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What stars say about Srk

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Pakiza, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Kajol Devgan

    For me Shah Rukh Khan is like a God. He is kind and will always take care about the problems of his friends. He is a person who is very easy to discuss and talk with.
    He likes to help people. For me he is a very special human being

    Amitabh Bachan

    Shah Rukh Khan is the rage of the country he is a superstar and loved by millions of people....he's a very very hard working actor er doesn't take anything for granted

    Preity Zinta

    SRK is a one-take artiste. He's brilliant and he's really quick. Shahrukh is a powerhouse. Even though he has hurt his back, his energy level never dips on the sets, he's constantly hyper, and he wants you to do the shot fast. He's excellent with improvisation, a very fine actor to work with. He is not selfish. He will never try to take your line or your place, sure, he keeps you on your toes. His timing is really good and if you are not alert you drop the scene from your side. He's all there. And his energy spreads to the whole crew.

    Yash Johar

    Is it only 10 years? May he continue for another 40 years. He has been a very big success and it is an achievement that he's worked with the biggest producers and in all kinds of films. And he shall continue to do so and we shall continue to work with him

    Farah Khan

    He is my friend, brother, father... He means everything to me. I don't listen to anyone -- not to my parents, not to my brother [television anchor Sajid Khan], not to anybody. I don't give a damn about anyone's opinion. But I listen to Shah Rukh. I care about his opinion.I guess I do this because I feel he really cares for me -- he doesn't say it but his actions show it. I know he wants what is best for me. He has done things for me that even my family members wouldn't do.
    He is much more than a friend to me . He is my guardian angel. Sometimes, I feel that he has been sent in place of Dad. Shah Rukh trusts me to the extent that he asked me to direct his Rs 25-crore Main Hoon Na.

    Karan Johar

    To me, Shah Rukh is a very spiritual person. If he honed that part of his personality he'd really be something. He is really God's good son. He knows the right things to say. He is very spiritual in a lot of ways. He has the right kind of spiritual path that he tells you about if he feels close enough to you.
    I give him the respect I give my father. I can never have a casual conversation with him. He is more like a spiritual influence. He is like a senior in my life, but if I need a friend then he makes a brilliant friend.
    In many ways, he is like therapy to me. He senses when I am down and out. He tells me this is bothering you even if I may appear completely normal. It makes you wonder how he sensed that. He has that kind of intuition. He is a wonderful human being

    Juhi Chawla

    I think I am really lucky to be a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan. In my opinion he is not only handsome but also very smart. And he has a sharp mind. He likes to read and this habit makes him a clever and respected person.
    He has nothing conventional about himself. In fact, I feel he has the most unconventional face. But there is something really vulnerable about him when he is on screen. His dimpled smile is very endearing.
    He is sharp and intelligent. He is full of beans, he has an unfair amount of energy. He packs it in a day what I would do in a week! And whatever he does, Shah Rukh gives his best fullest attention. He will not put off till tomorrow what he can do today. He is fond of playing more games and sports, but he doesn't know how to play a friendly game. He will always play to win, even it's a haramless game of Pictionary ---Shahrukh has to win it, everytime his energy sets him apart from the rest.

    Sonali Bendre

    We first worked together in English Babu Desi Mem when he was just a newcomer. And then again in Duplicate when he was a superstar. The one thing that has remained constant is his energy. If I had even 50 per cent of Shah Rukh's energy level, I'd have gone places. Contrary to popular belief. Shah Rukh isn't indifferent to his female co-stars. He was extremely helpful during Duplicate. He realised I was uncomfortable playing the vampish character, especially because I'm not like that in real life. He went out of his way to put me at ease. People say that Juhi and he share a better personal rapport. But not once during the making of the film did either of them make me feel left out.

    Kareena Kapoor

    He's the most amazing actor we have. He looks like the boy next door and yet he's so attractive. I just love him. If only he wasn't married. Shahrukh is the only man on earth who makes me go weak in the knees. I have done two of my major films with him - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Asoka. We share a wonderful working relationship. For me, he really is a living legend. There is no one better or bigger than Shah Rukh. I have really been a crazy fan of his and often during Asoka he had to tell me, "Concentrate on the shot and not on me." For me, working with him was a dream come true. I hope to do more work with him. This is an association that I want to continue.

    Shahid Kapur

    I think Shah Rukh is a completely self-made person. He started right from the beginning and has reached the top all through his own efforts. I wish him more success and the best of health.

