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When Shahrukh Khan's wife got scared of his real stunt

Discussion in 'Don 2' started by iamsrking, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. iamsrking

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    Tue, Dec 06, 2011 04:22:53 GMT

    He tests his own unflagging spirit and in spite of his back pain and serious injuries in the past, Shahrukh Khan performed a breathtaking stunt that had his wife Gauri Khan scared.

    It happened at the shoot of Don 2 in Berlin, Germany. Farhan Akhtar asked Shahrukh to shoot for a sequence which required the star to jump off from a height of 300 feet from the top of the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin. When Shahrukh Khan heard this he couldn’t say yes immediately! Indeed, he was nervous.

    As a source is quoted as saying about the incident, “When Farhan asked Shahrukh to jump, his first impulse was to say no. Then Shahrukh asked Farhan to take the plunge first, hoping that Farhan would chicken out. To Shahrukh's surprise, Farhan jumped, leaving Shahrukh with no choice but to do the same.”

    A shiver ran down Shahrukh’s spine after seeing Farhan performing the stunt. Who can forget Farhan even ran with the bulls in his film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. So as King Khan had promised, he did the scene, and his fans would also agree that he is a braveheart and a complete professional.

    But this certainly didn’t go down well with Gauri Khan; she was stunned to know about the stunt, and same was the case with Farhan Akhtar’s hairstylist wife Adhuna Akhtar. It was learnt that both the wives frowned upon their husbands’ daring acts.

    Shahrukh even confirmed the news; yes he was scared as the shot needed him to be horizontally parallel to the ground.

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