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Why Shah Rukh Khan should take Dilwale as a wakeup call

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by roger, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    I agree with you that people don’t have high standards of performance from Salman like they do for Shah Rukh. But I think a lot of people like his “bad boy” image. They think his “heart of gold” excuses all his “naughty little boy” behaviors. He does everything they wish they could do, -but he gets away with it. Salman has openly broken every law, every value, and is able to buy his way out of the consequences of his actions by paying off expensive lawyers and/or making a public show of giving large amounts of money to popular charities. His actions broadcast to everyone: “See what a big heart I have. You have to excuse and forgive me”. Shah Rukh gives twice as much to charity but is quiet about it. “Being Salman Khan” as “Devil” is his best and perhaps his only ‘one trick pony’ performance over the years. Many people love him for it.
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  2. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    also mara he has openly admitted having links with the underworld
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  3. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    this article while can be harsh but stil raises some solid points srk need to change his policy of"working with prefered directors" and "i do movies i love" and start actually paying atention to the scripts and stories and not just the next two films i mean even when he did what they call nowadays "masala" they were really entertaining not this weak stuff like hny and ce dilwale .. you had main hoon na and badshaah and om shanti when he did romance eyou had a veer zara or kal ho naa ho or rab ne b ana or mohabatein.. nowadays none of his last 4 or 5 movies could even be in the same room with thos movie snot to mention compare and this time he need to change his way of thinking because -and i'm saying this because i've loved him for 15 years- he already has started to lose a lot of fans overseas and while his movies do run overseas on his stardom alone and he is still the most known outside india but with the current vibe people are wanting stories and acting alongside entertainement to understand imagin if he did a 3 idots or pk or Bajrangi Bhaijaan(how did that movie go to one of the least talented people in the industry) or... and how they would do in overseas ,now before you respond just know that i first saw his movies i was 14 year old and that kind of love lasts forever since you grow up with it but the times changes and while i'll always love his movies (or like them even when they're weak) i honesly i'm afraid that he's gonna lose a lot of fandom at least the ones that look for moves like his old ones ,just imagine if he did the movies aamir is doing and while i know aamir acting is just above average (as in compared to shahrukh since he can't pull a movie without a strong plot and script while shahrukh could make trash turn into gold) shahrukh would kill in taar zameen par or fanaa even the recent ones and while he's doing a fan and a raees i'm afraid that after he will go back to this recent choices like usual in a year or so since that what he always did a dil se and the 5 years a swades and 3 years a chack de and 3 and my name is khan .. you get the pattern and whjile that worked then it was becausde in between we got more than good enough movies not like this 4 years periode and i would rather him get the f away from rohit shit y and work with new or established better director and writers because it feels he's really wasting his talent and while this msg will hurt some people but it's the truth for anyone that has been followwing him and knows the quality of his movies plz be advanterous and take on strong roles and strong stories in what might be the last 10 or 15 years people are coming to you with great projects since after that it will be hard to get iconic roles (even for him roles for older people are rare even in holywood not to mention boly) hopefully he keeps on giving amazing movies and gets back on track and sorry for the long message but thats just how much i love him and care anout him
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  4. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    He said himself in many interviews that he will always make a commercial massala film to take the VFX further ahead and then with the kind of money those movies make, he is able to make a Raees or a Fan. He also said that people are not waiting in line at his door to offer him those kind of scripts. Also there is the fact that the public don't really know what they want. When he ventures into different genre people are saying that he should keep to what he does best, and when he does that people say he should try other kind of movies. You can not please everyone, may as well do something that gives you pleasure doing it. So we have two special movies coming soon, there is the Gauri Shinde project which is a bit mysterious. And after that, whatever pleases him. I will be there to watch whatever he chose because more than the actor, it is the man that I admire and love and since everything he does is dil se, I am never disappointed.
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  5. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    yeah while i can see your point of view i already said i will always love his movies ,the points i made were in a way kind of alert his fandom i starting to crack and not all fans are loyal and even some that are loyal are also maturing in their tastes along with the indian cinema so while admiring the man and the actor is fine but what is happening right now is leading not only not aquiring new fans he's also loosing some old ones and i know a lot of new fans are added yearly to his fandom but i can garantee you that is not because of the last 5 years of his films but rather his older movies (i actually know a lot of people of this case ) so while doing masla is fine and all the man is one of the richest actors on the planet so he can afford to make what he wants (lot of poorer actors are doing better choices while having less talent iirfan khan nawaz dine aamir ...) and the focus in his last movies on vfx is actually one important reason they werent up to par it's what led to the whole ordeal with ra one focusing on vfx and not the story(hopefully the same doesnt happen in fan) and later on the same happened fluff over content ,and look at a lot of movies that did really well business wise were actually critically acclaimed so i'm not saying he should do everythingfor critics but he should change the direction he's been going in lately and start doing more movies a year so that even if he does movies targeted comercially he does movies with good stories and meaning and those are actually prone to be more profitting a lot of times thatn recycled movies
  6. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    I was watching ‘Dilwale’ for the third time last night just for the SRK/Kajol story. There wasn't enough screen time for Shah Rukh. Is SRK losing faith in his star power when he tries to appeal to young people by giving over almost half the movie to the Varum/Kriti story? It was sort of like watching ‘Billu’ or ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’, -waiting bored for him to return and light up the screen again. Yes, he needs better stories/scripts with meaning like his old ones, as @cool1989 suggested. For his last two monster blockbusters, Salman didn’t need to include twenty-some aged actors in 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'. He wasn’t afraid to romance Sonam, age 29/30, himself in ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’. Aamir did include a twenty-some romance with Anushka and Sushant Singh Raiput in his blockbuster ‘PK’ but it was a very small part of the story and not what put ‘PK’ in the 600 crore club.
    Next year should be different. We have one movie next year with SRK full time and one with him double time. If he takes VFX further ahead in the direction he is doing with 'Fan', perhaps we’ll see a film of his in the future where all the characters are played by him. I would be in heaven. Leave it to Shah Rukh to be first worldwide.
    On second thought, Suhana and AbRam can be in his movies as well. She's lovely. AbRam will steal whatever scene he's in.

