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Your autographs of Shahrukh ~~ Do share with us ;)

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Astri, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    these are my other ones

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  2. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Wowwwww!!! You're SO lucky yaar!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing your nice autographs with us, Ellie and Ramona - very happy for you both :)

    @ Ramona - I also noticed Karan`s signature :D
    iam_ellie says thanks.
  4. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    Yes it's right. Pic number 3 and 4. These pics were signed at the Berlinale 2009 from Karan and SRK ;)
  5. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Aaaaahhhhh i want to meet Karan too!! But his fave place is New York -.- Heeee will wait for him to come to Malaysia! [​IMG]
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  6. iam_ellie

    iam_ellie Member

    Me too!! Wanna meet Karan!! [​IMG]
    I thought to meet him in Berlin in November but he was ill so he didn't come [​IMG]
  7. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    I met Karan a few times in London and in Berlin. He is really nice - I will cross my fingers for you both that one day you will meet him also [​IMG]
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  8. iam_ellie

    iam_ellie Member

    Awwww thank you [​IMG]
  9. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Awww thank you Petra!! Share some of your luck with us!! Hehe [​IMG]
  10. shallu.

    shallu. Well-Known Member

    I loveeee the first autographed picture of yours, Ramona!! Do you think you can link me up to the photo? :D

    Schneckchen says thanks.
  11. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    I already shared all my experiences here at Planet ;)
    Anjali72 says thanks.
  12. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    ah!! thanks so much for sharing your autographs with us !! i feel so happy for you guys!! I love all the autographs!! ah! all of you guys are lucky!
    Here's wishing I get my first autograph soooon!! ShahRukh listening??? :(
  13. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    If I get a new autograph from him before you, you will get it. Sure!!
  14. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    aww! thats really sweet of you but if you get it for me, it will never reach me (some other probs) i just have to wait till i get it myself.
  15. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    ok... [​IMG]
    danshula says thanks.
  16. hanaa

    hanaa Well-Known Member

    Ellie and Ramona I love your autographs .. Thanks for sharing
    So Happy for you Both [​IMG]
    iam_ellie says thanks.
  17. donshema

    donshema SRK is my Family

    awesome autographs everyone....wow when I see that thread I think and wonder how much more people he signed for :lol: there must be millions by now :lol:
  18. nadee_7

    nadee_7 Active Member

    he signed for me when i met him on 04.04.2011 at mehboob studios, Mumbai!!! THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Resized auto.JPG
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  19. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Nadee, great picture you have in your signature, you look very nice. please share with us your story of how you met him in the "those unforgettable moments.." thread.
    thanks for sharing the autograph pic
  20. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    She already shared her experience and photos with us dear! :) http://bit.ly/eslH69
    Wafa says thanks.

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