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WE CAUGHT DON2 - our experiences from the sets

Discussion in 'Don 2' started by Ella, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Wow..darina,.thanks so much for all the nice pics.[​IMG]
    I wish you for today all the best[​IMG]
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  2. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    His hair is short now! If you noticed in one of the caption i posted of Darina, she said, in the one it seems like he has ponytail, but in real its actually someone elses head which is behind shahrukh - thats y it seems like srk's pony tail - but yeah his hair is not as short as it used to be, its lil longer than usual, may be cuz while he had hair extensions, he couldnt get them cut thats why! ;)
  3. Naina20071

    Naina20071 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that´s what I mean :) It´s little bit longer than before the extensions...
  4. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    oh okay! my bad, i understood your sentence the other way round! I am sorry!
  5. Naina20071

    Naina20071 Well-Known Member

    Oh no problem...everything is fine :)
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  6. Amarkanth Varma

    Amarkanth Varma Active Member

    [​IMG]there is hair that grows quickly (much too quickly)... extensions not needed any more...but it is really thrilling to read what extensions can trigger [​IMG]
  7. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I was already halfway through my story but then my post got deleted!!! :frusty: Dang you laptop!! :smash: I'll try have as much patience as Shah Rukh has. Lol.

    Part 1

    So sorry for the delay in posting my story. Really wanted to post as soon as Shah Rukh flied to Delhi last Friday but had to wait for pics from my friends plus the internet reception at my college is quite bad most of the time. :( Okay, so you know Shah Rukh shot for Don 2 in Malacca, Langkawi and KL. I went to Malacca and gave you the details already, even though it's a short one. ^^" Wanted to go to Langkawi too but I couldn't. Shah Rukh was there for 2 weeks but he wasn't in Malaysia on the first weekend so I didn't go. And the next weekend, he was in Langkawi but I couldn't go as I had two tests that Sunday. :confused: But my friends who I just met and knew in Malacca went there. The fan that spent $3000 who I call as Erum came to Langkawi with her boyfriend. They endured the 10-hour journey just for the sake to see Shah Rukh. On Saturday night (Feb 26), they were having a meal at the coffee house, then suddenly Shah Rukh passed by. There were quite a lot of fans gathering outside the hotel that evening. She saw him and quickly ran to him and shouted his name. Shah Rukh noticed her and she asked for a hug and he gave her one. And it was a tight one!!! :dance: Shah Rukh was rushing at that time and no photography was allowed so she couldn't take any pic. He was on his way to have dinner with Tun Dr Mahathir and was already late so he left.

    And came the day for Shah Rukh to come to Kuala Lumpur. I had been collecting as much info as possible about the hotel he was gonna stay at in KL, his flight details etc. And as usual, I set out on the journey alone. Thank God I don't have classes after 12 on Fridays, so I went to the hotel as soon as I finished class. Reached the hotel at 4 something and Shah Rukh was due to land at KLIA at 4.40pm. Met another Malacca friend there, Sabeena. We chatted while waiting and we were the only fans there at that time. I guess because it was a working day plus no one figured out about the hotel yet. :p Then at 5 something, PC arrived. Wow she's beautiful in real!!!!! :flame:Very nice body figure and tall too!! Or am I the short one?? :p We asked for a pic and her autograph and she then quickly went up to her room. Waited and waited and waited and hotel staffs started to fill the hotel lobby. I knew he was gonna arrive anytime soon!! They lined up and got their cameras ready. We were somehow blocked but tried to squeeze in between them. -.-" Then came Shah Rukh's car!!! OMG, he has arrived!!!! :flame::flame:Saw him getting out of the car and walked in!!! The first thing I noticed was that the hair extensions were gone!!! I was so relieved to see that and how handsome he looked in his normal look again!!!! :love::hug::kiss: He was in a dark blue shirt and was wearing dark shades. Melting melting and melting!!!! And he was wearing a white hat!!!! I SOOOOOO love to see him in a hat!!! :faint2: :love: Saw the same local bodyguards in Malacca and they were like stopping people from taking Shah Rukh's pics. He was walking quite fast and suddenly was already at the lift and went up to his room. And I went back.

