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Will Fan and Raees suffer like Dilwale on domestic Box Office ?

Discussion in 'Fan' started by roger, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. roger

    roger Well-Known Member

    Will Fan and Raees suffer like Dilwale on domestic Box Office ?
    March 31, 2016


    The longer you keep wine, the better it ages, becoming premium in value. However, when you age beer for too long, it goes bad. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which direction Bollywood badshaah Shah Rukh Khan is heading.

    From 1992-2007, SRK had absolutely everything. He gave Bollywood one blockbuster after another. The evergreen DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) ran for a record 1,000 weeks as SRK emerged as the undisputed King of Romance.

    In fact for the first time in ages SRK finds his name missing from the list of the top five top grossers: 1. PK (2014)-Rs 735 crore. 2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan(2015)-Rs 626 crore. 3. Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)- Rs 600 crore. 4. Dhoom 3 (2013)- Rs 536 crore. 5. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015)-Rs 431 crore.

    Earlier, SRK used to stay away from controversies, but now he is falling into one after the other: the Wankhede Stadium brawl, the Shirish Kunder slap, the Farah Khan split, airport checks, link-ups with Priyanka Chopra, et al.

    The intolerance remark was merely his latest and may have severely affected Dilwale’s box office collections.

    Now the first thing is to understand why Dilwale failed even grossing more than 300 crores. But here’s the thing. The foundation for the Khan skyscraper is based on the domestic box office. That’s the key. If that does well then so does everything else. If that collapses, so does everything else.

    With the way Dilwale has bombed, it is doubtful that India distributors will pay such a high premium for his next movie – that too for an unusual topic like Fan, releasing April 15, 2016. That can have a domino effect on all the other rights. There is just too much at stake for the brand empire.

    He is seen in a totally different look in Fan and the audiences will either love him or hate him. But more than that, SRK continues playing himself (directly or indirectly) or a character from the Bollywood universe like Om Shanti Om (2007) and Billu (2009).

    Apart from that the #BoycottDilwale campaign did result in declining ticket sales. A few hours on Twitter can make or break you. The SRK brandwagon will be tested and can’t take it easy with the release of his next films.

    Moreover, The #BoycottDilwale gang said that they would go all the way up to Aamir Khan’s #BoycottDangal in December 2016. Both Fan and Raees fall in between.

    Let’s sum up the facts that will challenge Fan release

    • SRK continues playing himself (directly or indirectly) or a character from the Bollywood universe like Om Shanti Om (2007) and Billu (2009). Though his new avatar as Gaurav will bring freshness on screen but it is 50:50
    • Also the initial teasers reflected Fan as a light hearted Drama genre movie (as seen from the history of Maneesh Sharma) but now the with the latest trailer released the movie might get negative response in terms of dark tone ( the latest example bieng Batman V Superman) but it doesn’t means it will affect its Box Office collections ( again taking example of Batman V Superman) but certainly indian audience prefers more light hearted films when it comes to Khans.
    • One of the most important factor that will surely affect Fan is the cricket fest during its release i.e. IPL. With growing popularity of cricket in our country the IPL may spoil the collection of Fan
    • The current intolerance issue in the country and backlash against the khans will be a minute factor. While the intolerance issue is currently not so in a hype in media. But we can’t underestimate politics of India.

    Raees seems even more risky. Here’s why

    • The Movie constitutes all muslim starcast plus Pakistani actress Mahira Khan as lead. We can already see how it’s going to touch a raw nerve in the entire Hindutva brigade and #BoycottDilwale gang. Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has already struck first blood by preventing Mahira’s Pakistani film Bin Roye (2015) from being released in Maharashtra. How will they react to her in Raees
    • The movie is all set in Gujrat. We don’t know the story but what if the movie is fictionized in such a way that Gujrat is not portrayed the way it is currently and we all know Gujrat is currently famous for Narendra Modi and it would take no time for Bhakts to affect another SRK release.
    • In fact, another problem is that this film was to be a spectacular Eid clash with Salman Khan’s Sultan. But after losing to Bajirao Mastani, SRK is already, reportedly, having second thoughts.
    Let’s See how upcoming few months for SRK shapes up. It could well make or break him!

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  2. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    its just an attention seeker and a silly article
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  3. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    Roger, you don't need to post every single article that mentions SRK or his films, especially ones from sites like this that no one's heard of.
  4. roger

    roger Well-Known Member

    KARAN, The problem is not from this site. If you do not know the name of this website does not connect me. Articles were posts that few people have heard the name of the website (not just the name of this website)
    Indicine site's name to hear that all right? From this site, I posted an article that some people dislike. may have users that like to read the different articles. If you can not like do not read. You can not tell me what I post the article or do not post. But these are part of the media. I think should all read articles had both positive and negative, even if do not like.
  5. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    I am with you totally disagree on this issue. The fact that all these articles have widely available, and I can read them on the web, if I have the desire. At the forum, I want to talk about the film, when he will be released, and not engage in endless speculation and guessing the tea leaves. Do not you realize that there are few who are interested in the numbers BO, we gathered here SRK fans and not fans of the record fees.
  6. Manikanta

    Manikanta Well-Known Member

    //Now the first thing is to understand why Dilwale failed even grossing more than 300 crores. With the way Dilwale has bombed.

    The above two lines shows the summary of the article. Dilwale grossed around 375 crores worldwide (2nd biggest for SRK after CE).

    Dilwale box office verdict:

    India - Above average
    Overseas - Blockbuster
    Worldwide - Hit (Don't forget that it has clash with Bajirao Mastani)

    When the movie has content then the people will watch the movies irrespective of the controversies...Dilwale suffered from lack of content...if Fan and Raees movies have content then these films will work out well at box office and will be liked by people also...:)

    Salman khan didn't have any controversies?...hit and run case, showing his power on women, etc..what are all these?

    This article shows the credibility of the site...topic closed...:rolleyes:
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  7. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    Sadly the BO collections are very important. If SRK keeps making movies that underperform/fail at the BO it will bring his image down and make him less popular.

    Fan was already a flop, just like this article said (even though it deserved to be a hit). We can only hope that Dear Zindagi and Raees are successful enough.

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