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Your autographs of Shahrukh ~~ Do share with us ;)

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Astri, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    DEAR ANKE WHAT A PIC :target:
    i have all the most treaser thing in it and ofcouse srk autographs :hug: thanks alot hun
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  2. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Aw thank you Pedi :hug: Have changed the second it was a bit to small [​IMG] now it is better.
  3. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Uh yes i remember when i have hold the pic that Shah Rukh could writte, it was not right i had to flipp it cause he do not wanted to write cross over his cute face. :love: I had flipped it he had wrote and then i have got that wonderful long and intensive hug from him. God i cross my fingers for our dear Darina that she can meet Shah Rukh in Malasiya.
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  4. hanaa

    hanaa Well-Known Member

    @Hind Just now I saw your autograph,it's SO Wonderful. Congratulations Dear [​IMG]
    @Anke Congratulations [​IMG] Great autograph , Thanks for sharing with us .

    SO Happy for you guys[​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Awww that is so sweet!! [​IMG] Thanks a lot for the prayers and wishes. [​IMG] Will try to meet him again. [​IMG]
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  6. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Gaaahhhh I just uploaded my autographs of SRK but the pics suddenly became so big! -.-" Will try again later
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  7. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Guys, I tried posting thumbnail pics of the autographs but they're still showing as big pics. :doh: So here I'm posting the links.

    I'm a proud owner of this book!! :bounce:

    And even more proud after getting Shah's autograph!! :whoo::dance:

    And he also signed the pic of me with him the last time I met him!! Perfect!! :cheer2::flame:But the printed pic is surely not of very good quality. [​IMG] Nevertheless, I'll frame it for sure!! [​IMG]

    SO surreal!! :faint2: The next time I meet him, I'm SO gonna make sure he writes my name too!! :rockon:
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  8. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing your nice autographs, Darina [​IMG]
    I`m really so, so happy for you that you did it again [​IMG] And don`t forget to give him a hug from me, too the next time [​IMG]
    I also have the same book signed by him - love it
    Really can`t wait for your report and all details [​IMG]

    Sure you will also get an autograph with your name on it [​IMG]
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  9. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Awww thanks a lot Petra!! You sure are of a very big help! [​IMG] Will hug him for you all next time when I meet him again! [​IMG] But it's nothing really big compared to you Petra!! You and Marlies are the luckiest persons on Earth!! And we're all jealous of you guys!! [​IMG] [​IMG] Now I'm only waiting for the album of postcards to arrive to me so that I will be able to give it to Shah Rukh personally. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Darina,I`m so happy for you that you have so wonderful autographs from Shahrukh[​IMG]
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  11. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    awwwwwwww yaar soooo happy for u [​IMG][​IMG]
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  12. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Darina Dear!
    I am sooooo happy for you! :hug::kiss:You have wonderful autographs and met him personally!:cheer2::clap2: That´s great! And I am sure next time you will get a personalized autograph with your name! I am sure the album will arrive in the next days like the woman at the post-office told me since I sent it per air-mail!:plane: Congratulations again Dear!!!!:hug::kiss:
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  13. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    Welcome, dear :D :hug:

    Thanks a lot, sweetie :hug:

    Don`t say this, Darina - no need to compare with others ;) - you are as lucky as we :hug: - and you surely know that it is not only luck - it is so much more and mostly very hard to reach your dreams...

    I will cross my fingers for you and all who are involved in the album :)
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  14. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Yes please!!!! So I feel like hugging him myself![​IMG]
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  15. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Thank you so much Pedi Dear! I am absolutely sure this will help![​IMG][​IMG] I really wait for Darina to bring the news that the album arrived safe at her place![​IMG]
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  16. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Thanks a lot you guys!! Finally I have what I've been dreaming for all this while! [​IMG] Just got back home and noticed something with pics on my desk from afar. I thought it was the album. [​IMG] But then turned out they're my own. Lol. Can't wait to see the postcards!!
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  17. iam_ellie

    iam_ellie Member

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  18. iam_ellie

    iam_ellie Member

    @Darina I hope you will have your autograph with your name!!!! [​IMG]
    It will be so nice!
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  19. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful autograph with us Ellie![​IMG]
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  20. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    He signed this pic on his Birthday 2011 here in Berlin :)

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