's mine uploaded again too.
    I got it in 2006 at the hockey stadium in Melbourne when He was filming CDI.
    One of the most memorable days of my life! :madgrin: :love:.
    disk larger.jpg
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  10. iamsrking

    iamsrking Well-Known Member

    from "Live My Life"

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  11. Marina Gießler

    Marina Gießler Active Member


    This is my autograph from Shahrukh
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  12. Marina Gießler

    Marina Gießler Active Member

    Thank you very much
  13. manasa rani

    manasa rani Love u SRK till my last Saans

    Even I want one..... how can I get??? :( :( :(
  14. StellaM

    StellaM Well-Known Member

    .... I think it's time to put my others autographs ....:)

    .....3 at "Zee Carnival" 2009 : [​IMG]

    [​IMG]...[​IMG] ....
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  15. StellaM

    StellaM Well-Known Member

    ....... This one in Berlin 2010 .... [​IMG]..... Karan Johar signed, too....

    .... and the last one ... Paris 2008 ... Grevin.... [​IMG]
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  16. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Wow Stella! You have lots! :D
    StellaM says thanks.
  17. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    and very well deserved, thank you Stella for sharing them with us :)
    StellaM says thanks.
  18. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    Thank you all of you for sharing your autographed memorabilia. They are all very special.
  19. shruki

    shruki Well-Known Member

    if I am wrong here please around excuse. I have found nothing else where I can ask whether here one the autograph address of SRK has. I have found in www 3 different ones and do not show really which the right one is. and here I have read you have already sent packages and thus to him. I would want with pleasure him try about letter to an autograph begin to come. the letter and what I else needs I have quite ready 2 months write it reaches I also believe. only I lack the address to mine still succeed.
  20. shruki

    shruki Well-Known Member

    can nobody help me??

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