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  7. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    The article's all over the place. There's nothing wrong with doing a masala film. The problem was he had three of them in a row instead of them being spaced out between other types of films. SRK is being adventurous (doing offbeat, content oriented films with strong roles) with not only Fan & Raees but the film with Gauri Shinde and he's also in talks with Anand L Rai (another good director).

    Dilwale, like CE, is a big blockbuster overseas. Let's see if Fan & Raees etc will be even bigger. But having better content isn't enough to make them bigger hits (both in India and overseas), they still have to be commercial enough to appeal to majority of people like PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
  8. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    @cool1989 Sadly, 3 of the 4 films you mention did not do well in India. How to balance the quality which some demand with the mass appeal that others want? It's not helped by the media's manic focus on box-office figures.
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  9. cool1989

    cool1989 New Member

    yeah i know well like you said most of them didn't do well ;but thats an era and from what i'm seeing the audience are starting to accept new concepts and stories ,and if you take some of the best success lately they were critically acllaimed while wrowd pleasing (queen ,zindagi na milegi,tanu wed manu returns,...) while there are still the some that are old fashioned ,but let's be honest for outside of india audience no matter whaat srk gives them it will be a huge success so imagine if instead of hny he gave them a pk or a chack de heck last two times his movies were obstrected in india and didnt do as well as they should've they still were sucesses if you take the whole box office ;that's mnik and dilwale so swap mnik and put it in the place of dilwale would it have been hurt as much even pk wich practically was offensive to a lot of people back in india was huge succes (granted it's a comedy so it eased it a lot) i know srk from what i've seen (well like any human beeing ) kind of gets hurt by the rejection he gets from his own people sometimes so in my mind a little of the reason he started doing this kind of movies is because he kind of wanted to have that love and acceptance like say salman back there(and while he is more famous thatn salman in india defenitly he's not as loved) and keep in mind if i was in his place i would've crumbled long ago and did what salman is doing as in only remakes but while it could be hypocritical i wish he would be strong for me and the fans and go against the current ,and the result might actually surprise him just look at dilwale and how much it got hurt in india and it still is a huge succes due to foreign box office so hope he would and certainly might be doing i just hope he doesnt go back to this kind of directors (as in the ilk of shit y) or more importantly doesnt stay with them alot .well on the bright side looke we get 3 or 4 movies during this next year and a half and at least 3 of them look really inviting and finger crossed great so i might just be afraid or feeling insecure for him while he has it all planed xd
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  10. Striper

    Striper Striper

    Strangely, I can relate to all of you here (baring the fact that I would not compare the three Khans). I understand the worries, you voice, cool1989, and the mentioning of Shah Rukh still being strong in the international market (remakably strong even in relation to the Indian market). In other forums, similar comments done by fans seem to justify a "wake-up call".

