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Why Shah Rukh Khan should take Dilwale as a wakeup call

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by roger, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    almost all of our responses are out of love for him.. personally it's disappointing to see him doing movies like this that don't showcase his acting abilities. i think part of the reason we love his work is because of his experimentation and the last few movies have been anything but. i understand his need to do films to make enough money to take the VFX forward but there's a way to introduce some quality in the product as well and still make those returns.

    i hate to admit it but i liked bajrangi bhaijaan a lot.. it was the first salman movie i had probably seen in ages.. but the story was wonderful.. and honestly i hated that i liked it. i think Shah Rukh would benefit from acting in movies that are more content heavy and be masala at the same time because it can make the $$ at the box office and allow him to make the movies he really wants.
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  2. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    ^But those movies don't happen that often. I loved BB and I have no qualms in accepting it. I don't care for SK but I think it's his best film in ages. I don't even watch his movies that much but I went to watch BB and I loved it. A Chak De doesn't happen often. A BB doesn't happen often. A masala film that has content and works with the masses is quite rare these days. CE was loved by the audience out there but can one call it a content driven movie? Hell no! I'm hoping Raees and Fan turn out to be those movies that work with the masses yet have amazing content as well.
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  3. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    fan is a story teller i think it will be content driven and i seriously think raees will have that mix of commercial movie and a story teller both in one. shahrukh khan is the only actor who dares to take risks there are too many to quote he definitely has no masala movie this year an by the looks of things probably none next year either and iactually loved CE and Dilwale happy new year was below par i think but if shahrukh khan is in there then its ok
  4. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    yeah i need to point out i already stated that i am a fan of srk for 15 years so it's not like a movie or two are gonna change anything for me what i wante to get across in my msgs is a fact you can't change while srk fandom is increasing slighlty it's not matching the decrease and honestly like 90% of the new fandom was created by the old movies if that doesn't tell you something then you're just trying to shield your emotions and while i did the same (i actually burned so much nerves and suffred so much frustration trying to defend ra one) but you gotta be objective sometimes i actually took 5 times to finish hny and Ce while better than hny took 3 times and never before had i paused a movie of srk to continue it later ,mind you if was a sandler movie or aamir movie or even hritik (wich i like as an actor) i wouldn't had finished it and that should tell you how bad of a script/story and screenplay those movies got ,and i'm not just taking myself as the norm a huge number of people i know feel the same ,and if you take a look at his rating of films lately in rotten tomatoes and imdb you will get a look at how bad these movies are compared to before i mean he became sk bad movie wise wich should tell you something,and no it's just ridiculous to think that if fans leave they are not loyal srk is a figure wich many people love as a parent ,lover , friend, brother,but many also feel possesion for him and in that aspect it feels as if your son has gone astray but you will still not reproche him and that actually shows that you do not care as in who would care more about a son than his parents and they are the first ones to reproche him when he does a mistake so in a way i think there should be more msgs for him to keep him from going astray ,because in all honesty after i saw one of his interviews saying that the whole thing of dilwale was the fault of this ban that happened it seems he still doesnt get it that a huge part of that is the story if you take a look at the recent successful movies they almost all had stong plot/stories but had two types one is a little hard for simple audience but still does well with more critcic audince and second wich is more simplified so does well with all audiences , so i would rather him do complex movies and just above average box office collection (wich impossible for him to do weak nowadays in box office ) or try simplified stories but with msgs and actual plots ,because let's be honest the last like 4 movies or so there werent much acting they were mostly built on his precedant personas and charme and that worked sometimes before but that was because the even then the scripts and dialogues were still strong not this weak current that's engulfing bollywood nowadays and while i wouldn't care for anyone else i am actually a little angry at srk beacuse it seem like he is wasting years and talent and it's beacause he is a huge obssession for me that i am writing so much as in never before have i written any msgs this long anywhere in any forum so you could take it as how much i care for him and how his recent choices and while i am happy by his coming movies i really hope he does more movies these next years and works with a lot of different directors and writers not just people he's comfortable with because he does that and while it workd before the new people are not up to par with his heritage ,hopefully this message doesn't anger a lot of people but even if it did at least you should admit to yourself that he should stay on track of his older choices and hopfully this next year choices .yeah i raved on and on but in the end it's his choice and his station in cinema hystorie will always be strong i just hope that it will not be bonly because of his older movies but also because of his next movies and that what is to come can be even better than in the past
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  5. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    ^I don't doubt your love for him for a second. I'm sure you love him as much as any other fan of his does. I just happen to disagree with a lot of what you are stating and that doesn't mean I'm not objective as a fan. The fact that I didn't watch CE or Don 2 or Ra.One or Don or Chahat or EBDM should be proof enough that I'm not the kind of fan who'll watch anything he's in. I'll watch it as long as I like the first look , I like something about the movie. Yet I feel he's absolutely entitled to do the projects he likes. I'd never say he shouldn't have done a Ra.One. He stated in every interview why he did that movie. He has been fan of superheroes since he was a kid , he did it for his kids , he did it because he liked the concept. Anyone as a fan is entitled to like it or dislike it but like I stated earlier I don't think one has the right to take away his right from doing those movies. Shahrukh is not someone who'll sign onto a project for money. He does a movie when he really feels like doing one. As for the statement that his new fandom is created by the old movies! Um , his old movies are also his movies. They are part of his career. If new fans are coming on board based on the movies from the 90's then that should tell you even more about his stardom and his on screen presence.

