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Discussion in 'Shahrukhisms' started by rollercoast, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Not sure if this is of any use, but I thought it may be a good idea to have all his tweets in a list without comments in between.

    I'll put them chronologically but in reverse order for the day (so each day has to be read from the bottom).

    I'll try to bring it up to date as of today, but anyone, please feel free to update it after that.
    If I've made an error - duplication, left something out, wrong date, etc, please pm me! :D

    Thanks to Wafa for the heart-bullets idea! :D

    2 JAN 2010

    :heart: 4. kids and life calling...watching tim burton's 9 with them...last holiday...so up late...catch up later. sleep or be awake well.love to all. 2:09 PM Jan 2nd from web

    :heart: 3. injury has kept me away from making more films. will work my back off to be around more...the shoulder feels strong and so do i. 1:53 PM Jan 2nd from web

    :heart: 2. web thanx everyone this is really sweet...didnt expect such a warm welcome. love to u all. 1:21 PM Jan 2nd from web

    :heart: 1. hi everyone. being extremely shy i never thought i would be here. but my friend @kjohar25 insisted that i should learn to share my life. 1:08 PM Jan 2nd from web
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  2. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    3 JAN 2010

    :heart: 17. Bye now...lemme figure out if i do really snore or not...will keep a recorder on tonite...God...so much for being shy and private. 2:28 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 16. tomorrow will talk of laughter...i find that the hardest expression to do. now must go and try and sleep...have a meeting early morning. 2:24 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 15. Love conquers all things...except poverty and toothache...Mae West...i think even snoring is a problem love can't conquer. 2:22 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 14. the nine expressions ...love,laughter,fury,compassion,disgust,horror,wonder,heroic, tranquility. if u have any thoughts on love...start now. 2:14 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 13. starting tomorrow will tell you nine expressions of acting...navrasa. will write a thought in each emotion for all to ponder.hope u like it 2:02 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 12. cant reply to everyone individually...but i do read most of wot is written by u. thanx for the pic advice. big hands working overtime. 1:51 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 11. sleep late..still not working for another month so try to read at nite. can't seem to put the pic...maybe the resolution is not right. 1:35 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 10. fim release coming up. will have lots of public speaking. my first rule of public speaking...if u don't strike oil in 3 mins...stop boring ! 1:26 PM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 9. later guys...love to all. 8:25 AM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 8. whole day was thinking have to write and touchbase...now heading out to have dinner with riteishd...will write some meaningful bits in 5 hrs 8:24 AM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 7. for everyone who wants to know...the family is good..the kids wonderful...the wife shouting...and the new film will discuss soon... 8:22 AM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 6. guess i am going to be tweeting ..is that wot it is called? late nites. be back soon with some opinions that we all can discuss or trash. 8:19 AM Jan 3rd from web

    :heart: 5. sorry been in a script meet for the last four hours..actually playing arkham asylum batman new game...cos the next film is video game based. 8:18 AM Jan 3rd from web
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  3. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    4 JAN 2010

    :heart: 26. got to go and sleep a bit. my dreams come on at 8 a.m...don't want to miss any episodes.Todays r without commercial breaks too. love u all 5:55 PM Jan 4th from web

    :heart: 25. COME 2 THE EDGE..no v cannot v r afraid COME 2 THE EDGE..no v cannot v will fall COME 2 THE EDGE..they came & he pushed them..and they FLEW! 5:45 PM Jan 4th from web

    :heart: 24. todays expression is faith and belief : an anon poem i read in a book sort of covers this rasa. lemme know wot u think faith is. 5:39 PM Jan 4th from web

    :heart: 23. apologies fellowmen and women...dubbing just finished...so dropped my kids to school...and have come to keep the promise. 5:36 PM Jan 4th from web

    :heart: 22. will be back with some thoughts in some hours...will take 3 hrs 12:03 PM Jan 4th from mobile web

    :heart: 21. dubbing for khan for the 25th time...hyper karan making me do it again and again 12:02 PM Jan 4th from mobile web

    :heart: 20. @bdutt dont stress over political parties...for them if 2 wrongs dont make a right..(hey always try a third. 1:13 AM Jan 4th from mobile web

    :heart: 19. i follow the maxim...angels can fly cos they take themselves lightly...go out today...and laugh even if it at urself. good day everyone 1:02 AM Jan 4th from mobile web

    :heart: 18. LAUGHTER: my father told me if u cant laugh at life...with life.and about life..then there is no point of life. 1:00 AM Jan 4th from mobile web
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  4. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    5 JAN 2010

    :heart: 38. sleep well all or be awake..wotever is ur poison. love u all and sorry that replying individually is a bit difficult...but i do read u all. 3:23 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 37. got to go..have a flight to catch. taking a jet plane..travel in a motorcade and launch an environmentally friendly i 20 hyndai car.ironic. 3:21 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 36. sleep when u feel sleepy...eat what u wish...talk what makes u happy and just smile a lot...and of course love urself as u are. 3:19 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 35. i have lost the bindings of nite and day on sleep. dont like to sleep. when i was young my mom didnt pat me to sleep, she beat me to sleep. 3:15 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 34. no i dont diet..it was just to deter anyone using stuff that proclaims weight loss. 3:13 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 33. just so that u know..the only advice that works to get a six pack is the old age one...JUST EAT LESS !!! THATS IT ! 3:03 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 32. fat burners followed..hydroxy this...hydroxy that..started to feel fat eating so many tablets. 3:01 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 31. then no carbs only protein...damn..finding pieces of chicken in a crowd of rice...and still feeling guilty that i ate biryani...sucked. 2:57 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 30. then the low fat fad followed. low fat yogurt. ok.low fat cheese..makes sense...but low fat butter and then low fat celery?how low can u go! 2:56 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 29. diets r confusing nowadays...first it was count calories...didnt lose weight just learnt to add in hundreds and a potato became a number. 2:53 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 28. documentary shoot for discovery. no new gyaan on expressions today.just a little bit about dieting instead. wots the connection. dont know ? 2:52 PM Jan 5th from web

