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What's your favorite scene in the movie

Discussion in 'Veer Zaara' started by Wafa, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Astri

    Astri New Member

    I can see that most of us loves Main Yahan Hoon clip song.:D
  2. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : What's your favorite scene in the movie

    lol Astri who doesn't? :p

    like everyone I love the whole movie but there some moments close to my heart :

    I won't be original :p Main yahaan hoon, Tere liye (everytime I hear the song I cry and cry) and the scene when Veer meets Zaara after that her talked to him. I love when he says to her that she'd come visiting him with her 12 children... this scene is so heartbreaking :(
  3. aprs

    aprs New Member

    the scene where he reads the poem in the courtroom is very poignant and rivetting.only srk could have portrayed that so brilliantly
  4. srkmyidol

    srkmyidol Confidence...

    My favorite scene is when they are heading back to the train station and she hurts her foot on the bridge. and he carries here the rest of the way, when she asks "how often he will rescue her?" and he replys "when ever she is in danger", and then these looks are being exchanged between them which i think is totally hot and sexy
  5. SrkJuhi4eva

    SrkJuhi4eva ~Juhi n Srk forever~

    main yahaan hoon by far best song picturisation ever!!!!!!!
  6. Mohini

    Mohini New Member

    One of the first in the movies. In the cell. When Rani is almost ready to leave and he says " F16...." and so on. I really thought he won't say anything to her and she would have to come back again but he opened up.

    There are a lot wonderful scenes so it's really hard to decide which one is is THE ONE
  7. i like 2 scenes ,in train station veer told to zeera ,he loved her,,when srk went to see zara in mosque in the rain huged her.
  8. mayoub

    mayoub Well-Known Member

    tere Liye :eyebrows: I love Shahrukh's look there :faint:
    and then when zaraa asks her mother about her dad :(
  9. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    I'm always touched...every damned time!....by the scene when Veer eats the ladoo and asks for another one.
  10. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    just remembering the scene u wrote Luxia :hurt::hurt:
    i love tht one
    and the moment zaara gets inside the court.. the way veer looks at her... the whole song actually breaks my heart :hurt:
  11. ZoOoZoOo

    ZoOoZoOo I love SRK

    i ´love the scene in main yahan hoon because it's so romantic.

  12. ZaraaKhan

    ZaraaKhan ♥ Mohabbat_Girl ♥

    I like when Rani tell Preity that she need Zaara to make Veer free. or something like that
  13. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    When Shahrukh Says, "Yeh toh main nahi jaanta, par haan, mere desh ki har maa aap jaisi zaroor hoti hai!"
  14. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    and thts suppose to meannnnnnnnnnn..... what?
  15. Rehana

    Rehana Senorita.

    lol* even i dont know hindi ... kush pretty please translate it for me and bluey :D

    my favorite part is when veer meets zaara's finance ..in the train station...i know the part is so painful ..but i love it lol* :D
  16. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    well it is when Zaara's mom sees the courage and honesty of Veer and says,"Is every son in your country as good as you?" Then Veer replies,"I don't know about the sons, but yeah, every mother is definitely as loving and caring as you."

    Rehana's one is like this, when Zaara introduces Manoj to SRK, and says,"Meet him Veer, this is my fiance."

    lol i know what are you pointing at!!:p
  17. ZoOoZoOo

    ZoOoZoOo I love SRK

    I love all the scenes with srk :D
  18. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    1) when SRK tells Rani about Priety," I dont know whether its love or not, still I dont know I love her or not" then Rani replies " but I know, you loved her a lot"
    2)when SRK read the poem in the court and say about himself, Rani and Prety
    3) when SRK carry Preity from the bridge, preity reples" how many times you are going to save me" and he replies " each time you put your life in danger". The way they look at each other, priceless.
    3)SRK asks Rani, with out knowing all laddos are for him, " do i take another one"
    4)SRK says " you have some one next to the boarder, who is ready to giveup the life for you
    5)mainyaha hoon song
    6)There liye song.
    7) The conversation between preity and his mom about the difference of love among the men and women

    Each and very scene in this mindblowing touching great movie,
  19. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    awww lol, u love it more deeply than i do!! frankly the first time i didn't like it so much as i thought it was unnecessarily extended especially in the end, but now when i watch it, it mesmerizes me, performances, the theme, and that love between the two!! amazing movie.
  20. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    yea, Kushal. I watched it 3 times in cinema. Its the first hindi movie screened simultaneously with Indian release here.

    Its my favorite till I watched swades. But still its my second favorite par with Chak de.
    Its so touching. All the situations are far from reality, but every scenes touch the heart brilliantly. Every time I watched the movie, I get emotional.

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