    My opinion differs in some ways. I'll explain :) (sorry already because it will be a loooong post :eek: )

    Shah Rukh always stresses that he makes movies "from the heart". That tells me that he chooses what he is doing (actorwise) intuitively and emotionally. It is also important for him - he says - that he feels comfortable with what he is doing as actor. The third point he always mentions that he needs to make commercial movies that gives him the freedom to do also risky movies (he is responsable for a production company with hundreds of employees).

    In a recent interview he gave an interesting answer to the question of which of his last movies he is proud and he replied "none". So, if you allow, I would like to take a look at his movies past My Name Is Khan.

    2011 - Ra.One - A movie dreamt of for five years...then the VFX part of RCE was able to probably pull of the work needed for a very personal Superhero movie, a kind of Superhero no Western cinema has ever created, a father-superhero. I have no difficulty at all to comprehend that he created and wanted this movie being for his son Aryan - and for all the sons who see or want to see a superhero in their dads. He took a director with technical skills and an idea to make his most expensive movie. When asking Gauri what she thought about, if he should undertaking this adventure which could very well end in disaster, she replied in the vein of "Do it. It's your dream since long. It's your money you have earned through your hard work. So just do it."
    We know that Ra.One was no disaster, in the United States critics even wrote very nice words. Yet in India a lot of people had very harsh and mean words for Shah Rukh's work and - the way I got to know Indian audience - many quickly succumbed to the band wagon effect (even without having watched the movie - like Juhi Chawla just did with Dilwale).
    With Ra.One came the separation of Shah Rukh and Eros Entertainment. The first sign I got aware of was during the London premiere when because of a meet&greet with fans and a press meeting schedulded at the same time Shah Rukh was put in a very difficult situation. He decided to meet the fans suggesting to change the press-schedule. Eros did not agree and the press - understandably - was angry which - I am sure - reflected in some critics. Whatever the perception concerning Ra.One's story (too many cooks spoil the broth), Eros had a part in the so-called 'underperforming' of the movie.
    You may think that I see conspiracy everywhere but I got the feeling that since Ra.One, Eros was trying to pull Shah Rukh down, at least in India, were the Lulla family stems from and has the most influence.

    2012 - Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Yash Uncle wanted to do this movie with ShahRukh and although Shah Rukh was not really 'in the mood' for a romantic movie (and oviously not one with Katrina Kaif as romantic interest), he did it; he cannot, could not say no to Yash Uncle and Aditya (hence the kissing scenes, too ;) ).
    There was another movie around the corner - Son of Sadar, an Eros production - and the possibility of a clash.
    Although JTHJ was a YashRaj production, it was a Shah Rukh movie. YashRaj tried to ensure a good start by making release-contracts with cineplexes and single screens for JTHJ when distributing Ek Tha Tiger. Eros - through Ajay's production house - tried (in vain) to get a court decision against a procedure used by every big production house (themselves, too).
    But the clash, very mixed critics and bad word of mouth took it's toll at the Indian Boxoffice.

    2013 - Chennai Express - Shah Rukh said that felt the (emotional) need to do an action-comedy and since a while he wanted to work with Rohit Shetty. He knew very well about the Rohit Shetty style and gave it some personal touches: a strong leading lady, a rather weekly anti hero, his trademark 'the brave wins the bride', a very nice south Indian touch, georgeous pictures and the heroine as first in the credits. Shah Rukh never stated that the movie would be something else than a pure masala entertainer which it was.
    Again very mixed critics, the bashing about the movie being a Rohit Shetty film and - in India - a bad wom affected the outcome.