    :heart: 27. work work and more work...dance rehearsals with my two left feet. fotoshoot with my 2 expressions..dimple on the left cheek and the right. 2:49 PM Jan 5th from web
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  5. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    6 JAN 2010

    :heart: 48. goodnite or morning everyone...shut eye time..and will wake up to another morning of fabulousness. hope u all do the same. love u. 3:34 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 47. oh damn thats right it's 5 a.m. time to count sheep...or maybe sing a lullaby to myself...neither works. sheep bleat and i croak. 3:32 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 46. on a personal front..the launch was good...the lunch even better with my in laws in delhi. as for me i believe our future is our thoughts... 3:25 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 45. that was future according to george carlin...absolute twisted vicious genius comic writer..try his books or better get his taped programmes 3:16 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 44. all the knowledge of the world will be contained on a single, tiny silicon chip which someone will misplace. 3:09 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 43. in the future...cities will be built under glass domes, which, in time, will be completely covered by graffiti. 3:06 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 42. in the future the oceans will dry up and people will find things they dropped in the toilet many years ago !!! 3:04 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 41. my favourite stand up comic (courtesy farhan akhtar ), george carlin has a funny take...on how it will be. see if u can come up with any. 3:03 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 40. do u think of the future.not like the future tomorrow and what u will have for breakfast. but the long term view & how the world will change 3:01 PM Jan 6th from web

    :heart: 39. dont forget to pray...always. even the athiests amongst u...my advice is dont take a chance...just in case!! 1:57 AM Jan 6th from mobile web
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  6. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    8 JAN 2010

    :heart: 66. success will come but never always from the direction u predicted...and so will damn failure. dont lose sleep over either. love u very much. 2:46 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 65. off to bed now. thanx for being there. bless you all and have a day full of life.will do acting expressions tomorrow. and remember.... 2:45 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 64. feel awful for the indian hockey team. to play for the country...national sport and have to ask for salary. and we complain we dont win gold 2:35 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 63. khan promotion will start slowly.its that kind of film.subtle & quiet. with as much noise as sleet caressing water.gentle as love should be 2:28 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 62. this is the one i had on my nokia...now i know it takes a bit to upload...will refresh with some other one later. webcam pics dont like. 2:19 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 61. congratulations priyanka...u r truly a wonderful actress...keep nyc hot. 2:13 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 60. wanted to put one up thats not on the net...took it with my fone camera so cant really be a heavy file..lemme give it one more shot 1:42 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 59. trying to get a pic uploaded...but failing every time...my tech savviness is obviously not savvy enough. 1:38 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 58. though ran out of breath and steam 3/4ths into the act...thats wot happens when u dont work for a year. @riteishd is kind to say he liked it 1:24 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 57. yes hung upside down...tied at the crotch...ouch. wanted to do something that makes me overcome my shoulder injury fear..i think i did. 1:23 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 56. oops sorry freudian slip...the best thing is to be an effective human being. sometimes that requires money & sometimes creativity. 1:14 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 55. best is to be ready for either (money and creativity) for when it happens. 12:59 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 54. i think both r wrong answers.the best thing to be in the world is an effective human being. sometimes that requires money & sometimes money. 12:58 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 53. i read this somewhere...and i remember it becos i am asked the same question. what do i think is a better choice: creativity or money ? 12:56 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 52. for kkr meetings in place from the 15th...dav...dada.. wasim bhai and vijay..working on some changes...insha allah we will do well this time 12:13 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 51. got to spend time with amitji...abhishek aish and jaya aunty...showed them my van...abhishek thought it was completely bond like. 12:11 PM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 50. so tonite will be with u guys...last two nites was working till 6 a.m....its nice to be back and apologies for making all wait. 11:47 AM Jan 8th from web

    :heart: 49. am back..had loads and loads of work...rehearsals..fotoshoot...kids tae kwon doh competition...show...and i won the best actor for rab ne 11:46 AM Jan 8th from web
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  7. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    9 JAN 2010

    :heart: 72. shahid u rocked...now rest well...abhishek u r the coolest. have a great flight and a fantastic shoot. 6:11 PM Jan 9th from web

    :heart: 71. @riteishd ditched and escaped to his house.i promise i will turn u into a party animal soon. i told u, u r so nice u give stars a bad name. 6:10 PM Jan 9th from web

    :heart: 70. had the nicest time with the the most beautiful people in the world...abhishek.. duggu..farhan..aish..karan..how nice i have them in my life 6:02 PM Jan 9th from web

    :heart: 69. worked hard today will party harder..1ill write post that 11:25 AM Jan 9th from mobile web

    :heart: 68. shahids first hosting...he was very good..i danced with auro...that was way to cool 11:19 AM Jan 9th from mobile web