    K Shashilal Nair

    I think his greatest achievement is the fact that he's not done more than 30 films in 10 years. Anyone else would have done 200. All his films have been such that, barring one or two, all of them can be remembered. Ninety-eight per cent of his films are remarkable.
    Shah Rukh's greatest plus point is that he's very mehenti (hardworking). And if one remains hardworking even after 10 years, that says a lot. I'm doing One Two Ka Four with him at present. I think the amount of interest he puts into every project is amazing.

  2. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Priyanka Chopra
    What's sexy about SRK?

    Such a great note to start on! What is sexy about Shahrukh? Everything! He's my favouritest! In the song `Suraj hua maddham dressed in those loose kurtas, mmm he looks sexy absolutely sexy. His eyes are the sexiest they can look through you. I have always had a huge crush on Shahrukh. It's not the-I-love-you-want-to-marry- you sort of crush. It's more like idolisation. I just love everything about the man. He can't go wrong anywhere!

    Lara Dutta
    What's sexy about SRK?
    Shahrukh is the most perfect performer we have today. He has a distinct style of his own. I give him total credit for coming from a non-film background and becoming the superstar he is today. He's perhaps the only star who can sell a movie just by his name. His sex appeal lies in his sense of humour and his confidence. He's not the sort who gives politically correct answers. He's witty, humorous he's on the ball and quick on the uptake boy, is he a smart man and that intelligence is very sexy!

    Hrishita Bhatt

    Working with him in Asoka was a really memorable experience. The more I saw him at work the more impressed I was with him. He was a great co-star, so down-to-earth, despite being such a big star. All my prayers and best wishes for his health. He is one of the most adored guys in filmdom and I wish him to be hale and hearty and back in action.

    Subhash Ghai

    Signing Shah Rukh today is a big responsibility [unfortunately SRK had to withdraw from Subash Ghai's Homeland due to date problems ] because he quotes evolved into a great actor who has simultaneously maintained the status of a superstar. That quote a rare combination. But then,
    Shah Rukh is no ordinary actor. He quote's intelligent, dedicated and talented enough to shine even in a bad film. Also, he quote's a delight to work with. He quote s very childlike and a charmer who can coax a smile out of you even when you quote re angry and convince you to do things his way. He quote s matured and today he will not be influenced by anybody. He quote s completely capable of looking after himself and his career. We may not have worked together after Pardes but through
    Taal and Yaadein my relationship with him never fractured. I look on him as a younger brother. There are a few actors in the industry with whom I share more than professional ties. Jackie, Anil and Shah Rukh are three of them

    Manisha Koirala

    There is no any other perfect word to describe Shah Rukh except handsome and elegant. I won't be shocked if any girl goes petrified when they see him. Shah Rukh Khan has all the qualities which a woman is longing for. He is not only handsome but very polite too. I love to see his acting.

    Sajid Khan

    Long back Shah Rukh had come for Mazhar Khan's birthday party, which was being held at a disco in Bandra. Shah Rukh had just started out. Deewana had just released and Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa was about to release. I had met him for the first time when he had come to our acting class, where Arbaaz Khan myself and others were learning acting. We became friends and he had worked with my sister Farah. At this party, Shah Rukh and I went out for a smoke and we were chatting. I remember him distinctly telling me, "I promise you when it's my birthday, I will give myself a birthday present. It will be the best house in Bandra, and sure enough he got the best house in Bandra!! Shah Rukh's DDLJ and my show Ikke pe ikka started together and both did 410 shows.

    Mahesh Bhatt

    What an innings he's played!! And he's still very much in form. You can't count people like Shah Rukh out. Irrespective of the flavour that will keep changing, there is an inexhaustible energy in him. He is a survivor and he's a man who has yet to achieve his potential.

