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Videos of Saans song promo launch - live October 9th at 4.30 pm on Youtube

Discussion in 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Hall of Fame' started by Arpan Srk, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. zheni

    zheni Well-Known Member

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  2. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

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  3. intan zarina

    intan zarina Member

    yay!! thank u! :)
  4. iamsrking

    iamsrking Well-Known Member

    I Have Acted Differently in Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Shah Rukh Khan

    Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan says, he has acted differently in his upcoming Yash Chopra's Jab Tak Hai Jaan, all thanks to Katrina's comments. Apparently, the senior actor feels he has picked up a lot from him younger co-stars.
  5. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    Oh my god!!!! Great!!!!!
  6. intan zarina

    intan zarina Member

    OMG thank u so much alenka! hehe
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  7. elimeten

    elimeten Well-Known Member

    Can somebody make caps out of the video please, I couldn't watch it at the moment. Thanks in advance. :D
  8. Sofie

    Sofie Well-Known Member

    Aww! The making of this video is so romantic!:heart: Good to see Katrina so at ease while shooting with Shah Rukh.:D Hope the final product would look even better on big screen.:)
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  9. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    There are so many nice moments in this video: SRK in a wet t-shirt, even if he's wearing a bulky coat also. A woman director of choreography who knows how to make him look really great. And the topper- him half nude under the blanket flirting with the director. That is sure to be cut from the final version. Yash Chopra knows how to make the best movie.
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  10. Cila

    Cila Well-Known Member

    No way! I want the blanket scene in the final version. And I wouldn't mind even a sex scene. BTW, this is Yash Chopra, not Yash Johar;)
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  11. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    My dream is to see the scene under the covers in full glory!! Give sex SRK and Kat!!
  12. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the Johar- fixed it. What was I thinking? SRK blanket scenes cloud my thinking. Sigh!

    "The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said." ~ Tony Robbins
  13. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

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  14. Tash

    Tash Well-Known Member

    Video wonderful! :love:
  15. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    I absolutely love this song.
  16. Tash

    Tash Well-Known Member

    The more I look the video with the songs, the more I want the movie! :love:
  17. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Me too! Me too!!
  18. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    Just love this presscofence with Shahrukh and Katrina. He is so funny,witty,charming.....OMG ! Who care how old is he ! Yes ,he is now 47 and what of that ! He looks great ,even he been really old he also he looks great.does not matter how old he was, and how he felt.He have so much charm and energy much more than any 25 years old man.
    just by watching and listening to forget the years that are not of any significance.:DJust look at it here on this conversation with Katrina in the song "Saans".too. He looks amazing ! Both are great together.
    It does not seem to have a large age difference.They are so beautiful together.Just love this song"Saans"- I love music,the text and video with them.They are amazing,expecally Shahrukh .:) :rolleyes: This song is my favorute from this movie.
    well that did not show more of the press conference scene in bed with them and kiss them that even then would have shocked all:D
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