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Why I love SRK !

Discussion in 'Oldies But Goldies **HOT**' started by ibtesam, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you chantal and welcome to the planet :)
  2. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    I love the interview ..soft and womanly.. showing the human srk..thanks for posting ibtesam..
  3. 2anika4

    2anika4 New Member

    AW: Why I love SRK !

    Thank you for sharing Ibtesam the interview is fantastic :thumb:.

    He is for me the one and only.
    I see him as a model(Vorbild), amazing and good natureds human.... I love SRK. He make great movies, he's an excellent actor and producer. He's a fantastic singer and an excellent dancer, that love I the most on him. It give nothing what I don't like at him. He's perfect and sensational.
    :thumb: :love: :heart:
  4. hunny

    hunny New Member

    he is the best of the world & i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him
  5. CEL

    CEL New Member

    I invited some friends over to see one of his films and all they could say was that you have to love him because he gives so much to his audience.
  6. CEL

    CEL New Member

    SRK never takes advantage of the adoration his fans give me by giving less of himself as an actor and an icon.
  7. nesibe

    nesibe Ullu-Club Member :D

    AW: Why I love SRK !

    Actually i love him because he is the best actor and human being on earth!!!
  8. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic


    i agree with SRKz Fan from page 1!!
  9. sofia786

    sofia786 ShAhRuKh Is My LiFe

    Why I Love Shahrukh?..... Y Shunt U?

    I Realllllllllllllllllllyyy Loooooooooove Shahrukh Khan, coz hes my jaan. Hes my life. He is jus gorjus. 2 gud to b tru.:heart:
    I love Shahrukh.... loving Shahrukh is lyk breathing, How can i stop?? Shahrukh khan is jus toooooooo sexy... He jus kills me the moment i c im on screen. Shahrukh is only sofia's. SOFIA LOVES SHAHRUKH 4EV N EVA!!!!I love Shahrukh coz hes the best he means the world 2 me. He rocks!!:cool: Shahrukh is mo ov a loved 1 4 me dn n actor. He has da looks and his everything is sooo gorjus insyd n out. You cant resist him. Iv cn every ov his movies so far. Jus cant 4get him.Hes on my mind 24 7.I will love him till da day i die.Shahrukh is myn 4lyf INSHALLAH...:heart::heart:
  10. cupcake1212

    cupcake1212 Active Member

    i love srk so mucccccccccccccccccccccchhhhh in my heart cuz i was big fan of him since 4 year old. i love him !
  11. hunny

    hunny New Member

    i love him untillthe death he is so special 4 me his smile his ................ i love him 4 EVER:heart:
  12. kikki

    kikki tum hi meri jaan

    That's simple to answer...because he is shahrukh. He is perfect. His smile, his eyes, his body....he is dream that comes true. :D
  13. sofia786

    sofia786 ShAhRuKh Is My LiFe

    :heart::heart:I love shahrukh khan the most. I always remember him. its hard for me to forget him. I have loved him since i first started knowing bollywood. Shahrukh khan is my first love and like its been said forgeting your first love is impossible. Bolna shahrukh mumkin he nahi namumkin hai.... TRUTH!!
    shahrukh khan is only myn 4eva. I love him tooo bits!! My only dream is that i meet shahrukh khan then i have no regret in dying!! I am living for shahrukh and only shahrukh INSHALLAH!! sofia loves shahrukh khan 4eva n eva. I love him more than the stars in the sky(truth), i love him more than the words in a dictionary(including the meanings). I just love everything of shahrukh khan. He is my jaaan. He is my heartbeats and how can i live without my heartbeats. Shahrukh khan is my sanse and i will neva forget to breath INSHALLAH!! Shahrukh khan means everything to me. I dont just love him as n actor, Shahrukh is my true love which i can neva forget, not even in a million years. I hope that shahrukh khan lives a happy, success, long and an healthy life AMEEN!! I love shahrukh khan because he is shahrukh khan. No one in this world can ever take his place in my heart, there is a place for shahrukh in my heart and only shahrukh no one else. I love shahrukh khan from the bottom of my heart and there is no space for any one at the top..SOFIA LOVES SHAHRUKH 4LYF INSHALLAH!!:heart::heart:
  14. plproctor

    plproctor New Member

    SRK is a just a beautiful human being inside and out, what more needs to be said. He is the best.
  15. funsutra

    funsutra New Member

    Welll I love him coz I like him...No Doubt...He is the King Khan

    Love you SRK........:):heart:
  16. sofia786

    sofia786 ShAhRuKh Is My LiFe

    I loooooooooooooooooooooove you srk. you are my jaaaan!!

  17. i love his feeiling,not his body,his heart full of love to the people,good actor,big dancer,kind heart,i think his mother offer himto huminety,smart,man of family,he loves his sister they live together.i pray for him every day
  18. sofia786

    sofia786 ShAhRuKh Is My LiFe

    shahrukh khan is just the best from the rest

  19. mayoub

    mayoub Well-Known Member

    Why i love shahrukh ?? haha, because Kuch Kuch Hota Hai everytime i look at him (L)
  20. PaolaSRK

    PaolaSRK Well-Known Member

    I love that from the first time I saw him dazzled me with her charisma, I said wow if this is a real actor and an excellent person with respect to whom one can feel a great admiration.
    Therefore I have been his most loyal fan when I see his movies make me feel like a young girl who dreams of fairy tales and magic where the protagonist's me and he was my prince happy, it makes us forget penalties bitterness and think for a moment that everything is peace and good happiness among all the people of the world that there is no war, no pain that we are all one. 'makes you feel this and more, I have always said repeatedly when talking about him ShAHRUKH KHAN is a fallen angel the sky that has been lost and that God has been with us to give love, happiness, and harmony between human beings.
    Therefore it is an honour and a previlegio us to be us who we are with him and would not for anything in the world.
    His eyes reflected the sincerity and serenity that only gives him

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