    :heart: 67. another year...another nite another award...am just so happy for the happiness i get 11:16 AM Jan 9th from mobile web
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  8. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    10 JAN 2010

    :heart: 83. early (morning) to bed early (evening) to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and tell lies.the big toe already asleep.body needs to follow.lov 3:13 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 82. ok lights off.roll over and inaction.going to sleep now. .even the hair on my head is tired now...have u guys ever had that...tired hair. 3:06 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 81. @putlu1 dont worry urs wont...its sponge like days to absorb all r over...or should i remind u of things trivial. 2:52 PM Jan 10th from web in reply to putlu1

    :heart: 80. @bdutt any man who mistreats a lady should be punished whoever he may be. ask for suggestions wot punishment befits this crime on ur show. 2:44 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 79. for all those who think u can learn from success remember success teaches u nothing thats why it cannot be passed on. 2:19 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 78. success is never final.failure is never fatal.courage is to do wot u r afraid of. be afraid of failure so much that u get courage to succeed 2:17 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 77. reading save the cat by blake snyder. how a movie hero can do wotever he wants but needs to stop and save the cat to be really liked by all. 1:56 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 76. i read all u write...and i feel it even more. so hi to everyone..happy b'days to all who came in the world today...good luck for exams... 1:53 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 75. when the nite is young and the land is dark and the moon is the only lite u see. i am the prince of darkness & my friends think i am an owl. 1:47 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 74. told my friend and critic rajeev masand today that acting is not about wearing masks...it is about removing the masks we wear. 1:43 PM Jan 10th from web

    :heart: 73. just looking lazy today...at the cellular level working furiously though. 1:26 AM Jan 10th from mobile web
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  9. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    11 JAN 2010

    :heart: 98. so goodnite my friends and pray that all of us have an imperfect life full of happiness...cos perfection is unattainable..happiness is easy. 3:46 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 97. its about not having the perfect answers and still enjoying it (life) as if its the greatest gift u have...becos it really is. 3:42 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 96. life is not a timed test where u make a list of shouldas/couldas/wouldas on jan 1st & finish with correct answers and be perfect about it.. 3:40 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 95. met representatives of the blind welfare assoc of india and realised something i had read some time back. will leave u with the thought. 3:38 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 94. @juniorbachchan dinner is on...will take u along for meals on wheels. iski sazaa tumhe zaroor milegi...i promise!! 3:26 PM Jan 11th from web in reply to juniorbachcha

    :heart: 93. @putlu1 sorry replied to putlu...just to tell u that gauri would throw us out of the house half way through a joke...u know that. lights off 3:16 PM Jan 11th from web in reply to putlu1

    :heart: 92. will follow u all as this progresses...right now just getting the hang of it all. will keep the ultimate enjoyment of following u for later. 3:09 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 91. @juniorbachchan wot r u doing up so late young man...will call paa just now and report you. love u man. last day of shoot tomorrow?? 3:07 PM Jan 11th from web in reply to juniorbachchan

    :heart: 90. @putlu gauri will tell us to leave her house midway through the joke. 3:06 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 89. to see u guys write jokes...and entertain me. i declare this forum a big hit..should have got some popcorn along. thanx a lot everyone. 3:04 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 88. not sure if i should try and send a hug individually or this collective one would do. but have to say after a hard day of work this is nice. 3:02 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 87. so much humour...next time for my shows and films i am not calling any writers..will ask u people. superb going...big hug to all..i think. 2:59 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 86. lets go guys...the best joke gets a big hug from me. and try not to get dirty...dont want anyone on twitter dirtier than me. 2:44 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 85. indian comic ended his show, telling the international audience. i'm from land of kamasutra, i can screw u in more ways than u can count. 2:41 PM Jan 11th from web

    :heart: 84. nice joke: a kid comes upto his dad and says, dad i want to join organised crime. the father asks, in the government son or the pvt. sector? 2:34 PM Jan 11th from web
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  10. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    12 JAN 2010

    :heart: 110. now going. daughter awoke with a bad dream. she is too sweet. use to think when my cricket team wins the players r allowed a bubble bath. 2:32 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 109. sorry if i write too long. hate short hand. my kids already spell in sms language and coffee with a k. say their dad's name is srk. 2:26 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 108. its been one helluva ride. now gotta go...have a haircut lined up...meetings and race training with kids.will put family pic tom. 2:20 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 107. did an interview about all my films.memories came rushing back.thought of some who r no longer there. yash johar, aziz's wife, juhi's mom. 2:18 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 106. waiting...waiting to start shooting a new film.waiting to see sherlock holmes.waiting to exhale all the smoke inhaled over the yrs. 2:06 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 105. wanted to wear dark glasses in the film.karan wouldnt allow me so forced him to do a picture with me & the glasses. do v look like spies ? 1:58 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 104. where the mind is led by Thee and your words remembered from all the Holy books into ever widening thought and action let my country awake 1:40 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 103. where army personnel r respected and respectable where people r not shot on the roads to die...by guns or cameras 1:38 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 102. where sportsmen r paid their justified dues where education is not money grabbing institutes where young girls r not molested 1:37 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 101. where words r not just words. where economy is not hampered by selfish gains. where mere reasons r not given for rise in prices 1:35 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 100. where our lives r without fear, & the media is beyond lies. where water is free. where the states don't want to break into fragments. 1:34 PM Jan 12th from web

    :heart: 99. watched news on tv tonite & thought of the poem by great rabindranth tagore. at risk of being lynched i kid of updated it.here goes. 1:32 PM Jan 12th from web
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  11. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    13 JAN 2010