    I didn't go into watching HNY or Dilwale with the mindset that I'm going to watch a masterpiece. I went in with the mindset that I hope I freaking enjoy it and I really did. For me , he was terrific in Dilwale. His scenes with Varun and Kajol were amazing. Now is it a movie that can get him a best actor award? Hell no! Even he knows that. But if you want to see him in only content driven movies then there is a Fan and Raees coming up for you. At the same time it's unfair to expect him to not do out and out commercial movie. Everyone and their brother is doing one. Besides he has always done one. MHN and OSO were also out and out commercial movies. A lot of the critics out there didn't care for them but they worked a lot at BO and with some critics too. So I personally can't disagree more when people claim he should only do a certain kind of movies. No! He is an actor. His job is to do a variety of roles. You might like some , might dislike some and that is your opinion and you're entitled to it.

    As for some folks who have stopped being a fan of his because of his last few movies , well I guess they're entitled to do that. I just know as a fan I'm not someone who'll refrain from being a fan because I didn't like a few movies of his. I mean if that were the case , I would have stopped being a fan long back because he did quite a few movies in 90's that I didn't care for....lol! For me I think his off screen persona and his integrity as a husband , a father , a brother are the foremost reasons why I'm as huge a fan. Not that I don't love his work. I love it to bits but I guess what I'm trying to say if I ever see that he has compromised on those roles then I'd stop being a fan. Because for me that is what makes him stand out amongst the rest.
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  6. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    now see while i said there are new srk fans being made by his older movies i didn't say the rate his fandom is growing is satisfactory see for me srk is like some discovery waiting to be made and there is a huge number ofpeople that could've made that discovery if not for his choices lately,so instead we got a number of other actors that are being reconised more and more and actually more than him outside (iirfan nawaz aamir ...) and that should have been his exploits and more people should've had the pleasure of discovering bollywood by his movies rather than other actors ,i want people to love him like i do and grow up with him(like me and i think a lot of people here) so while his older movies still get him fans ,people by nature always want new things so the ratio of his growing fandom will still be minimal compare to others who are gaining people by the quality of there work (aamire for particular) so hopefully he doesn't go back to weak movies for the next 5 to 8 years and stay doing strong movies/roles/acting while he still gets strong roles because while i'm pretty sure he will never lack roles offered they will 100% become less and less offers, and while i agree that he has a right to do different roles i will urge you to emphasise on the world roles as in if you think that his caracters in hny and ce are roles then i dissagree you might say he acted well and that's fine with me but saying that's a role is different for me,a role has backround and historie and complex emotions ....that's not what was here,and even then mind you i knew about that from directors going in so i only expected entertainement but if you honesly can tell me that you enjoyed them as much as you enjoyed any of his earlier "masala" (especially omo or main hoon na) then i'm baffled ,that's my main issue even at his worst movies (i'm not talking about movies i just mentioned) there was plenty of emotion and entertainement to cover the weaknessse but these recent works even that rarely is there and thats not his fault bollywood as a whole is going downhill thes last 5 yeasr or so what's i'm reproching him for is that if you're going to do only a movie in like eons you better make it memorable even if you're going to do a comercial film.now all this thoughts are hurting as much as the next loyal fan ,but you gotta face up to the truth if you ask yourself honestly and ovjectivly you'll know that what i'm talking about is true ,his choices have gone wrong sometimes and gone back on the right track (like what is going to happen this year hopefully) but he needs to stay on track now because i hopein this is last 20/30 years of his career or so he keeps being the king of bolywood with his older and new movies not just because he already built his legacy ,and i know he is competetive by nature so there gotta to be some of that in his trying to compete box office wise,but i would rather him compete quality wise and ignore the revenue as that will sometimes be really weak but soimetimes will even surprise him because none of the huge successes were made by calculating .now shah rukh is my favorite movie zctor hollywood or bolywood ,and he will always stay that way even when he's like dilip and doesn't do any movie i will still tell my children and grand children about him i just hope i don't say that since 202x he stopped doing good movies or something and before someone responds i want you to look hard and try to be more objective ,and then tell me that at least 80% of what i said isn't true
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  7. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    now his doing three movies a year he will do very good movies maybe a commercial one aswell but atleast one of the three will be content based take a look at this year all three are content based he likes to mix it up and the actors you are referring to most of it is just media hype/propoganda