    The next day, Sat Mar 5, I went to the hotel again, not in the afternoon, but in the evening, around 8pm. But Sabeena went in the afternoon, somewhere around 3. We were told that Shah Rukh won't be going out of the hotel that morning till evening, so I stayed at my college to finish my video I made for him. Sabeena kept me updated though. She said there were like 10 or so Malay girl fans waiting for him at the hotel lobby. She was having a cup of coffee at the lounge when she suddenly saw Shah Rukh walking out of the lift and quickly ran to him. This one is pretty much like Erum. She asked for a hug and Shah Rukh hugged her and walked to the car. She was the only who got Shah Rukh's attention out of all the fans present there. And then she went back. And I reached the hotel at 8pm. There I saw a Punjabi family and two other girls waiting. First we saw PC who was walking out of the lift to the car. We tried to take pics but then the film crews didn't allow us as she was in her costume. Whoaaa, this girl is veeeeeery pretty!!! Love when she ties her hair!! ;D Some people went up to her and took her autograph but I just stood there. Haha. No point in approaching her. :p And she left to the shooting sets. The Punjabi family too went back home when they thought it's already getting late. Then, when it was almost 10.30pm, Shah Rukh came back. This time he was in a dark blue top and jeans. The two girls ran and approached him as soon as he got out of the car, asking for some pics. I followed them but then I was stopped by this one local bodyguard and he said to me, "You already got a pic with him, right??" I was like, WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU CARE??! :director: :brick: I only managed one pic because he was big so yeah. -.- Just watched the girls with Shah Rukh and then a little chaos happened. The girls were trying to ask the bodyguards if they could take the pic and were showing how to but then Shah Rukh became angry and shouted at them. I was actually shocked and very surprised to see the scene!!!! :jaw: Never had I seen Shah Rukh got angry like that and shouted at fans. But then it made sense because the girls should've gotten ready with their cameras earlier but instead he had to wait for them. It was a bit weird because he just got back from meetings with sponsors and shopping, so why would he rush?? :confused2: The next thing is just go to bed. But yeah, he's Shah Rukh Khan. He can perform 10 things in 10 minutes that's why time is very important. ;) He was shouting, "What are you doing?! Fast! Fast! You're wasting your time!" His face was serious.
    That's why I was dumbfounded. They got a pic taken and another girl who happened to pass by saw him and asked a pic too. He then quickly walked inside and was stopped again for pics by some other fans. And these two girls came running again to him asking for another pic because they said the first one didn't come out right. Shah Rukh looked so tensed but obliged and again said in a high voice the same things. I didn't dare approach him because I didn't want to make him angrier. Felt like he shouted at me too!! :sad: He then rushed to the lift and hugged Datuk Lorna who was walking behind him and went straight to his room. So that was all for the night.

    To be continued... ^^"
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  8. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    wow they dared asking him for a pic for a second time even after he shouted at them!!! if i were in their shoes i would have left him alone , why make him angry and feel obliged to do something? but then we can understand that it was their chance or never!!
  9. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Thank you Darina for your report. Wow alots of wonderful memorys from Berlin are back now. :love: I'm so happy for you that you could meet Shah Rukh that is really wonderful to stand infront of him. Wow this Girls must have made something wrong to make Shah Rukh so angry. btw I'm a bit confused about Shah Rukhs hair. You have said when you have seen him on the 4th of march the extanions was gone but one day later at the Nazza world event he still has wear Ponytail.
    http://www.planetsrk.com/community/threads/srk-at-naza-world.22450/ :confused2:
  10. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Yea. That was what they said. They don't care if Shah Rukh shouted at them, as long as they got a nice pic with him.