    :heart: 125. @LalitKModi got loads of work for khan release. dont know if i will make it to auction...also dont have money to buy any players.ha ha 4:01 PM Jan 13th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 124. so g'nite my wireless family. have to disconnect and dive into the darkness of sleep to dwell on some colourful dreams for tom. lov to all. 3:55 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 123. ok my friends time to hit the sack. got to meet life and its issues with open arms and bright eyes in the morning. i do read all ur tweets. 3:51 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 122. my book i start the chapter on my kids with the saying. be nice to ur kids after all they r going to choose ur nursing home when u grow old. 3:43 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 121. whatever name i give them just cant seem to tile them. so me and the daughter r kind of covered...the monkey son is being a monkey. 3:28 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 120. have been writing a book since the last 8 years. everytime i think i have ended it some new goodness in life comes along & i need to pen it 3:14 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 119. ps3 call of duty though i love soccer fifa..and infamous.the hair is just been trimmed the new look will be 15 days later for ra.one. 3:10 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 118. i have removed shackles of time from my life.sleep when i feel sleepy.so i am awake at this time. when shoot starts will get timebound again 3:09 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 117. before that trained for my shoulder and some running. my abs seem to have taken indian public transportation...they r delayed.not showing up 3:05 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 116. as in hindi films maa ke haath ki kheer ke baad maa ke haath ki bread pudding best hoti hai. it was putlu's b'day so all the friends met. 3:03 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 115. had my haircut, the son doesnt like it the daughter wishes i had shaved instead. had bread pudding made by hiroo aunty, karan's mom. 3:02 PM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 114. @LalitKModi copy out in 10 days will invite u immediately 2:59 PM Jan 13th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 113. @LalitKModi shilpa just did, preity wont in a hurry, u r already happily married,please tell us so we can all attend. 2:58 PM Jan 13th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 112. oh u guys have already seen it...shucks and i thought i was making it exclusive for my twitter friends. will do some exclusive stuff later. 8:36 AM Jan 13th from web

    :heart: 111. will be on later...fox guys just showed me this so sharing with u all. My Name is Khan trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veKu3LtH4wY 8:34 AM Jan 13th from web
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  12. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    15 JAN 2010

    :heart: 154. ok am gone now...need to sleep...sons sports day to attend early morning...got a race to cheer. love to u all...and sieze the day tom. lov u 3:01 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 153. yes i meant @kjohar25... 2:40 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 152. send @kjohar lots of positive msgs so that he feels happy when he wakes up.. 2:39 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 151. @kjohar going through work stress before release. pl all send him msgs to cheer him up and start celebrating the beautiful film he has made. 2:39 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 150. DAY: did some meetings..interview with friend @nishiprem..then went and danced at music show to make @kjohar happy cos he is a bit down, 2:37 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 149. clarifying again...i do read all the tweets if i dont reply to u directly please do forgive.it is a bit difficult.i am not ignoring anyone. 2:31 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 148. the prayer means God give me the abilty and strength so that victory is always near. 2:27 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 147. yes pray that kkr does well..i am hoping we r able to respect the honour and love shown by all to korbo lorbo jeetbo. i hate to lose !!! 2:25 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 146. the line which would describe me most is...i play as a team but i run alone. cos if u run with the crowd even ur shadow kinda gets lost. 2:24 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 145. nasrun minal lahe wah fatahun kareeb is the one prayer i say for all things. may his soul rest in peace. 2:21 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 144. ok enough said about films. sum will think i am here to promote them. no more questions on films. am glad u all r liking mnik. thanx. 2:10 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 143. no aish is not in the film. the final cast will be announced soon...waiting for just some last bit of casting. yes it does read as in ravan 2:08 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 142. ra.one is short form for random access version one. reads like it is written. RAONE. its a movie about gaming and superheroes and bad guys. 2:05 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 141. kindle dialogues in english...also yeah don 2 will start in october or september. 1:57 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 140. yeah the dx is good for pdf stuff and script readings. the regular kindle is better to read in bed...lighter to hold. 1:55 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 139. i have never known how to make record breaking movies. i just try to tell good stories...actually u guys break the records by seeing them. 1:53 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 138. i read wot i can lay my hands on. now i have a kindle so the reading has become even more varied. reading dave barry.. 4 of his books. 1:50 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 137. how do u verify ??? 1:41 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 136. guys, meaning : all of us out here. no insult or anything personal against girls just saving the word count. so maybe from now on g&g be ok. 1:40 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 135. right on thats the one i read last...the hitchhiker version by colfer. 1:37 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 134. thanx manav for doing me the honours...i know u guys get all pushed around...sorry if i did that ever. keep clicking. 1:36 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 133. there is non artemis fowl book of colfer out too after the arctic incident...incidentally. 1:31 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 132. i look the part i play in films. sometimes younger sometimes time worn. silicon for me stops at computers.if thats wot some of u r asking. 1:30 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 131. which was the last book of eoin colfer...i am bad with names and umbers. 1:27 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 130. sorry if i kept u waiting. am glad u guys r like me...time starts when we all arrive. so here we are. all of us who r awake. 1:26 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 129. sometimes the only thing i get tangled with r my own thoughts. damn thinking mind catches me so unaware...so was in that space, now in urs. 1:24 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 128. wires of achievement...of love..relationships or failure. wish u all a bit of wirelessness every now and then.no strings attached just chat. 1:22 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 127. now feel a bit lite headed and so am ready to fly the airwaves with wireless friends. so nice sometimes not to be attached to wires. 1:20 PM Jan 15th from web