    2014 - Happy New Year - Each fan will remember the very much publicized "slapgate" in January 2012. When Farah and Shah Rukh reconciliated, Shah Rukh promised to Farah that he would do another masala movie with her - Farah's desire since Om Shanti Om. It should be the rewritten Happy New Year. When Farah was ready with the script (hurry, hurry), Shah Rukh was still shooting Chennai Express but he promised to do Happy New Year directly after the release - which he did, hopping from one masala to the next, spending a lot of money again, keeping a promise to a friend (who - in my mind - is not really a friend, at least not a selfless one).
    He may have had a lot of fun with the "wild bunch" (the highlight in the movie), but I think his heart was not fully in that movie (unlike Chennai Express) and Farah's script seemed to be a bit shoddy. In addition he wanted to give a physical highlight to the movie (and - baring the scene on the bridge during the song - he succeeded marvellously :) ) which certainly took a toll on him.
    And again the same media procedure - mixed critics, bad wom - in India.

    2015 - Dilwale - Why, oh why a third masala entertainer in a row???!!! Well, if one followed Shah Rukh's work, there should have been FAN as next. But (big BUT) it was forseeable for Shah Rukh than the VFX would delay the movie noticeably. Rohit waited with another idea, something that had come up during the making of Chennai Express - something more romantic than Chennai Express (a novelty for Rohit Shetty) yet still action-comedy bound. And there was Kajol who had voiced her interest to work again. The script for Dilwale almost ready, Shah Rukh decided to make the Rohit Shetty movie quasi in-between of FAN and Raees to have a release in 2015.
    It was a bold decision because of the audience getting a third masala entertainer in a row and a second Rohit Shetty in two years (Shah Rukh even did admit, that at some time he got 'bored' with the work). But he did it aiming at a Christmas release. He knew already that Bhansali's/Eros' Bajirao Mastani was schedulded for the 25th (in March 2014), so he gave as release date the 18th when it was clear that the movie would be ready till then (mid-June 2015).
    One month later, when releasing the first poster of Bajirao Mastani, Eros changed their - till then - release date from 25th to 18th.
    That did not give much time for Shah Rukh to react to the clash whilst Eros started already at this time a covered campaign of bad mouthing the movie. Shah Rukh decided to take the distribution in his company's hands - a bit like David against Goliath.
    This time it was Eros who made contracts with local distributors forcing them to take Bajirao Mastani when they wanted to get Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Shah Rukh and Bhansali kept friendly, they did not want to enter in any war. Shah Rukh stated that there would be enough room for both movies and wished Bhansali best of luck.
    When the movie released, the campaign against Shah Rukh (and the movie) had already taken another intensity because of what Shah Rukh had said in two intervies on his birthday. In the course of the first week - additionally - fake website and trade analyst accounts popped out on twitter giving fake numbers and fake comments - negative, of course.
    Irrespective of the personal perception of the movie's quality, it is clear that in India, there are forces that want hinder Shah Rukh to succeed big using every opportunity they see.

    Well, I did not mention Don2 because the Don franchise is so well rooted that it was difficult to do much damage - and it released shortly after Ra.One.

    I hope, nice fellow Shahrukhies, that I did not bother you.

    I loved all the movies mentioned here, despite the flaws they certainly had. It is Shah Rukh's work and he put his talent, energy and money into a movie to entertain us. I for myself felt very well entertained :)
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  11. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    see shahrukh does not stick to safe zone and always experiments with movies fan was supposed to be his next release after happy new year but due to the level of vfx could not happen he has done three masala movies in a row thats probably what the artciles are about i guarantee you by the end of 2017 this question will be crushed - also a point to note most of salmans recent films barring bajrangi bhaijaan have been brainless masala entertainers aswell
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  12. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    so well written. i wish more ppl would read ur analysys. before complaning that he just sticks to a safe zone recently. moviemaking is not at all that simple.if only it were as simple as showing up on the sets and just doing his job. he's got so much responsability!
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  13. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    Striper you took the words out of my mouth - cool 1989 i think shahrukh would do no more films for friends anymore he will only be producing farah khans next and not acting in it i think from this year onwards he will choose well scripted movies and have an odd one or two commercial and masala moves in there like don 3 or a rohit shetty film to keep up the mix and also to help red chillies all those trying to pull him down they can try harder because victory will always be his god willing
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  14. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    i would also like to add a point here that WE should not fall into the trap of the haters and violaters i just saw an article titled why srk's career is now officially over (ofcourse i didnt read it) ive also been reading the right wing has already started to warm up to distrub raees i dont understand how people can give this treatment to a man who now only the changed the fortunes of the overseas market for the industry but also gave it a global awareness i mean happy new year box office was good but you dont see the same amount of negativity with brainless movies like kick lets say or ajay devgan for example who has done probably 10 films or more with rohit shetty i will always remain a shahrukh khan fan forever - wo star hi nahin duniya hain meri
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  15. Striper

