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Yet. “I’m very detached from all my films after they’re made" - Maneesh Sharma

Discussion in 'Fan' started by SharlaJ, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. SharlaJ

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    Yet. “I’m very detached from all my films after they’re made" - Maneesh Sharma
    Aparna Pednekar, Hindustan Times | Updated: Oct 03, 2015 14:21 IST


    Sharma has given young cinemagoers a new definition of the big-screen love story. But enough of romance already! “Main toh yahan thriller banane aaya tha!” Sharma mock-wails, taking us back almost a decade ago with the first story he ever pitched to Aditya Chopra. It’s a saga he loves recounting. “My first instinct was to make a thriller. Adi said that Fan [a tale of a fan trading places with a superstar] was an exciting idea, but that it shouldn’t be my first film. I was like, ‘Yaar ye kya ho gaya?’ In a strange way, the rejection of that idea gave birth to Bittu and Shruti of Band Bajaa Baraat.”
    Nine years later, just before Fan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, wraps up, Sharma isn’t worried about his creative vision being eclipsed by a big star. “SRK is the biggest star, but once he’s on set, his stardom flies out of the window. Before shooting, he assured me I could take any amount of retakes and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid. He said, ‘50 takes tak toh main bhi kuch nahi kahoonga. At 70, I’ll probably look at you and ask, am I that bad?’ He did workshops with me for Fan, which I’ve heard is not a very common practice for him.”

    Sharma is not showing any nerves. Yet. “I’m very detached from all my films after they’re made; I change channels as soon as any of them appear on TV. And I’m going to be detached from this expensive, star-driven project too.”

    Full article here >>>http://www.hindustantimes.com/brunc...eesh-sharma/story-1wFJDPryAlSV2yfEtwgUyN.html
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  2. KKhan

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    fan seems to be a unique and interesting movie cant wait to see this one

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