    Thank you! :hug: Oh remember, he has his hair stylists with him everywhere he goes that's why he took off the hair extensions as soon as he finished shooting on Wednesday, even in the wee hours. :p So it's possible he wore it back the day he arrived in Kuala Lumpur. :)
  11. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Part 2

    On one hand I feel very lucky that I got to see both sides of him, I mean, the Shah Rukh when he's happy and the Shah Rukh when he's angry. :)

    The next day, Sunday Mar 6, I was told by a film crew that shooting starts at 1.30pm. I have a friend who was an extra in the film as a police and so I went to the shooting sets. Waited and waited till somewhere around 4, PC came and they started the shoot. Whoaaa!!! I seriously couldn't believe my eyes that I was watching Priyanka Chopra shoot!!!! :target: And I was the only fan there on the sets!! Other fans weren't allowed to enter. ^^" I was speechless as PC and Farhan were so close to me!! Then they took a short break and Farhan and PC sat on the chairs provided for them. I was standing really close to them that I could even see the scene shot in the camera!!! I was standing behind PC and could hear her hum, "Disco deewana..." :p And she laughed when Farhan heard her. Haha. She turned around and noticed me. I said hi to her and she smiled. :) And then I waited inside the dressing room for extras. Then at almost 8 Shah Rukh came!!! But he was sitting inside his van while Farhan gave instructions to the extras and PC and Om Puri as to how the scene was to be done. Few minutes later Shah Rukh came to the sets all clad in white!!! He looked soooo different but still managed to look as hot as ever!!!!! :flame: Especially with the hair extensions and stubble!!! OMG!!! :madgrin: I'm actually watching SHAH RUKH KHAN shoot live in front of me!!!!!:dance: I felt like fainting 'cos it felt so surreal!!! =O He was so cool!!! Truly an unforgettable experience!!! :D But I'm so terribly sorry I couldn't take any pics as I was surrounded by film crews and it was very hard to do so. :( After the scene was shot, Shah Rukh went outside to smoke and chatted a bit with Om Puri. I went outside to take a closer look at him. Ahhhhh this man is so beautiful!!!! *melts* :love: There were only a few fans outside but no one was allowed near him. Then I saw Subhash walking to the van. I followed him and he saw me. I asked him if he could pass the album of postcards to Shah Rukh because I seriously was giving up on wanting to give it personally to him. I was intending to go back because it was already 10.15pm and it takes quite long to reach college. But then he asked me to wait till the shoot finished and he'd call me to give it myself. He insisted I should wait. So I had no choice but wait. I didn't go back inside the shooting area, instead waited somewhere near the van. So that it'd be easier for Subhash to call me later. Chatted with the vans drivers. They told me a lot of wonderful things during the shoot in Langkawi. I was also surprised to know that they were even there in Germany for the shoot. One driver told me that Shah Rukh shot a scene with Lara on a bridge where he was riding the Ducati motorbike with Lara at the back seat. They showed me all the pics they took with him and those they secretly took of him. :p And there was one killer pic where Shah Rukh was TOPLESS!!!!! :jaw:Gosh!!!! I can still remember it very vividly and clearly!!! He looked SO DAMN HOT!!!!! :flame::flame::flame::eyebrows: With white pants if I'm not mistaken. :madgrin: He just finished a scene and was about to meet Dr Mahathir. And the crew told me that the shoot in Langkawi was done in a small island where they had to take boats to go there everyday. So no fans could go there. And Shah Rukh finally finished shooting at 2am. I was waiting by the van but he didn't come. Instead, I saw his Mercedes went to the area outside the sets. He got into the car and left. I was actually disappointed and a tad bit sad but not that much. So one of the crew dropped me off that morning to my college.