    Ramesh Sippi

    I think Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman was his first film, though Deewana was his first release. He has definitely contributed to Hindi cinema -- there's no question about it. He changed the face of the Hindi film hero by playing a villain in two very important films -- Darr and Baazigar.
    While some heroes have started life as villains, that wasn't the kind of villain he played. His first film was Deewana, a proper hero's role. Subsequently also, he played the leading man. Then, suddenly, he played the villain who was as acceptable as the hero. Which I don't think any other hero has done.
    He started off on a very different note, but has gone on to work even as a normal hero with films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge -- two examples of a restrained performance. And he can pull both kinds of performances off very well.
    True, there have obviously been certain films that haven't struck the right note. But through each of his roles, the one thing that comes across very strongly is the energy in his performances. And it's not always wrongly placed.
    Another wonderful thing about him is that he allows other artistes to play their roles without trying to steal their show. He wins in the process. By doing that, the film gets made in the right spirit and everybody gets their due. He has the power to manipulate the film to veer in his direction, but he doesn't do that.
    His plus point is that he can play any kind of role and I think he's shown his versatility -- from playing the villain to doing light roles with a lot of panache.
    On the sets too, he's always charged. And it comes through. Actors all over the world have given some mediocre performances, but Shah Rukh has given every project his best. Which is a very fine quality. I enjoyed working with him in Zamaana Deewana.

    Zayed Khan

    Shah Rukh is fantastic! The experience and broad framework of acting that he brings to the sets is unbelievable. On the sets, I had a few ideas about acting, but was sceptical about doing them. I thought people would not take to it kindly, since I was new. But Shah Rukh agreed with my views and put my fears to rest. \par
    You can learn volumes about acting by just observing him. Shah Rukh brings the scene to life. He taught me not to be mechanical, to look at things straight and do it differently, to add a new perspective. He's a Pandora's box, full of innovation
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  3. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Perizaad Zorabian

    Actress (
    Work with SRK: None

    I think he is so wonderful, just so much in touch with reality. This Diwali, I was invited to Yash Chopra's Diwali party. It was a small gathering of some 30-40 people and me being new to the industry I was rather like a fish out of water. Suddenly Shah Rukh entered and passed by me a few times. But I did not look up because I didn't know what to say, though I was aware of him passing me. Then he walked up to my sofa and said something softly. I think he said, "It's an honour" and shook hands. I was so touched. He's obviously been where I was that day and he did it to make me feel comfortable. I felt shocked and stupid and dumfounded, but I was moved by his gesture. I couldn't react. He was very kind to put me at ease in such a small gathering. I wish him a happy birthday and I am happy he has not lost touch with reality.

    Suchitra Krishnamoorthy

    What can I say about Shah Rukh? I think his greatest achievement is the energy, effervescence and youthfulness he brought to the Hindi screen. Though I never thought him to be a great actor, his energy is unparalleled and his sex appeal unselfconscious. This, coupled with a natural intelligence and breeding, make him exciting to watch on screen. He's like the guy one would have known in college or in one's own neighbourhood. I also believe that Shah Rukh's greatest asset is his wife, Gauri. As for my experience of working with him, it was all right. Like all newcomers, I was nervous and insecure. And like all stars on the ascent, he was rather self-absorbed. So, other than our scenes, we did not have too much of an interaction. But it was pleasant enough, nevertheless.
    I think Shah Rukh is a god-send star. He has made the hero accessible to the middle class. He is a perfect combination of angel and demon, of sensitivity and ruthlessness, and his talent lies in the fact that he's able to bring these contradictory qualities on to the screen. He is every woman's favourite star. Whenever I have met him over the years, I find in his bearing a dignity that is very attractive.

    Vivek Oberoi

    I am fascinated by Shah Rukh Khan. He is brilliant. Every time I meet him, I tease him, 'Hello God, how are you?' Gauri (Shah Rukh's wife) keeps saying 'Stop calling him that. He is just Shah Rukh.' Here's a guy who comes from nowhere, has no connections to cinema and has no way to make it in. On his beliefs and convictions, he enters films, marries his childhood sweetheart, rules tinsel town and walks into offices and tells filmmakers to either sign him now or regret later.
    I do not idolize Shah Rukh. I am fascinated because he is an interesting story. He has an interesting career graph. He won the award for the best actor and best villain in the same year. He is arrogant, yet he is also the humblest person around. He is so complex and interesting. I have immense respect for him. I am in awe of Shah Rukh.