  8. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    no i know he is doing great movies this year(and hopefully great roles) and i'm actually really excited for them what i am afraid of is him going back to one movie in a year and a half meaning two movies in three years and one of them will be as forgettable as hny or ce ,so hopefully he either does more movies, and then even if he does two comercial movies ther will be one content driven one every two years or what's even better actually defy himself and does diffrent roles plus usual roles but in more strong movies wich would better for audience and even probably for box office occasionally,as for the actors i mentioned ther is nothing to say check there imdb pages and watch their last 6 or 7 movies and you'll see how strong nawaz is great ( mountain man this year lunchbox ,gangs of wasseypur,kahaani,bhaijrangi haijan,baldapur) iirfan no need to say (watch talvar,paan singh,lunchbox,life of pi) and aamir no need to talk about him ,now you need to understand that they did inbetween comercial or masal movies and i limited their movies to just after 2012 and these are great movies defenitly if you like them or not thats something else but they are no question asked well structered and story driven, the problem with this is none of these actors has half the chops and range srk has wich is every time i see a movie that i love so much i feel like how better srk would have done in it ,and then look at his latest role ,wich i know i shouldn't do but because he is for me a refrence and looking at his acting when he gets a strong role i feel kind of sad,well hopefully he does more movies if he is well health wise so he gets to do the comercial movies he needs and still doing strong and diffrent roles at the same time that would be the best result for me and hopefully for any fan that wants him to be the benchmark for exellence
  9. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    Let's hope he sticks to his 3 films in a year (or at least 2) plan. He said after his next 3 (fan, raees & gauri shinde's film) he'll look to do one commercial film (which doesn't have to be a masala film). So I think he'll do more offbeat/content-oriented films after that.
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  10. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    coolcat1989 i completely understand what you are saying - that recently shahrukh hasnt done any form of cinema that is widely appreciated both critically and commercially whereas other actors are giving these types of films like pk or a three idiots or a bb and gained awareness for them. i think the MAIN reason behind this is he has been doing olny 1 film a year for the last four years - hopefully with him doing three films a year it will be a very good mix im sure and he will give the type of films that will shut everyone up again - critically and commercially
  11. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    yeah ,actually most of my fears would be resolved if he had a plan of making 2 to 3 movies a year(wich i didn't know ) then by his standards i wouldn't have to worry because at least one of them would be content oriented and at least once every year or two you get a good commecrial movie (statistically can't always be bad commercial movies) and then all i had said while i will still stay by it because for me it's the truth,but at least for the future my fears are baseless ,as i know he likes to to change roles but these last 4 years by chance or fate he got stuck in this cycle (wich by his previous choices wouldnt happen volantarily),what i was afraid is that we get two movies between 3 years and like what has happened this last 5 years and then that means we get at most 10 to 12 movies before he starts rarely getting lead roles and stuck in supporting wich he probably won't do so then he would wait for long times for lead roles for him and work would get even scarcer ,by that count we get from him at most 16 to 18 movies and that is his lasts,so you should get my fear if he is gonna experiment with strong roles and then go back to commercial so put aside 8 or 9 commercial movies ,you get another 8 or 9 that should be strong and by that i mean they can be different but still not that good (ra one) so at most 5 movies that you could stack and put aside with other great movies in indian history ,and that is for me a lose lose situation as and audience and a fan and for him as an actor,yeah this msg might have turned math heavy xd ,but you should get the gist of what i want for him and what i am afraid ,but if he plans on doing more movies a year then that is truly a good news and i wouldn't even care if he did a dabang or himmatwala or whatever ,because odds are there still will be a number of great movies ,this actually lifted a burden that was on my back(hopefully even when he does commercial movies he'll try to throw in masala with msg like 3 idiots or pk) xd yeah i'm greedy but so what i want him to be always to be the best and so is his films not just him
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  12. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    I have not said much on here lately, but you have exactly written how I feel....thank you.
  13. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    Skimmed through some of the posts here and I'll again say that I'm not doubting anyone's love for him here but I happen to disagree on a whole lot. This notion that people aren't discovering him is far from the truth if you just go by stats out there. Take Dilwale for example! The movie is doing freaking awesome overseas. It's breaking all sorts of records in Malaysia , UAE , UK and so many other countries. This despite all the issues that it was faced with here. Mind you , there are people even overseas who infact did boycott the movie because of what Shahrukh stated. To say that he isn't being discovered by the youth out there is I feel not true at all. And it's not just due to his old movies! He did a MNIK not too long ago. I may not have watched CE but I know plenty did and I know a lot of the audience out there loved it. It had a repeat value from what I have come across. It might not be something you or I liked but I think it's a little presumptuous to think that the youth out there who are discovering Indian Cinema will only watch something that is content driven! As for his earlier masala movies being more entertaining , well I enjoyed Dilwale quite a bit. Was a HNY or Dilwale (since I have seen these two) as good as a OSO or MHN? No! But one has to grasp that both OSO and MHN too are movies that plenty of critics out there didn't like.