    :heart: 126. arnie said it in t2..i will be back and so i am like a bad penny. did write in the evening that i was kind of stressed and heavy in the head 1:20 PM Jan 15th from web
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  13. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    16 JAN 2010

    :heart: 180. goodnite my night riders. time to dismount and get swallowed by dark. got a date with the uneclipsed sun tom. love u all and keep it real. 2:49 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 179. one final answer. no i never lose my cool...like i said before hate losing at anything or anything. dont we all... 2:44 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 178. i have issues with sleep. feel th world will pass me by while i had my eyes shut. if u guys promise to hold onto the world will try to sleep 2:42 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 177. t shirts to make & babies to look after.have to watch some action movies & make some too. been domesticated for too long.need to go wild now 2:39 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 176. just came to my mind so wrote that...i am sure all of us feel the same about the tragedy. 2:34 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 175. the only thing that we know for sure in this world is that life will end. and yet we never live it to its fullest. a prayer for all in haiti 2:33 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 174. i use to say that to my kids when they were young. the sweethearts would fall asleep trying to keep awake with 2 eyes closed. now they dont. 2:23 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 173. bedtime story i told my kids .once there was a cyclop (3eyed monster)...he could keep awake with his 2 eyes closed. can u do the same? 2:20 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 172. all your countries...thanx for making me the star i am. really humbled by this kind of love and niceness. 2:03 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 171. egypt too and yes the film will release there with the rest of the world on the 12th of feb. 2:02 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 170. russia, peru, france, switzerland.will come there for sure and thanx for liking indian films. everyone please give ur grannies a kiss. 2:01 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 169. yes will be in berlin for sure. loved it the last time... 1:58 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 168. dont dare to see me from front is very sweet. thanx orkut guys. go on be individualistic.say wot u r to the world..it will love u for it. 1:58 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 167. for karan i thought...my name is karan...and i am directing much more than traffic. 1:52 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 166. make some for urself and walk everywhere with it. take a black t shir and a silver marker. write it in ur own hand. for karan i have... 1:52 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 165. my t shirt says on the front...my name is khan. on the back..i am wot you want me to be. 1:51 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 164. yes t shirts r good. i wanted to tell everyone to make t shirts of their names and write on the back wot u stand for. i have mine already. 1:50 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 163. wife's out of town taken a day off from us. says too much of good things is also not nice. the kids & me had a pillow fight.the pillows lost 1:43 PM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 162. i'll be back... 1:39 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 161. got to go have a meeting. all of u work to earn and play as hard as u can to have a life. always remember that. play wotever is ur passion. 1:36 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 160. lots of u still wondering its me or not. let me prove it to u guys...i love u kkkkiran. see nobody else could say it like this.its me 100% ! 1:32 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 159. am sure if my aunt met me now also...she will say beta when will u start working havent u wasted enough time in films and games. 1:28 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 158. after my 5th film released i met my aunt in london. she asked me too...films and sports is very good my son...but when will u begin to work. 1:27 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 157. celebrity derives from celebration.celebrations happen when u win.if u don't u r not a celebrity...its a monkey u carry always being a star. 1:24 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 156. its sad we never offer much for sports to encourage youngsters to "join" it...but effortlessly do enough to make them quit. 1:18 AM Jan 16th from web

    :heart: 155. was proud to see my son run with big boys and hold his own. jostled, pushed,overpowered...but he has a heart of a lion.reminded me of me. 1:14 AM Jan 16th from web
    niloofari says thanks.
  14. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    18 JAN 2010

    :heart: 205. pushing the sleep button now...will reboot in the morning and face another set of wonderful worries. later guys and girls. khuda hafiz. 3:46 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 204. so many queries about my sleep...guess i should take the hint and move into sleep mode. alright my wireless friends...wish u all a good day 3:44 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 203. hate to sleep at nite i worry if all of us fall asleep who the hell is looking after the world. 3:43 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 202. will put up some new unseen picture tomorrow. also will think of one thing that nobody knows about me...including me. 3:39 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 201. my name means prince like face. prince reminds me,how he now writes his name formerly known as prince. kinda cool i think. the singer prince 3:31 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 200. share all these thoughts with u guys becos i am told thats wot u r supposd to do on twitter. say ur thoughts...if i bore u...i am sorry. 3:30 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 199. yes my son and daughter have a great sense of humour...i think they have inherited their mothers' looks and my joker genes. 3:26 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 198. dare to go wrong...guts to accept i dont know...ability to mess up and the will to right the screw ups...that to me is strong. 3:21 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 197. my advice: don't strive for perfection...cos just in case u achieve it...there will be nothing more to strive for. just enjoy wot u make. 3:12 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 196. perfection is so boring. jagged..raw..unfinished..tainted...so much more to complete for the beholder with his/her imagination. 3:11 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 195. if you have to ask what love is...u will never understand the meaning. don't ask or understand...just feel it...and define it for urself. 3:06 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 194. one of u keeps asking wot love is...i think love is not having to ask ur partner again and again the definition of love...or wot love is 3:05 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 193. strangely in my case...you think therefore i am. 3:00 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 192. did an interview with anu & @jiteshpillai...whenever i talk with them i realise that there is not much to me beyond wot u all think of me. 2:59 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 191. i am just an employee of my myth. 2:58 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 190. the world knows what they see of me across films and tv. wot i am and why i do wot i do...even i have trouble comprehending. 2:57 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 189. the love of billions humbles me. responsibility is an inner trait. i am immensely irresponsible...creatively irresponsible and disorganised. 2:55 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 188. yeah i like this family...love with no strings attached. u all r really sweet and way to cool. i really appreciate this time spent together. 2:46 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 187. no u can have fun with me...write wot u wish as long as we all know it is not meant to be rude. rudeness just makes me go into a shell. 2:44 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 186. dont mind crude...vulgar...loud..cheap...but rude kind of doesnt sit well with me. find it pointless to be rude or deal with rudeness. 2:42 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 185. yes will write wherever i am. i like the fact the most people on this platform r well mannered. i felt people would be rude on the internet 2:41 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 184. there is a party person...there is a shopping kind of person..my wife says i am a nothing kind of person. really i only like to work... 2:29 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 183. i am well. no parties that i attended...actually if i really dont have to i avoid all social gatherings. there r beach kind of people....... 2:28 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 182. fotoshoot for kkr...meeting with fox for mnik...auction strategy of the ipl and in between all this work out and some hugging with the kids 2:26 PM Jan 18th from web

