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Way To Go, Team Red Chillies

Discussion in 'Red Chillies Idiot Box' started by SharlaJ, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. SharlaJ

    SharlaJ Well-Known Member

    Way To Go, Team Red Chillies
    (March 25, 2017)


    Not too long ago, Shah Rukh Khan had a vision to turn Red Chillies into a leading motion picture studio like Yash Raj Films, which finances, produces, markets and exploits its own content directly, without tying up with other studios like it did in the past.

    After the release of Chennai Express, leading studio executives joined Red Chillies to help SRK achieve his mammoth vision. Now 2.5 years later, the team at Red Chilles led by its CEO Venky Mysore and Chief Revenue Officer Gaurav Verma has helped SRK and Red Chillies inch closer to their goal by finalising the best exploitation deals across all platforms.

    Just recently, they finalised a landmark deal with Netflix for the digital rights of its past and future library, which will make Red Chillies content available globally to all countries across the world. Further, they have partnered with Sony Music on record-breaking deals on Dilwale, Dear Zindagi and now the SRK-Imtiaz Ali film, which are setting precedents in the music business.

    As if that was not enough, they have created a global distribution network identifying the best in each territory, which assists them in marketing and monetising the films better. While the focus is on building network, they are getting top values for India and international distribution rights directly from individual distributors across the world at the highest prices ever achieved (India theatrical rights are with NH Studios).

    This is only the beginning of a new phase of studios in the country – after Yash Raj Films, Red Chilles is now the second talent-led studio in the country that does everything in-house.

    rollercoast says thanks.
  2. mayerdoi

    mayerdoi Active Member

    @ferdbouk goodafternoon mrs.planetsrk,congratulations Red Chillies owned by great actor king of act creativity romance reality technique king SRK 2nd talent -led studio in great India,wishing more successfully,deserved it , I wish to see Team Red Chillies become No.1,thank you to give us space writing reply,journalist fery dbouk from Lebanon tribute to beautiful arts and great civilization of India
  3. mayerdoi

    mayerdoi Active Member

    Thank you Sharlaj
  4. mayerdoi

    mayerdoi Active Member

    Thank you Planetsrk
  5. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    What a tribute this is to srk's vision and drive. As if it wasn't enough to be at the top of the acting field - truly The King Of The World!

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