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Which format is good

Discussion in 'Don 2' started by sid, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. sid

    sid SRK Fanatic

    for the best experience suggest .In which format i gonna see Don 1st 3D or 2D.Will see other on Saturday . But for good experience 3D OR 2D.
    MaryAnnK says thanks.
  2. raviharsha

    raviharsha The savior

    3D for awesome action episodes .hardly 15 min of film is worth watching in 3d.but its amazing.go for 3d first and then 2d
    MaryAnnK says thanks.
  3. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    3D :D

    everyone keeps saying how it doesnt seem like 3D but EVERY film you watch in 3D doesnt seem like 3D....including hollywood action/vfx films. i guess thats how it is :pound:
  4. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    yes :mmph: why khan people & critics use their brains and realise it was converted into 3d and not shot with 3d cams? :rolleyes: damn shah really needs to promote his movies more (yes sarcasm intended!) ..more like give lectures on it before it releases so that they brain understands everything... after that all hopes rely on their eyes and ears to process :doh: if that dont work...then i guess they r brain-dead! :der:
  5. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    Rizwana... a lot of people dont know what 3D is/does to images. all they expect is that for everything on screen has to pop out in their faces :lol:

    i loved both Don2 3D & Ra.One 3D & didnt bother to watch in 2D at cinemas. i'll buy the DVD & watch it at home for that :p
    RizwanaShahrukh says thanks.
  6. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    its weird that we didn't get 3D nor 2D for the movie :tsk::tsk:
  7. SWEET

    SWEET ♥Panorama♥

    3D be D at less we saw it first :madgrin:
  8. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

  9. raviharsha

    raviharsha The savior

    In my city 3d is getting huge response.Everyone wants to watch the film in 3d.
    RizwanaShahrukh says thanks.
  10. sid

    sid SRK Fanatic

    i saw in both format 1st in 3D and then 2D.must say specially Don intro and some action scenes in 3D one word BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.....
  11. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    3D for sure :D

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