    :heart: 181. missed u all...been like 48 hrs since last we exchanged pleasantries and thoughts. been working like a dog and loving it. good to be back 2:19 PM Jan 18th from web
    niloofari says thanks.
  15. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    19 JAN 2010

    :heart: 223. @juniorbachchan go to sleep in the shot NOW !! they mite think its a new interpretation of the scene. love u 3:07 PM Jan 19th from web in reply to juniorbachchan

    :heart: 222. @juniorbachchan will do the tango thingy in the morning...if i wake up gaurima now...she will break my tangs. goodnite 3:05 PM Jan 19th from web in reply to juniorbachchan

    :heart: 221. so bye my friends. do well in ur exams..do well even if there r no exams. for me tom will be another scentless day. love u all and a big hug 2:59 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 220. the results of the cold war r out. cold wins. for all the roads i have travelled, the nasal passage is impossible to cross. 2:55 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 219. my head is so clogged..i wish right after we set out feet on mars ..humanity should dedicate its resources to find a cure for common cold. 2:48 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 218. i was young , tactless & cheesy then. i asked her may i hold ur hand..she asked WHY? i said cos i am falling...for u. worked int the 90s. 2:36 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 217. my wife is the first girl i had the courage to ask for a dance she agreed i gave up asking anymore girls. now i just dance to make a living. 2:28 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 216. for all those people who think love has passed them by...don't stop till u drink from the silver cup...dont stop until u try. 2:26 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 215. kenoshah its still not late to find love. 61 is a fantastic age...all of u who r younger dont let love pass u by.... 2:24 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 214. my friend gift wrapped himself and presented himself to his girlfriend in hungary, who had left him 2 yrs ago...for her birthday. 2:21 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 213. what is the maddest..saddest...strangest..out of the box thing that u have done to win your love...no cutting wrists stories please. 2:19 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 212. decided to go to all cities and ask people the maddest thing they have done to win their love. will be interesting to hear their responses. 2:18 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 211. @shahidkapoor goodnite and sleep well my friend. 2:13 PM Jan 19th from web in reply to shahidkapoor

    :heart: 210. v wanted Bond & it feels nice to have a bond in your team in more ways than one...to leave last yr behind & march to the podium Insha Allah 2:09 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 209. i have a black t shirt too.see i am showing off. will wear that tomorrow and do a pic. i prefer black, more prince of darkness like. 2:03 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 208. steam..lozenges...vitamin c and b12 shot. some antibiotics...otrivin...inhaler...i feel like a pharmacy has opened inside of me. 1:59 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 207. the bad news is that i have caught a cold. it was passing me by and instead of minding my own business i made a grab for it. 1:57 PM Jan 19th from web

    :heart: 206. i have caught a fish! Have i caught u at the wrong time? caught and bowled..but why do we say i have caught a cold..or do i only say that. 1:54 PM Jan 19th from web
    niloofari says thanks.
  16. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    20 JAN 2010

    :heart: 245. hello, i must be going. was nice to read u. will be back with more tom...some thoughts & some thoughlessness. lov u all...dream big tonite. 1:45 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 244. good suggestion..we will pick up a topic tom and discuss with each other. tonite i should take some vitamin sleep now. 1:37 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 243. my strength is to make greater resolves with each failure...silently. patience and an ability to let go of negative people from my heart. 1:32 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 242. lalit told me to pass on the msg...that ipl will now be available live on the youtube. hope kkr does better and u can enjoy our performance 1:29 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 241. no immediate plan for kuwait unfortunately. yes i drink lots of coffee.read the singing tweet too. will do bad guy role soon. kids r happy. 1:25 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 240. was reading wot u guys write. 1:15 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 239. will post my pics tomorrow...sorry didnt get time to take any...also it is very difficult to reply to everyone individually so i apologise 1:03 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 238. @kjohar25 p.s. get barkha a t shirt please. sleep well. after 22 days u will have to remain awake for the parties in celebration for mnik 1:00 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to kjohar25

    :heart: 237. @kjohar25 i thought u were asleep or trying to. go back to bed...wake up early and final mix the wonderful film u have made. no dates for u 12:53 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to kjohar25

