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WHAT THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!! finally saw it.

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by avggomez, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    so here i am to join the club guys. saw it on sunday finally.

    All i have to say is "what the fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My darling King gets better and better every single day.

    that was awsome. i think i missed 2 minutes or something. the papers said the movie starts @ 10.30 and i was there @10.25. Looks like it started before that. i think i missed shantipriya's entrance for the premier. saw the song half way.:(
    was annoyed before, but SRK cooled me down.

    it was so awsome and i was too glued in the movie and i even clapped alone when he gave his speech after the ff awards :crazy:
    i suddenly felt shit! and when kajol came on screen again i was over joyed and was clapping alone! felt like shooting my self!!!!!!

    SRK on the wheel chair almost made me fall off my chair by laughing so much! the bike ride was tooooooooo hot for the king! and of course i luv the "Love- Man" :D:D

    the best part was guys, when we entered the hall. since it has already started the security fello had to light the torch for us to find a palce to sit. so we sat as soon as we saw two empty chairs, cz we couldn't afford to miss anymore (we - is me and my friend in the boarding) and there was this guy who had come alone and i sat next to him! usually i go with few freinds and i sit in the middle. now since OSO made me laugh so much in the 1st half i couldn't stop my self other than laughing like an idiot. now this guy is also laughing @ a rate and i almost tapped him on his hand while laughing. this usually happens to me when one of ma friends are next to me. :crazy::crazy:

    not only once i think about thrice i almost hit him, and suddenly i remembered that i dont kno him :D:D

    getting back to the movie. i almost threw a fit when i saw Darde disco :tape2::tape2:
    i think that fellow next to me would have thaught that i'm crazy!
    i luved OSO song with all the actors. it waas awsome. even the title track the last song. it was amazing. super!

    talking about the music, i think its awsome. great job done my the music directors. each song was diffrent from one another but still it was blended so well.
    super job by farah on choreogrphing too. awsome farah ji.
    speciall effects have to be mentioned. people who saw the movie, i'm sure you know what i'm talkign about. the 1st song specially. good job done by the speciall effects director.
    hats off to karan, manish for the super costume designing. it was great! the 70's look was well portraid! nicely done.
    action again, credit goe to our King. very well crafted.

    i liked the ending very much. it was set very well. faraha's part was funny!:D
    i really liked how all were braught in to the credits. its very much needed. all these people needs to be recognised. they are the back bone of a movie as much as the cast is important. hats off for that idea and bringing the whole crew in to the credits!

    over all it was a fantastic effort by faraah and the rest of the crew.

    Faraah you proved you are a wonderful director all over again. i think its way better than MHN as well.
    and of course my King as alwayz the best!!!!!!!!!!! anotehr Best ctor Nominee for sure and most certainly he is the winner this time for CDI or OSO!!!!!!!!

    hatts off to my sweet & HOT KING!

    oh almost for got. i rate it 10/10

    i have already asked our indian representative for TATA cars in Sri Lanka to get me the DVD when he is comming after his holiday :p
    so glad i saw it finally!. was so worried that i'll miss it.

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