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When Shahrukh Khan declined DARR!

Discussion in 'Darr' started by lauraleedooley, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. lauraleedooley

    lauraleedooley Bollywood Blogger

    October 28, 2013 06:16:49 PM IST
    By Mansoor Khan, Glamsham Editorial


    Shah Rukh Khan popularly recognized as SRK and termed as Badshah in Bollywood has come a long way in his career spanning more than two decades. From a modest TV serial actor to India's superstar Shah Rukh Khan has proved his mettle as an actor par excellence. On November 2, 2013 SRK turns 48. Glamsham.Com wishes him many happy returns of the day.

    You may be aware that both Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan had declined to play the cynical lover in Yash Chopra's DARR. However it may come as a surprise to you that even Shah Rukh Khan had declined the role when it was first offered!

    In an interview eminent personality Javed Siddiqui said, ''When I narrated the story to Shah Rukh, he instantly rejected the role. He retorted, ''Siddiqui sahab, aap mujhe Ranjeet aur Danny jaisa villain banana chaate hai? (Do you want to trap me as a villain like Ranjeet and Danny). However I cajoled him saying that a good actor is identified by the different characters he portrays.''

    Siddiqui sahab later gave him the example of Dilip Kumar, who played a negative role in ANDAAZ and Sanjeev Kumar who played Jaya Bhadhuri's father in PARICHAY, when he was just in his late 30s. Slowly the idea sunk and SRK gave the nod. DARR proved a turning point in his career and established SRK as a talented 'actor'.

    In fact after watching the rushes of the film Sunny Deol felt envious hence to please Sunny Yashji inserted an action sequence in the opening where he rescues child hostages from the terrorist. However, despite this, Sunny Deol skipped the film's premier.

    Shah Rukh played the negative character to such perfection that he was nominated for Filmfare in Best Villain category.

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  2. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    Hey... This is a lie. As far as I know, it was Yash Chopra who narrated the story to Shahrukh... And Shahrukh had already decided to do Baazigar by then and he didn't need any convincing. Who is this guy Javed Siddiqui??? Weird...
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  3. Xeny

    Xeny ❤️‍ ART

    Absolutely agree with you, it's a lie!
    Shah Rukh always tells with pride that he enjoyed doing negative roles and he was doing them when big stars was afraid to ruin their career by playing bad guys. But he was about to play anything except romance, cause he was sure that he is not a romantic hero, but destiny decided other way
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  4. yummy

    yummy Fan girl since Fauji.

    Viveck Vaswani is another guy taking complete credit for several SRK movies... Check out his series on SRK in youtube channel Bollywoodfirki .. though I am sure he is fibbing 90% of the times, because what he says contradicts everything Aziz Mirza had said earlier on why he chose SRK and his story about SRK signing Dil Ashana Hain is totally different from SRK's version of getting phone call offer from Hema Malini which he thought was a prank call etc ..

    Whats amazing is the humble beginnings of SRK... How broke he was money wise and emotionally due to his mom being in coma with multiple organ failure etc...
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  5. lauraleedooley

    lauraleedooley Bollywood Blogger

    Thanks for clarifying - I wondered about the validity of this story ...
  6. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Just more people using his name to profit by.

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