    Now coming to his roles in these masala movies not being "roles"...again, I disagree. Shahrukh has always stated it's easier for him to do a Swades or a Chak De. The masala movies require him to be OTT for the most part and to pull that off requires immense skill. Yes , the role might not have a lot of depth or complexity or might not require much research but to say they aren't roles is again something I couldn't disagree more with.

    I frankly don't get the comparisons to be honest. Aamir too has done a Dhoom 3 and Gajni not too long ago. From which angle are those content driven movies is beyond me. Irrfan and Nawaz are brilliant at what they do but their appeal is different , they get offered different stuff. Shahrukh is someone who has always tried to mix it up , has always tried to experiment as much as he can. Those experiments might not seem worthwhile to you while watching them but they were still experiments. Take Ra.One for example! Take MNIK!

    Look at the guy's upcoming movies. He has a Fan and Raees coming up along with Gauri and Anand's next! He's apparently in talks with Shimit and Imtiaz too. Having said all that , I would never want him to stop doing masala movies if they make him happy! There are plenty of folks out there who discovered him through those movies. Dilwale's success overseas proves how much people love him in these movies too. So I'd love it if he continues to maintain a balance between content driven movies and the masala movies. It's very rare that a masala movie ends up being content driven too and if that ends up happening with some of his upcoming projects then that'd be fantastic too.
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  14. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    srkjuhi, a million times, I agree with you !!!! Better not express all my thoughts. I do not want him to stop doing what he loves to please someone else !!!
    I can also say that I have friends who do not like his movies before 2000, even though his love in these films. So absolute misconception that everyone loves him for his past achievements.
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  15. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    I think the commercial vehicle he was referring to will be Don 3 - what a treat him doing more movies he will rock like he always has people will just look - correct me if I'm wrong the media have been writing him off since 2000 so its nothing new any news with the name "shahrukh Khan" grabs attention
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  16. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    ^You hit it right on the head. Any news with him whether it be crap or true grabs eyeballs hence all these articles. I don't think I have ever seen any other actor being written off as many times as he has , been compared with every newbie that enters the industry. That itself shows you the importance of him as an actor and as a superstar.
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  17. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    Well said srkjuhi that is the power of shahrukh khan
  18. YoupiHoupla

    YoupiHoupla New Member

    It's been a while since I came here, but I took the time to read all your comments. It's amazing to see such admiration, love and respect for SRK. I think I found a rare place where I can truly and peacefully express my love for the King ;)
    And I can't agree more with what @srkjuhi said. I'm his fan, I didn't like and all his movies (even if I always give them a try !) but I respect his choices because I know how much he loves what he's doing as an actor.
    That being said, I wish you all a happy new year :D It's a little bit late lol but I couldn't do it earlier ! I genuinely hope that 2016 will be a great year for all of you and SRK :)
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  19. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    While the negativity for SRK is too much (seriously it seems like a lot of people in India have something against him but even though Salmans movies are way worse they are blockbusters why?). I do think his last few movies apart from Fan were lackluster.

    Ra One, Chennai Express, Happy New Year and especially Dilwale were all really bad movies that I struggled to get through. Even as a fan I'm not sure what he was thinking there.

    MHN and OSO showed that even Masala movies can have good content. And at least he did other great movies with them (Veer Zara came out the same year as MHN, Chak the India the same year as OSO).

    And especially Dilwale was just awful (most disappointing movie from SRK), completely wasting SRK & Kajol. Horrible movie for their reunion.

    Still Fan was already good (a shame it didnt do well at BO, really dont get people) & Dear Zindagi and Raees are looking very interesting too. I have hope that SRK steps up his game again.
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