    Twinkle Khanna

    Shah Rukh Khan? Ah... he is always number one. He is kind, intelligent, clever and people can melt if they see his face. When I was working with him in Baadshah, he helped me a lot.
    He is a great actor and a very good dancer. I really like him but what can I do he is married

    Rani Mukherjee

    I have always been thankful that I got to work with Shah Rukh in the early days of my career, because I have learnt a lot from him. Till today, I treat him as a senior and look to him for guidance and he in turn treats me like a bachcha. He scolds me on the sets, he tells me how to do and what to do and basically when I am around him. I become a child who follows him. With others, I may play up. But with him, I always follow his lead. He is a wonderful co-star, very positive and keeps everyone in good spirits. I hope to do more work with him. He is one person I got attracted to. He is the sexiest man in Bollywood.
    Raj, the character Shahrukh plays in 'Chalte Chalte', has every quality a woman desires in her life partner. He is an uncomplicated man, a true lover who will take care of you through thick and thin. I wish he exists in real life too!Who knows if Shah Rukh were unmarried I might even have proposed to him

    Sunil Shetty

    We are just about getting to know each other. All that there was in the past, things that were said is now water under the bridge. There are no grudges between Shahrukh and me. I respect him a lot for what he has achieved. A non-filmi boy coming here and becoming a huge star says a lot for his talent. I think we might have a good friendship here. I have never had a problem with any of my co-stars. And both of us have been around for more than a decade so we know and have heard everything about each other that there is to know.
    He is too good. He shot with us before and after his surgery, yet he never complained and that's one lesson I have learnt from him. His energy level is contagious and his hard work too. I really admire his energy and focus and learned a lot from him.

    Dalip Tahil

    I've worked with him right from his first film Deewana, in which I played his father. Then came Baazigar, his big success, in which I played Madan Chopra, the main villain. Then came Darr and Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani.
    He's achieved a lot in his 10 years. He has certainly added a high voltage style of acting to the repertoire of the industry. He's a very charismatic star and has a very good presence on the screen. He's very good to work with in the sense that he's very contributing, very alive, very energetic.

    Amrita Rao

    More than anything else, I want to be a workaholic as he is. Despite undergoing tremendous pain post-surgery, he continues working with as much zest. That\rquote s amazing!

    Priya Gill

    Besides Mansoor Khan's films, I'd seen all of Shah Rukh's films too when I did Josh. I never dreamt that we'd ever work together. I was a fan and never thought I'd be on the same side of the fence as him. Working with him was a great experience because he never made me feel I was a newcomer. Even when I did make some faux pax, he was very reassuring. I haven't met too many people who go out of their way to make everyone comfortable.
    He was never THE STAR, he was always a person. It was Shah Rukh the person, relating to Priya the person. There are so many trying situations we face that it's often difficult to smile, but Shah Rukh never lost his cool. I will always remember how he treated me like Priya the kid, and was very, very considerate.
    Not too many people have this quality. I wish they did because it makes working together so much nicer. I know that if ever I'm asked to do a film with him again and I'm tied up, I'd do anything to make time to work with him. I'm glad I got this opportunity to act opposite him and any time he asks me I'll be ready to work with him again.

    Prahlad Kakkar

    He's a boy wonder. I admire him tremendously. Look at the way he looks. Could you ever imagine, in your wildest imagination about 10 years ago, that this little launda from
    Delhi, with this little serial behind him, would become so big? And not only make it so big in the conventional sense, but make it big doing every single role he could lay his hands on -- villain, hero, anything?
    I just saw Josh yesterday and he was awesome. He had so much violence in his body language that you felt it was a role designed for him.
    He's a terrific guy, very professional. But then I must admit that Aamir and Govinda
    (about whom I'd heard horror stories) were very professional too.
    Shah Rukh is amazing -- he's gone into production, into setting up his own company, into post-production. And yet everybody thought he was a lightweight when he first came in.
    They thought he was a financial lightweight, a lightweight in the talent department... Look where he's reached. I'm sure that, in another five years, he'll surprise everyone in wherever he's going.
  4. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Jackie Shroff

    All I can say about Shah Rukh is that he is a very good actor, ek behtereen kalakaar. He's a beautiful person, and very fond of his family.

    He respects his friends, and keeps to his work. He keeps to his family, his personal friends, himself. He never says a bad thing about anybody. He's very professional.

    I wish that India has more people like Shah Rukh.

    Shah Rukh, I give you my best wishes for Eid -- Eid Mubarak -- and Happy Birthday. And I'll try to speak to you myself, my friend.

    Nandana Sen

    All I have to say about Shah Rukh is that if he weren't married, and I was living a different life, I would go down on my knees and propose to him!

    I haven't properly met Shah Rukh. You could say we met in passing, but I think the kind of charisma he has is unmatched in the world. He's tremendously sexy.

    My favourite Shah Rukh films are: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Devdas, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Main Hoon Na and Maya Memsaab.

    Tusshar Kapoor

    Shah Rukh is amazing. He's superhuman. He's got so much energy, and sustaining power that we're all really jealous of him!