    The next day only Sabeena went to the hotel to see him. I didn't go that Monday and Tuesday as my schedule was packed and I was always alone so it'd be a bit difficult for me. That Tuesday afternoon Sabeena went there with the intention to get a pic taken with him. And she got it. And the next day which was Wednesday Mar 9, I went to the hotel again. I have no classes on Wednesdays, so I went there in the morning and reached at 11am. I brought along the album and a letter for Subhash. Asked the hotel staff to pass it to Subhash. As Subhash doesn't speak Hindi much, I asked our dear Anshula to write the letter in Hindi for me. :) I wrote to him to pass the gift to Shah Rukh and will be waiting for his reply at the lobby, if Shah Rukh has seen it. :p Haha I actually had a hope that Shah Rukh would send Subhash to the lobby and invite me to the suite! HAHAHAHA I know it's very silly and sounds so impossible. But who knows right? Since there was only me. :p And then Subhash came down to the lobby. I was quite surprised and we chatted a bit. He said Shah Rukh was still sleeping because they got back from Malacca late last night, in the wee hours. Awww poor Shah Rukh. :hug::kiss: And suddenly images of the cute Shah Rukh sleeping came into mind. :p:biggrin1: Subhash then asked for my phone number and gave me a miscall using the Malaysian number. I was veeeeeery surprised when he said that I can call him anytime if I want to know any info regarding Shah Rukh's whereabouts. OMG, why is this man SO NICE??? :eek: Asked him about Marlies and Petra and he said he knows them too. :D He told me that that day, Wednesday would be the last day of shoot and on Thursday evening, Shah Rukh would attend the Tag Heuer boutique launch at KLCC. He asked me to come again before 6 if I wanted to see Shah Rukh. So we said goodbyes and I went to have lunch. Came back at 4 something and saw Erum, Sabeena and her boyfriend, and another friend I met in Malacca. I missed them! Caught up with each other while waiting and about 7 something, Shah Rukh came down. This time he was wearing a white top, the one where I took the pics with him. And definitely in a much neater look as he tied his hair. :becky: And this time the bodyguards didn't stop us at all!!!! :dance: I let others take pics with him first because they hadn't had any with him alone. Then I saw an empty space beside him and quickly stood beside him. He saw me and reached out his
    hand and I reached out mine and put my hand on his waist while he put his hand on my shoulder!! It was quick and when we looked to the cameras, I was like, oh wait, where am I putting my left hand?? Then it came like an electric shot to me as I then realised that I was putting my hand on his waist!!!!!!!!! WHOAAAAAAA!!!! :jaw:My dream came true!!!! He was wearing a thin fabric of cloth so I could actually feel the skin!!!! :flame: :faint2: Then I asked him if he had received the album and he said yes!!! He said he had read all the postcards and said they're very sweet. And he thanked all those who sent them!! He also kept patting my head like he did last time. :love::hug::kiss: And he then walked to the car. I shouted Thank you, Shah Rukh!! and he turned around blowing a flying kiss!! x)) Aaaaahhhhh my heart dropped when he looked into my eyes!!! :redface: So that was it for that day. ;)

    I didn't plan to come again the next day which was Thursday, because I have classes from morning till 7pm. But I have a friend who just checked in into the hotel that afternoon with her son and sister. She said I can sleep in her room if I want. Heck I'm definitely in!!! Especially when that friend of mine who is a Punjabi met Shah Rukh at 6 something!!! And she said he was sooooooooo handsome because he got his hair extensions taken off already!!! :target: The pics were those of him with the ruffled hair and with the traditional dancers. She said there was a red carpet laid out for him at the hotel before the event. She and her sister saw him in the grey T-shirt and jeans walking out of the lift and shouted his name and approached him but he asked them to wait for 5 minutes and went to the car. Said something to the driver and then he came back to them. :becky: They thought they missed the chance already but he kept his promise!!! He hugged, kissed, gave blessings to them, posed for pics and gave autographs. Those three were the only fans there. And he went back up to his room. My friend immediately called me so of course the adrenaline rush in me got very high!!!! :flame::flame::flame: Hahahahaha I definitely cannot wait till tomorrow!! So I was very rushing that evening. As soon as I finished class at 7.15pm, quickly called a cab and took the train to the hotel because it takes one hour and a half from my college so I was very very afraid if I would miss him that night. And finally arrived at the hotel at 9.30pm. So later me and my friend waited at the hotel lobby. Yep. There was no one there except for us. :DThen at 10.10pm, I saw a Mercedes parked in front of the hotel and I knew instantly that it was him. Saw him and the tired look on his face. :hug::kiss: Nevertheless I walked up to him with my friend behind me and the moment he saw us he smiled. I thought of asking straightaway for autograph because I didn't want to bother him much since he looked tired but he pulled me into a hug!!!! :hug::madgrin: Definitely one of the best hugs I've ever had!!!! *faints* And at that instant I could smell the very nice scent of him again!!!! *on cloud nine* Aaaahhhhh felt like fainting!!!!!!
    And I quickly asked for autographs for my friends and for me in case he would walk away and he wore his red glasses and took a look at the small card of his pic. x)) He stared at it for a moment, and flipped it backward. And wrote "To, Darina, Lots of Love & Happiness" I was like AAAAHHHHHHH he wrote my name!!!!!! YAYYYYYS!!!! Haha he actually wrote DERINA but I corrected him. :) And then he signed two more autographs for my friends. And then he asked, "Two?" Awwwww how cute his voice is!!!!!!!!! :dance: Hahaha and I said yes. I repeatedly kept apologising to him for disturbing him and then he hugged me again. This time tighter and longer!!!!!! GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :love::love::love: I'm sure you understand how I feel!!!!! And I looooove his scent!! x)) :faint2: And then some hotel staff asked for a pic too and I heard him ask, "Where's your camera?" The staff was like clueless and was hoping someone could take a photo of them together and I saw Shah Rukh sighed. And then he went up to his room. That night I couldn't sleep thinking that I was just 12 floors below him in the same hotel. :p Wanted to check out his floor but he went out for a party at midnight. And finally finished editing the video.