    Striper Striper

    That's exactly what I think, too, KKhan :) In those situations I am always reminded of the Ra.One song Dildaara...if one loves ShahRukh, one will stand by him because love is all that matters :)
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  16. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    I hope he takes a break at some point in time to let his body heal. He must be in a lot of pain from his knee. Of course he never wants to slow down but his body is giving him a clear message. Perhaps he should take up script and dialog writing for a few months with a small, select team of assistants and stockpile the next five years of movie scripts. That can be sit down. In "Trumbo", the script writer wrote his movie scrips lying in a bathtub of water with his typewriter on a board across the bath tub. We all know how much Shah Rukh likes his bathroom. :bathbaby: :)
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  17. Shahrukh Khans movie are not doing very well on the BO these days, but still the fans love him love his performances.
    Kajol's comeback with SRK was thrilling enough to get people to the theaters.
    The scenes have made to the list of the Top Hindi Videos
  18. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest, I haven't read every opinion in here but there are some I read and I'll like to say I couldn't disagree more. Shahrukh is one of those few actors in this industry who has "experimented" since the time he entered the industry. He's someone who made "negative roles" cool! He's someone who wasn't afraid to take those risks at the time when every leading actor was saying no to those roles. Some of his fans often seem to have an issue with him doing masala movies! And you are entitled to your opinion just as much as the others are entitled to theirs. I frankly have no issue with Shahrukh doing a CE or a Dilwale or a HNY! And this is coming from someone who didn't even care to watch CE as the promos were too OTT for me. The reason I watched Dilwale is because I liked what I saw in the trailers , wanted to see Shahrukh and Kajol on screen again so I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm as loyal a fan as they come...lol! but there are plenty of his movies that I haven't watched as I didn't care enough about those. Having said that , I would never he shouldn't have done those movies. He did those movies because he wanted to. I mean all one has to do is to look at this filmography in the past few years to know that he has tried to mix it up as much as he can! He played a superhero , he played a negative role , he played a romantic lead in JTHJ and one where you got to see that broody side to him as well , he did the OTT stuff in HNY and CE but anyone who has seen Dilwale would know , it's actually a role that he has played with a lot of subtlety. He got a lot of critical acclaim for JTHJ and MNIK , on the other hand you had a HNY , a CE and a Dilwale which were bashed by the critics but have done tremendous business at the BO. He has always been incredibly clear about the fact that he will continue to make masala movies! And why shouldn't he! I know a lot of people here have an issue with him working with a Farah or a RS as they think he does anything they offer him. I think we need to understand these are people he loves working with. He has always maintained that he only chooses to work with directors who he knows he'd have a good time working with. Yes , a RS or a Farah Khan movie would belong to a different genre and might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's not like he ain't experimenting with other stuff. I mean he's doing a Raees , a Fan and Gauri's next!

    I also disagree that he's losing fans. If they are abandoning him then maybe they weren't loyal fans to begin with. Shahrukh is someone who has always tried to please his fans , who goes above and beyond for his fans. As a fan I have every right to state I'm not caring for the roles he's doing but I don't think I'd stop being a fan based on that. Also if you're indeed a fan then you'd know why he's doing a certain project , what appealed to him about it. You can like it , dislike it but you can't take away his right from wanting to do a certain role. He has been in this industry long enough to make those decisions.

    As for him doing something like a PK or a BB! Well , he has done a Swades , a Chak De and a MNIK before PK and BB were even on anyone's radar...lol! Swades didn't work at the BO neither did Dil Se and those are two of my all time favorite movies of his. I can guarantee that God forbid if something like that were to happen now , like if he does a movie which gets immense critical acclaim but fails at the BO , these same people who have an issue with him doing a Dilwale would have an issue with him doing those roles too. And no I'm not pointing fingers at anyone here but rather commenting on the general mentality out there.
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  19. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    @srkjuhi impossible to say better !!! Thank you for your wonderful post. Totally agree with you!
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  20. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    For the first time, in a long time, I've seen a thread here with widely varying opinions, all being discussed in a respectful manner. Really nice to see the forum being used for its intended purpose.:thumb::)
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