    My favourite SRK films are: Dil To Pagal Hai, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Pardes, Devdas, and, of course, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

    Isha Sharvani

    The first time I met Shah Rukh, I was new to the film industry. I had not met a star till then. I come from this tiny village in Kerala and it was the first time Subhash Ghai had taken me out to a filmi function. And the first person I met was Shah Rukh Khan!

    I was so floored by him. I was speechless. He is so enigmatic and larger than life. The way he talks to you, the way he makes you feel special -- I was so touched by it. I've always been a very big fan.

    I love all his films, but my favourites are Swades, Dil Se, Pardes, Main Hoon Na and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

    Ritesh Deshmukh

    Shah Rukh is my favourite actor. He is the reason why I thought acting was exciting. Now he has turned 40, and I wish Shah a very happy birthday. He should just make more films and continue to entertain us, his fans.

    I love all his films. The reason why I thought I should be in love was Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. The reason why I thought I should be passionate about love was Darr. That's when I thought that it's not necessary for you to not like someone because the other person does not like you.

    I always thought my life should be more like the characters he plays.

    He gave a fantastic performance in Swades. I enjoyed him in Main Hoon Na -- it was a total entertainer, like a Manmohan Desai film. It was brilliant!
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  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks pakiza.... wow lots of nice things... ppl envy his energy :p he is a swwt person, how can anyone not like him?
  6. veronicas

    veronicas ~Forever Yours~

    Thanks Pakiza a lot.:) It's always nice to read about people commenting such nice things about our KING.:heart: I like the way Karina Kapoor described him, 'there's no one bigger or better than ShahRukh Khan.':thumb: :p :D My thoughts exactly
  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    wow pakiza, you've been busy:D thanks.
    good material for the ikhan, keep it in mind ;)
  8. srk_deewanii

    srk_deewanii A proud Shahrukhie..

    thats our srk ! :D
    everybody loves him :heart:
    thanx alot pakiza ! :)
  9. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member

    It must be an amazing experience to work with Shah Rukh together. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. veronicas

    veronicas ~Forever Yours~

    It must be.:heart: I could just stand next to him and I'll be the happiest one on this earth.:p
  11. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Thanks Pakiza!

    It's really a pleasure to read all these good and lovely comments!

    I wish I could be one of his closest friends... he must be like a diamond! :heart:
  12. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    yup which is why i started this topic...makes it much easier:thumb: :)
  13. hanimdevre

    hanimdevre New Member

    thanks Pakiza...big list...nice to know that SRK is everyones sweetheart!
    Elahe says thanks.
  14. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    nice to see u posting ...and the list will grow
  15. vwelling

    vwelling lois87

    Glad that the actors all agree he is the best. I totally agree with Rani, if he wasn't married i too would have proposed to him. Who can blame a girl? It is always the good ones that gets snatched, darn it
  16. layla-val

    layla-val Active Member

    Yes alas that is so true:hurt:
  17. Tanjusik

    Tanjusik New Member

    Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing!:) It's so nice to read so many amaxing things about him!!!!:p All they are so right!!! He is the best!!:p
    My friend said that she liked some films with Shahrukh but sometimes films with others actores she likes best!:tape2: But even my mum says(she knows many indian actors:D ) that inspite of nothing,among many sexy,goodlooking ,bodybuilders Idian actors SRK is THE BEST!!!:p Do you agree with her??? I DO!!!!!:thumb:
  18. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Riteish Desmukh

    those sleepy eyes sparkle when anyone mentions shah rukh khan.:D

    'im a big SRK fan.i have seen all his films. i used to borrow his dialogues from DTPH to patao girls in college. tehre was this line in the film that srk had said ''maya yeh sab kuch hai,sirf maya hai'' and i would say ''main yeh sab kuch hoon,sirf main hoon''

    i have seen all his films and enjoyed his work, whether it was as raj in ddlj or as rahul in kkhh and dtph.i would love to do a film with him.

    from movie mag september 2006
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  19. mcmotchie

    mcmotchie Member

    Evy, it is true what you are saying. I really thank God that he got married before now. If not he would have been in deep problems. Can you imagine an unmarried man surrounded with beautiful girls who admires him? Not even to talk about those from all over the world.:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
    I thank God for Gauri :thumb: who came into his life in time. She has saved him from danger of beautiful girls/women worldwide.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  20. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : Re: What stars say about Srk

    And I wish that there were more men like him in the world !!:p
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