    Then came the last day for Shah Rukh in Malaysia. Immediately went to the hotel after I finished class at noon. Met the same gang there waiting for Shah Rukh. But today there was an addition of a few more fans, 3-4 of them. And the hotel lobby was crowded with local Indian film crew wanting to meet him too. Talked to Yusuf a bit and then he saw my gift. He asked me to give it to the hotel staff to pass it to Subhash so that he could include it in the baggage else it would be left behind. I was a bit sad 'cos I was hoping to give it to Shah Rukh personally but then I did what he said. And I'm soooooooo glad I did!!! :blabla: Because Shah Rukh went through the basement instead of walking through the lobby!!! :hurt: I was quite heartbroken because I so very much wanted to see him for the last time before he went back to India but I didn't get the chance. :ohwell:Earlier at 3.30pm I called Subhash asking when Shah Rukh would be coming down and he said in about 20 minutes. But I forgot to ask if he'd walk through the lobby. :fish: :brick:Then suddenly at 4 something I saw the Mercedes parked in front of the hotel missing and the lobby was no more crowded. I had the feeling that he already left and Shah Rukh's local butler confirmed it. :Cry: Daaang!!! I should've sensed the hint Yusuf was telling me earlier!! But hmmm, what to do?? It's not my luck. So we parted ways and went back. I had to get back home 'cos my dad asked me to else I would definitely go straight to the airport. Then I received a call from Erum saying that she saw Shah Rukh with PC at the Pavilion!!! The bodyguards recognised her and Yusuf was telling her not to come forward so she just watched them and Shah Rukh noticed her and smiled and waved at her. Hmmm, I guess it's true that Shah Rukh doesn't entertain fans when he's with female co-stars and I understand why. :)) He was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, as usual. :D And then another friend went to the airport to see him and he got a pic taken with Shah Rukh but a blurry one. Yusuf didn't allow him for a pic with Shah Rukh earlier because they were already late for the flight to Delhi. The plane was about to take off at 6.50pm and they just arrived at 6.30pm and all the other passengers had boarded the plane. That friend of mine told me that the flight was delayed because of Shah Rukh. :p But Shah Rukh agreed so they took the pic and he went inside. So that was it. My whole experience for the past month hunting for Shah Rukh. :D

    I'm very very glad and grateful for the chance and opportunity and luck to be able to meet Shah Rukh again. Especially to see him shoot live. Thank you God!!! :pray2: Sorry for the long post and sorry for the delay in posting!! May each one of us be given the chance to meet Shah Rukh in person many many many more times after this!!! :pray2:
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  12. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    OMG Darina! I am sooooooo happy for you Dear! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us! :hug::kiss: You really must feelö blessed now. He is such an angel!!! And I am soooo happy to read that he read all the cards and really liked the album! Thank you again soooo much! Lots of hugs and kisses, Anja:hug::hug::hug::kiss::kiss::kiss: Maybe, when your time allows it, you can post what he said about the album in the thread for it? Would make many people happy Dear!:kiss:
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  13. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Wooow now i have goosebumps Darina. I know exactly how you have feel when he has huged you. That is so a wondeful and warm feeling you forget everything around you and there are only you and Shah Rukh and you want that it is for ever and that he never stop to hug you. Just one thing was for me even so wonderful like his hug. To feel Shah Rukhs unbeliveable soft and warm lips on my cheek. I wished so much you could feel that too. And I'm sure you will never forget his unbelivable wonderful smell. I don't know how he makes that to smell so gooooooodddd :faint: And yes to see him at work is just amazing wonderful oh i can't discribe it. I still remember on the 12 th of October on Alexanderpalce when i was not even 2 meters away from him during he was shooting and Don. God I'm so glad for you that you could make this expirences. :hug: Oh Is Shah Rukh not the biggest sweetheart on earth. :love: God bless him. Awww now i'm on cloud 100 again. :love: :angel: Thank you so much for your wonderful report Darina.
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  14. Schneckchen

