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Discussion in 'Shahrukhisms' started by rollercoast, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57502 Was a bit chilli!!! https://t.co/13V1Abncc3

    :heart: 57503 Zindagi kaatni kise thi humein toh jeeni thi..Himanshu Sharma ki jai ho! #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/dSkil6I2Wz

    :heart: 57504 “Shuru se shuru karte hain” https://t.co/OsKEl1Qa4B

    :heart: 57505 Arre yaar...53 ho jayein toh maza aur bhi aaye. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/DyNkIZP93E

    :heart: 57506 The only 3D Bauua knows are...Deen..Duniya...Daulat... no it won’t release in 3D...the glasses don’t match his dress sense. https://t.co/FLXdYmcKHc

    :heart: 57507 Abe na. Madam ka design taste aur Bauua ka match nahi karta!! “Srk ko Mannat mubarak hum toh Jannat ke khwaab dekhte hain!!” https://t.co/sp2fi2t0lf

    :heart:57508 I hope u start believing you are Bauua...he is all of us. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/LDvt0pFWEU

    :heart: 57509 Gulaab Jaamun sorry Two ho gaye. https://t.co/cZe0T219v8

    :heart: 57510Same as jab sabki hoti hai...DamAge mein. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/VEPfC95lVd

    :heart: 57511 Very sketchy!! Loved it. https://t.co/WvgzTsBJ1F
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  2. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57512 God bless you both. Happy marriage. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/qtyo4fIyQ1

    :heart: 57513 Thank you. I will tell Bauua Singh to do lip synch...don’t know if he can do the dance in synch though. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/ycRqIz0KMA

    :heart: 57514 Too much to explain in a word limit reply. Will put out a video as to how we went about it. Harry& Keiten and Red chillies vfx worked very hard on it. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/f9kFKVGzNi

    :heart: 57515 ‘Bhai’ se badhkar kya ho sakta hai for someone like me who lost his parents so early in life. Best way to describe Salman is Bhai... https://t.co/CaQT780LRG

    :heart: 57516 Yaar tum Flashdrives Digital Zamaane mein bhi Records pe atke hue ho. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/CWOTihvWJu

    :heart: 57517 Bhaiyya main thoda aapka baaki Hindustan ka Bauua hoon! #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/XMzGr1eh5U

    _heart: 57518 Depends how big is your heart!! #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/hBxADj6ZQz

    :heart: 57519 Jumme ke Jumme naha liya karo yaar...hum bhi nahate hain...Gamcha tumhei bhej rahe hain phir bhi. #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/lxV9kc5gcZ

    :heart: 575720 Ha ha. Love u https://t.co/XHxIFyEqZ5

    :heart: 57521 I do. https://t.co/ICylPL6rjQ
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  3. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57522Bhai Bauua Singh...Baar Baar karo...Lagataar Karo. Waqt kum ho toh humein bula lena, thodi madad kar denge. Pyaar mein toh humaari bhi expertise hai...Hum bhi Angrezon ke Zamaane ke ‘Jhelar’ hain...pyaar jhelna bahut aata hai humein...lage raho! #ZeroTrailer https://t.co/nIkzdsXswM

    :heart: 57523 Thank you all for indulging me. Had loads of fun talking about #ZeroTrailer and will make sure all the good questions get their Gamcha signed and delivered. Love u all. TaTa ByeBye GoodLoo Bauua Singh and all my other family on twitter.
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  4. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57524 SHAH RUKH KHAN retweeted
    Red Chillies Entertainment
    54 Million in 24 hours! Thank you so much for watching and loving the trailer! @iamsrk @AnushkaSharma #KatrinaKaif @aanandlrai @cypplOfficial

    Keep watching and sharing: https://t.co/TlrkntUKxS #ZeroTrailer54Mn24Hours https://t.co/odjo2t86l1
  5. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    4th November 2018
    :heart: 57525 Love you the mostestest. Thank u for bearing with all my wrongness…always https://t.co/RaBJTB5b0k
  6. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57526 Arre yaar suddenly missing lil Aryan.
  7. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    5th November 2018

    :heart: 57527
    Ab aaya sach baahar. Dekhiye poori baat jaan ne ke liye. #ZeroKaSach
    @anushkasharma #KatrinaKaif @aanandlrai @RedChilliesEnt @cypplofficial https://t.co/vQtVNFPOsM
    :heart: 57528 @Riteishd jab chota bhai bahut bada ho jaata hai. Thank you baby for the love respect and largesse of heart you showed me today. Grateful. Touched. I am so happy to have ‘asked’ something of a friend who kept my self respect higher than his own need.

    :heart: 57529 Arre pehle bana dete toh humein itni mehnat nahi karni Padhti. Very sweet. Now AbRam will lov the film even more. https://t.co/uTRW6eCAEY
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  8. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57530 That hammock in the video is mine!!! U guys stole it!!by the way house looks lovely..but the hammock..damn! https://t.co/51H1gJ9HDq

    :heart: 57531 Thank u sir,for making us a part of your fantastic endeavour.The video is so cool. All the best to all participants. https://t.co/8CCsAPbWQp
  9. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    6th November 2018
    :heart: 57532 Indian sporting history wouldn’t be so proud if it wasn’t for you. Thank you my friend @sachin_rt

    :heart: 57533 Thank you Thug Bhai for your love. Keep ‘Vashmalleing’ all your life (to song and dance with happiness) @aamir_khan

    :heart: 57534 Thank you.. my feeling exactly for you... can’t wait to see you again and again and again..

    :heart: 57535 Aapne banaye 300 se zyada ya Zero. Aap humesha rahoge humare Hero.. Thank you

    :heart: 57536 Thank you Bhai. Tu bol raha hain toh sach hi hoga. Tere mooh main Ghee shakar aur Gucci.