    :heart: 236. cold war continues...unabated.had haldi and honey.honey and ginger.steam and honey. i hpe wot they say about the birds and the bees is true 12:51 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 235. @BDUTT my first date via twitter...thats way too cool...see u soon. u r like the riddler from batman...questions will always come easy to u. 12:42 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to BDUTT

    :heart: 234. @BDUTT i will get u the my name is khan t shirt...that way i can plug the film too...supposedly the subtle marketeer i am. 12:33 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to BDUTT

    :heart: 233. @BDUTT u r on barkha.lets do a fun interview soon...u ask funny questions and i give serious answers...maybe then ppl will take me seriously 12:22 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to BDUTT

    :heart: 232. @BDUTT how come v r so unforgiving about our teams performances & so forgiving about the administrators performances. its a shame really 12:17 PM Jan 20th from web in reply to BDUTT

    :heart: 231. asked barkha & prannoy 100 times to employ me at ndtv.they both said v have too many ads cant fit u in.ha ha. only ones who like my jokes. 12:12 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 230. @BDUTT and darling u make news newsworthy...thats why we love you with all our hearts. keep newsing always. 12:04 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 229. lil one asks me my aim of life. to be an actor who tried.to be a father with nothing to hide. make a better world and some money on the side 12:01 PM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 228. interviewer and interviewee play this game. ask old questions with new

    :heart: 227. enthusiasm...give old answers in a new t shirt with a new joke. 11:59 AM Jan 20th from web

    :heart: 226. @nishiprem as much as i try to subdue srk in me...he keeps coming back. just can't control him...somebody stop him...if u dare !!! 11:57 AM Jan 20th from web in reply to nishiprem

    :heart: 225. @anandmahindra i notice your mind and smartness doesnt lessen with owl time also. always brimming with innovative ideas for the world. 11:55 AM Jan 20th from web in reply to anandmahindra

    :heart: 224. gazillion interviews today.was asked by koel puri why i dont do different roles.told her next film i will be a bread roll.she is sweet & fun 11:41 AM Jan 20th from web
    niloofari says thanks.
  17. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    21 JAN 2010

    :heart: 262. gudnite guys. better go now jhunjhunwala has recognised me !!! love u all and will do the pic i promised tom...was too busy today. lov u all 12:56 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 261. now i need to go to bed and find out who that lady was. if i see her.. will take her pic and post it so that someone can spot her for me. 12:54 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 260. @Tarunmansukhani i would have caught u and kicked ur butt becos the lady use to scare the hell out of me. i was very young then. 12:44 PM Jan 21st from web in reply to Tarunmansukhani

    :heart: 259. wow lots of dreams to read. amazing to read so many sub conscious thoughts.miles away from each other letting each other into our minds. 12:43 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 258. trying desperately to eat a burger at some hill station.followed by a cackling scary lady who kept snatching it from my hand & running away 12:26 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 257. ok weirdest dream in 140 words...or less. 12:18 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 256. you all suggest a topic...lets choose one and discuss a bit... 12:04 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 255. @cricketwallah yes and they come on the post and out of cynicism punish the sportsmen in return...fair deal ???? 12:03 PM Jan 21st from web in reply to cricketwallah
    azeemrao...i like the name zidane. ask around ur family and see if it suits the baby. 12:02 PM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 254. language from being a tool of communication is being used as a tool of communalism. regionism,religionism...politics is quite the crapism 11:37 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 253. later my writer buddies.will go pump some iron, feel macho about myself & come back for some mind exercise with u all. till then be good. 10:19 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 252. on a personal front cold still remains intact...but feel a bit better...so will go and work out a bit. sweating makes me feel better. 10:16 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 251. gavaskar,aslam sher khan,pillai,sachin,vish anand p.t.usha milkha singh,abhinav,pargat singh,endless list of heroes & no respect for sports 10:10 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 250. films reflect reality & how it will be good in the end. but real life is so tough.happy endings r a rarity. hockey woes should end happily 10:04 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 249. thought chak de will be good for revival of hockey. reading the plight of women's team, should think on ways of survival of hockey.all of us 9:57 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 248. so all the students in aligarh muslim univ...waiting anxiously to see u all soon. insha allah. feb or march. cant fight nature. love u all 9:49 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 247. good thing is aziz sahib says we can do it later and involve more students for the same. so looking forward to aligarh end feb or march. 9:46 AM Jan 21st from web

    :heart: 246. was so looking forward to the aligarh univ invite...a chance to meet the boys and girls. but seems will have to reschedule. too much fog. 9:45 AM Jan 21st from web
    niloofari says thanks.
  18. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    22 JAN 2010

    :heart: 270. when was the last time you did something for the first time. so go ahead and give new a chance...the old will be there forever if u need it. 3:57 PM Jan 22nd from web

    :heart: 269. will go and rest now. interact more tom and the pic...shheeesh keep forgetting.leave u with my favourite thought...think about it. 3:56 PM Jan 22nd from web

    :heart: 268. yeah kinda long day.will have to see a doc again...u all said the cold goes away in 3 days...mine is heading towards a silver jubilee.. 3:49 PM Jan 22nd from web

    :heart: 267. sorry guys on the fone to uk and usa...and the fever not helping either...so am speaking and reading...not much of a writer today. 3:43 PM Jan 22nd from web

    :heart: 266. just finished work..and still need to make some production calls to the western world. the bingo shoot was great...abhishek was too much fun 3:04 PM Jan 22nd from web

