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When Shah Rukh Khan's presence created madness at Hansraj College

Discussion in 'Fan' started by mumbiene, Feb 17, 2016.

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    When Shah Rukh Khan's presence created madness at Hansraj College
    Niharika Lal | TNN | Feb 18, 2016, 12.00 AM IST
    SRK climbed up on to a chair to be able to take a good selfie with the massive DU crowd at Hansraj, all of ... Read More
    On Tuesday, all roads in North Campus lead to Hansraj College. From the rickshawallah at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro station to the vendors outside other colleges, everyone in the vicinity knew 'Hans Raj mein Shah Rukh aane wala hai.' Students had been pouring in to the grounds there since morning and once Shah Rukh arrived, barricades, security and the police - nothing could control the unstoppable crowd. Diksha, a Ramjas student, said, "I came here around 10am because I knew I wouldn't be able to get any place to stand and I can't climb on trees like those boys. But once I got a place in the front row, I was unable to leave - there was no place to even move!" Another student, Nikhil Saxena of Kirori Mal College, said, "Why would any of us want to miss an opportunity to see Shah Rukh live? A fest is going on at KMC, but most of the students of my college are here."

    Hungama karne wale Hansraj ke ho hi nahin sakte: Principal

    Many excited students climbed up on to the trees and the terrace. The principal of Hansraj kept shouting, "Yeh bachche Hansraj ke toh bilkul nahin ho sakte. Bachchon, jab tak aap theek se behave nahin karenge, Shah Rukh Khan yahan nahin aenge." Apparently, amid all this, five students also reached outside the gate to 'protest' against SRK, but were detained by the police.

    DU Shah Rukh ke liye marne ko taiyyar hai

    Over 30 policemen, more than 150 bouncers and the college security together could not stop students from jumping over and breaking the barricades once Shah Rukh arrived. A security person who was standing at the barricade to stop girls from jumping had to hear constantly, 'Bhaiya, aap hato saamne se, humein Shah Rukh dikhayi nahin de raha.' When it became uncontrollable, he said, "Hamari agency itne bade events karti hai, par aaj yahan 150 bouncers ke hone par bhi ye bheed control ke bahar hai. DU jaisa hungama kahin nahin hota, yeh marne ko bhi taiyyar hain."

    Fainting girls and their saviours

    The medical attendants in ambulances there told us that only one girl was serious, and 7-8 others were fine after they were provided water - they even returned to the ground! Harsh Singh, a student of Hansraj, said, "I ate only two biscuits the entire day, and I had to give my water bottle to every person around me who was about to 'die'. I have experience of surviving such events - I don't understand why people come without preparation." Another student of Hansraj, Rohit, said, "Ek ladki behosh ho gayi thi, maine use paani pilaya toh woh theek hui, bahar nikalne ki jagah nahin thi, main nahin hota toh woh is bheed me aaj mar jati."

    Hansraj students: SRK ne degree le li, now what about all our stories?

    Hansraj is Shah Rukh Khan's alma mater, and the students have had many versions of Shah Rukh-and-his-degree stories... till Tuesday. When SRK came up on stage, Dr Rama Sharma, principal of the college, announced, "We are very happy to present the degree to Shah Rukh after so many years. We had kept his degree safely in college." And as the degree was accepted, all myths were shattered. The students seemed to be in shock. Mohit Saini, a student of the college said, "Oh! So it is actually true that Shah Rukh never collected his degree from the college? All these years I thought it's a joke, but I still used to tell my juniors about it."

    Other students also shared their stories - Dipti said, "Every year, the seniors tell the fresh batch this story about Shah Rukh never coming back to the college for the degree. Now what are we going to tell our juniors?" Another student of the college commented, "When I joined college, I was told, arre, padh likh kar kya karoge? Is college se apni degree toh kabhi Shah Rukh Khan ne bhi nahin li!' And some others believed that the route to greatness is to leave the degree in college, like Shah Rukh. Shantanu Kumar said, "I was told ki agar Shah Rukh jitna bada banna hai toh degree kabhi mat lena. No worries - we will make up new stories now on why Shah Rukh returned after 28 years to receive this degree!"

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