    Schneckchen I live my own Bollywood movie ♥

    Really?!? There wasn't such a situation here in Berlin. We were friendly fans and we got a big praise from Faisal on our last day at the airport. He was the german head bodyguard :)
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  15. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Thanks Darina for the long ,wonderful report
    and I thank you so much that you have given Shahrukh the album.
    I had never problems with the bodyguards from Shahrukh.Yaseen was every time nice and had taken a lot of pics from me and Shahrukh.
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  16. iam_ellie

    iam_ellie Member

    Darinaaaaaaa!!!! OMG!!!!!!
    Your experience is so wonderful!!!!!
    I loved to read it!! You lived again something exceptional with him!!!
    Olalala you're so lucky!! He smiled at you, gave you hugs, talked to you and you met him so many times!! Alalalala it's so waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! And you showed another time that he's a sweetheart (except the angry part of him :p)
    I'm so happy for you!!!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
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  17. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    Darina u are soooooooooooooo lucky...i'm so happy for u.[​IMG][​IMG] thank you very much for sharing this wonderful experience with us
    hopefully one day i'll be able to meet him:pray2:
    May be he had a bad day.....we don't know what happened at the meeting with sponsors.:noidea:
    some times people forget he is human being...

    what do you mean by this?:confused2:
    "I guess it's true that Shah Rukh doesn't entertain fans when he's with female co-stars and I understand why."
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  18. Amarkanth Varma

    Amarkanth Varma Active Member

    Sorry, if my question is misplaced...I would like to write something about fans inspired by your post, Darina. However it would be more general. Is there a place in the forum where I could do it? Thanks for letting me know :)
  19. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    u could write it in Member Masala ;)
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  20. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    AAAARRRGGGHHH yeeeees!!! It still feels surreal!!! You're welcome Anjaaa!! :D Yes yes!! I was sooooo glad that I've got confirmation from himself that he received and read the album already! Eventhough I didn't get to give him the gift personally. I will post it Anja!! Thanks for your effort too!! :hug: And thanks Mary Ann for generating the idea in the first place!! :grouphug:

    Yes Anke!! You're welcome!! :hug: InsyaAllah some day I'll get to share your feelings of having Shah Rukh kiss the cheeks too!! :pray2: Will never ever forget his scent!!! :love::love::love: Truly an unforgettable experience!! ;)

    Hmmm I guess everywhere is just not the same. :) How I wish I could be in Berlin too when he shot there. :p

    You're welcome Marlies!! :hug: Terribly if I bore you with the long post. :noidea: I wished Yaseen was here too. Because I like him better than Yusuf. Hahaha. :p

    Ellieeeeee!!! Thanks so much my dear!!! :hug: Haha even when he's angry he's a sweetheart!! I can imagine if he gets angry with his kids (eventhough I know that perhaps never happens :p) Thanks a lot again!!! :kiss:

    Thank you Chamz!! :hug: God willing you'll meet him too some day!! He's preparing something BIG for you that's why the delay. ;) Oh yes, perhaps he was too tired, or wasn't in the mood after the meeting...dunno. :) Well, a friend told me that Shah Rukh doesn't entertain fans when he's with female co-stars especially, because then more fans would go to him than the co-star so he doesn't want the co-star to feel bad. That was what I was told. Dunno if it's true. But he does wave and smile. ;)
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