    :heart: 57537 Thank you so much my friend. To greater, happier moments and sixers in life!

    :heart: 57538 जिसका फ़िल्मों में father Anupam Kher हो उसको Godfather की क्या ज़रूरत. Love you too much Daddy cool!!

    :heart: 57539 Ma ko Thank you kehna aashirwad ke liye.. love you
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  10. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57540 Thank you so much Akki for the birthday wishes and your stamp of approval for the trailer means the world to us..My congratulations in advance for the epic success of 2.0, your look in the film is PHANTASMAGORIC!!! https://t.co/uJ4YXyGPTM

    :heart: 57541 Thank you my friend.. missed you too much at home during the party.. keep on Singing!! Love you https://t.co/XybMCO9qKt

    :heart: 57542 Thank you Turbanator.. sending you a big hug. Can’t wait to get back one from you. @harbhajan_singh https://t.co/a1QyOoSY2F

    :heart: 57543 Missed you.. missed you... missed you. Love you.. love you... love you https://t.co/LNMZKw8uiQ

    :heart: 57544 Thank you so much my man. Next show with you let’s see if you can do the act of Bauaa!! https://t.co/EtHuDwFK09

    :heart: 57545 Like everything else too that you have taught me.. love to you.. https://t.co/3UXPqxdDZO

    :heart:57546 Thank you bro. Dua kar tere tarah King ban jaoon.. https://t.co/BNGBIxn2Mz

    :heart: 57547 Thank you. Love you. Keep rocking!! See u soon. https://t.co/eRQExSC05e

    :heart: 57547 You’ve always been and always will be my source of inspiration. Thank you and will try to always make you proud! Baaki sab bakwaas, sirf ek hi aap JHAKAAAS!! https://t.co/k5dakoNoiC

    :heart: 57548 Thank you so much and your positivity for the trailer.. hopefully will see you soon and give you a hug https://t.co/WpMmgTyMMD

    :heart 57549 Thank you Sir. Jaldi film dikhata hoon.. https://t.co/SKKDSA9VdQ

    :heart: Heart 57550 Thank you baby. Bless you and keep doing what your doing. It’s the best.. https://t.co/6e6BlgO1XN

    :heart: 57551 Coming to take you aashirwad soon Didi. Thank you for all your love and warmth. Is baar Ghar ka khana phir khilana.. https://t.co/qgzwXMTQct

    :heart: 57552 Thank you so much.. saw some of your stuff too just now.. it’s looking fantastic!! All the best! https://t.co/gwsINxHcq2

    :heart: 57553 Thank you as always for your best wishes.. see you soon @prosenjitbumba https://t.co/wr3vothNQU

    :hearrt: 57554Thank you as always for your wishes.. love you and hope to see you soon @RituparnaSpeaks https://t.co/FAVQXYi7mr

    :heart: 57555 Thank you Sir. Best wishes to you too. @praful_patel https://t.co/Sqi40BGZdT

    :heart: 57556 Thank you so much for your wishes.. and same from to you for today and always.. https://t.co/uO0Dx0uOVz

    :heart: 57557 Miss you baby. Hope to see you and Anil soon.. https://t.co/jAKdttfI0j

    :heart: 57558 Big awesome wala hug to you too.. thank you and love you @divyadutta25 https://t.co/zmA3huhkKP

    :heart: 57559 Here’s wishing you, all your dreams come true too. Thank you and love you https://t.co/cdVUpy9JZi

    :heart: 57560 Thank you for liking the trailer. Really appreciate it! https://t.co/Li8MpuVxVc

    :heart: 57561 Thank you for your wishes my friend. @ShainaNC https://t.co/iAh49blU9Z
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  11. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    8th November 2018

    :heart: 57562 Mauli aala re. In which my friend @Riteishd proves, Action does speak louder than words. All the best to the cast & crew of the film. It looks awesome!!

    #laibhaarimauli #memauli

  12. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    9th November 2018

    :heart: 57563 For all the sons of the world...If your Mama is your Queen then there is no stopping you from being The Happy Prince. ( and an iPad loaded with games helps too ) https://t.co/9VUo5Qwh79
  13. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    12th November 2018
    :heart: 57564 25yrs of Baazigar. A film that defines my career & gave me lifelong friends. Thx Utd 7 @rtnjn @theabbasmustan @KajolAtUN @TheShilpaShetty Thomas Johnnybhai Annu Rakhiji Sid Dilip Sarojji Rekha AkbarB & everyone on the film.
  14. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    13th November 2018
    :heart: 57565 Next time will do Kaali Kaali Aankhen for you live at the IPL my friend. Keep healthy. Love to u. https://t.co/vPzChMoWY0
  15. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    :heart: 57565 We play all your songs in our hearts. Happy Birthday to my closest friend and family. Love u. https://t.co/s2w4nD59IL
  16. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    14th November 2018
    :heart: 57566 Up and Ready. And shockingly on time...if anybody has warned u about my tardiness they r just spreading ‘fake news...’ https://t.co/LE9ybOyJ3K
  17. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    15 TH November 2018

    :heart: 57567 Today @jack made me realise with his calm demeanour & composed, nearly meditative mindset...’that all Work and no Pray, would make Jack a dull boy.” Thx for dropping in & also team @Twitter for a lively evening. Have a happy stay in India. https://t.co/melFfe8NKJ
  18. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

  19. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    17th November 2018
    :heart: 57569 Two many beautiful women..Too little time. Will be back NYC to savour their company & love again...soon.
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  20. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    18th November 2018
    :heart: 57570 Unofficially & Unabashedly I want to declare myself the ambassador of
    ndia. Thank u to the ground staff and the wonderful pilots for a hospitable warm & beautiful journey...Maharaja, Maharaja hi hota hai...

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