    :heart: 265. @nishiprem nasrun minal lahe wah fatahun kareeb...will be well...will pray for him. take care of urself. 3:03 PM Jan 22nd from web in reply to nishiprem

    :heart: 264. be with u all in 3 hrs i think...knightwriters inc club 10:59 AM Jan 22nd from mobile web

    :heart: 263. on a shoot with abhishek in a studio on some other planet i think.far from anything 10:53 AM Jan 22nd from mobile web
    niloofari says thanks.
  19. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    25 JAN 2010

    :heart: 297. @LalitKModi will tell ur wife wot u said...goodnite my friend. 2:24 PM Jan 25th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 296. my son just told me if u tweet so much u will become a bird. so before i become a bird...lemme go to sleep. love u all...bye bye 2:22 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 295. gauri was wearing a hermes scarf as a top at arjuns. and now before she knocks off my top i better go to bed. goodnite friends. 2:21 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 294. i sleep at breakfast time so that kinda becomes dinner for me. i can smell the frying eggs or is it my wife burning down the house. 2:19 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 293. @LalitKModi ha ha. just when they thought their husbands r the only ones to deal with...the sons come along. 2:08 PM Jan 25th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 292. ok here goes.i sleep for about 5 hours. eat twice a day.no breakfast. rest is easy.i just work & stick to my family & knightwrite of course 2:07 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 291. hello to saahil and shivani too...there. 2:00 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 290. gauri says hi...aryan muttered a hello i think. my love to all in poland and egypt and hyderabad and everywhere and oh yes on the moon too. 1:59 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 289. son sitting by my side on his computer. wife sitting on our head telling us to sleep. daughter sleeps on undisturbed. 1:47 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 288. plastic environmentally unfriendly.surgeries i have had too many.so have decided to keep the planet & me painless.no plastic surgery for me. 1:44 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 287. i have no idea about the awesome foursome show or its site really. sorry cant be of help there. 1:40 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 286. mentioned dates cos some of you were asking. not to publicise my going there...my lovely film p.r. machinery already must have done that 1:28 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 285. tip for acting: they say dance like nobody is watching you.acting should be done the same way.it becomes spiritual & fun at the same time 1:27 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 284. to all in aazerbijaan...a big hello...i love the name of ur place...what does it mean ? 1:24 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 283. going to ahmedabad on the 27th then indore on the 29th.lucknow on the 7th & 9th is delhi to find out who has done the oddest thing for love 1:22 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 282. was reading all the knightwriters...so that i can reply to some of the queries.display pic change will happen soon i promise. 1:21 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 281. @LalitKModi waiting to see u...lemme know when u r back. hope the family is well...give my love to them. 1:16 PM Jan 25th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 280. my dark circles have reached my knees the last time i checked...so if they grow any larger u still wont see them. 1:05 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 279. @LalitKModi will do...please get me the details and my friend please make a business plan for me too so that we can produce it together 1:03 PM Jan 25th from web in reply to LalitKModi

    :heart: 278. about freedom, loving ur neighbours, about having your way.... thats what i wish u all...this republic day. spontaneous poem time! 12:59 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 277. if i had 550 million networth i would retire from everything and just make 2 to 3 movies and write and read with my kids.long way to go yet 12:57 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 276. cheesy humour...i have been telling everyone today...my name is chand. 12:56 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 275. lemme get the pics from dabboo....then will post some nice ones...just so that u know they r sexy innerwear type pics. 12:48 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 274. science fiction film is ra.one. also the good thing with the moon property is no municipal taxes...but alas very few neighbours too... 12:46 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 273. @DabbooRatnani thanx dabboo for the music and the great shoot...love u and manisha. 12:44 PM Jan 25th from web in reply to DabbooRatnani

    :heart: 272. i missed u too...had a long chat about twitter and how nice everyone has been to me with dr. prannoy roy...absolute gem of a doc. 12:44 PM Jan 25th from web

    :heart: 271. am back my friends. two days of sooo much work...tired..cold...fever...no sleep...am loving it. also went to check the crater on the moon. 12:42 PM Jan 25th from web
    niloofari says thanks.
  20. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    26 JAN 2010

    :heart: 304. am off now friends. must rest...rest. see u all tom. my love to aaallcchhhooo !!meant to say all ! happy b day and have a great life 9:02 AM Jan 26th from web

    :heart: 303. young lady wants to know wot saree to wear...wear a blue one...or red if u dont have a blue one for ur farewell party. 8:53 AM Jan 26th from web

    :heart: 302. i cannot question the national awards...have received them myself. congratulations to all who got them...its a great honour. 8:50 AM Jan 26th from web

    :heart: 301. will put up the image tomorrow late nite...have to ask the producers if its ok to do so...dabboo worked really hard for these. thanx to him 8:47 AM Jan 26th from web

    :heart: 300. will be off the knightwrite early fellow knightwriters. i thought i was full of hot air, maybe i am losing some of it...thats why the cold. 8:46 AM Jan 26th from web

    :heart: 299. off to ahemedabad to inaugurate cineplex by k sera sera & do a show for khan. oh how i wish i was feeling better. 8:42 AM Jan 26th from web

    :heart: 298. all atomic activity in the nose has stopped.even the hardest bacteria must be suffering.my cold is peaking. & they warn me of global warming 8:39 AM Jan 26th from web
    niloofari says thanks.

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