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  1. Shilpz

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    [FONT=&quot]Good evening! The whole KBC arena is filled and the participants are ready. I have a friend, Triyambaknath Vidyavachaspathi, yes that's his name and till now he hasn't been able to forgive his parents for that, is very happy that I have become the host of KBC. Poor guy's heart is still broken. He has written a letter to his lady love which is related to KBC. I would like to share it with you:
    It's hard for us to meet honey
    This is not love but a game honey
    You're on the hotseat and I failed fastest finger first honey
    You're Miss Computer and I'm a typewriter
    You're a prize of 2 crores and I'm worth just a few cents
    Here you have thousands of admirers, have many phone-a-friends
    But even the audience cheated me, I couldn't get along with anyone
    You get many breaks, and I get none
    You have four options honey, I don't even have one lifeline
    Your TRP is high and my market value is zero
    You're the knowledge of Amitabh Bachchan, I'm Shahrukh Khan's inferior poem
    Amitabh Bachchan has left KBC, now put up with SRK
    It's hard for us to meet honey
    This is not love but a game honey
    But I'm no less a lover and I say let's see the names of those who have come here to make it rich. They are...

    And the winner is...Rachana Sharma. She's a college lecturer from Jind, Haryana. She holds degrees in MA, MPHIL, LLB, she likes photography and driving and if she wins the 2 crores she wants to have a Royal Bengal tiger as her pet. With her today is her mother, Santoshji. How are you?
    Santoshji: Very well and pleased to meet you.
    SRK: I'm very pleased to see you too and I wish you and your daughter lots of luck. How do you feel about your daughter wanting to raise a tiger?
    Santosh: She's the daughter of a very adventurous mother.
    SRK: So you want to raise a tiger too?
    Santosh: I can't do that at this age but she'll fulfill my dreams.
    SRK: Ok. Rachana, are you a strict teacher or soft?
    Rachana: I've been known to be a strict teacher.
    SRK: I'm very fond of teachers. I did a film Main Hoon Na where I fall in love with my chemistry teacher.
    R: If my student behaved that way with me he would get a slap.
    SRK: I was thinking of that song, "Tumhe jo maine dekha.." but since you will slap me, I won't sing it. What do you teach?
    R: English.
    SRK: What else do you like to do? I heard you like to drive different types of cars.
    R: That's my passion.
    SRK: So what do you drive now?
    R: I have a Dhanno (name of a horse cart in the movie Sholay)
    SRK: You have that name written on it?
    R: No, that's my nickname for it.
    SRK: What are you lovingly called at home? Santoshji, what do you call her?
    S: Babloo.
    SRK: Now I can't think of you as a serious teacher. With a name like can one be afraid of you? Can I call you Babloo sometimes?
    R: Yes, if you like.
    SRK: Your students won't mind?
    R: Not at all.
    SRK: You wanted me to mention your students on the show so all my love to the boys and girls of Gov't College of Jind. Rachanaji is hear and I welcome you.
    R. Mr. Khan you forgot one thing. You didn't mention the students of the boy's wing and girl's wing.
    SRK: Sorry ma'am....all my love to the students of the boy's wing and girl's wing. Is there a tiger wing too? Do you speak Haryanvi?
    R: Yes ofcourse.
    SRK: Why don't you sing a song for us? (she sings)...Wow, that was great. I wish you were my teacher. Ok let's start but before that let me tell the other fastest finger first contestants that they can play with us too.
    R: Mr. Khan, I have seen some of your earlier films and I don't think you are a good actor. I have also noticed, if you can stand honesty, that your mannerisms resemble that of Shammi Kapoor.
    SRK: Oh, YAHOOO!
    R: No! In the field of intensity. You have very expressive eyes.
    SRK: Oh, so you were giving me a compliment!? Thank you. I thought you were scolding me.
    R: If you would listen to me...
    SRK: Ok, let me explain the rules first. ...Let's play.

    1st question….
    R: It’s D.
    SRK: And you're right. You have won 1000 rupees.
    R: I've become a 1000 pati.
    SRK: Now the 2nd question….
    R: C-Ganjawala.
    SRK: Shall I freeze?
    R: Please deep freeze it.
    SRK: You're right. Now the next question…
    R: D-stripes.
    SRK: Yes, that’s the right answer. Well done. You're playing at full speed.
    R: Driving is my passion, remember? And I don’t like the zebra crossing.
    SRK: I’m sure you don’t like brakes also right? But we TV folks have to take a few breaks. So let’s do that.


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  3. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    [FONT=&quot]Welcome back. We have here, Rachana Sharma from Jind. She's playing for 10,000 rupees. She's playing very fast just like she drives. She told me that she likes to drive trucks too, inside which she wants to keep her tiger. Before I ask her what other dangerous stuff she likes to do, let’s go to the next question…..
    R: B-machine.
    SRK: You're right. Now the 5th question which will get you a new lifeline….(flip the question)
    R: B.
    SRK: Kachcha or pukka?
    R: Gujarat was earlier a part of Bombay State. So it couldn’t have been a part of Rajputana. So B.
    SRK: That’s the right answer. Now you have a new lifeline, flip the question. Now the questions will get tougher.
    R: That’s no problem. In childhood life is easy, then it gets harder as we grow up.
    SRK: Even if you hadn’t told me you're a teacher, I would have known. Now the 6th question…..
    R: I know the answer but I don’t want to take a chance….
    SRK: What do you think is the answer?
    R: I'm thinking it’s 20. But I want audience poll…I’m sure it's 20 so please freeze on that. Between 90 and 99 itself there are 10 nines.
    SRK: You don’t want to count on your fingers?
    R: No, hardly matters.
    SRK: OK let’s freeze on 20. How many times I told you to count out loud. There's less confusion because sometimes the audience looks intelligent but cheats you too. Mummyji thinks it’s A-20. And a mother is never wrong. That’s the right answer.
    R: Mr. Khan, I had given the audience time to count along with me. The longer I take, the more time they have to count.
    SRK: So you're making a fool of me?
    R: No, I’m coming down to your level.
    SRK: Well if that’s what you think of me, I won't talk to you for a while, I’ll talk to the audience instead and tell them about the home viewer’s contest...

    SRK: What are you looking at?
    R: Nothing…
    SRK: Where would you keep your tiger?
    R: With my 2 crores I’ll buy a huge plot of land and keep the tiger there.
    SRK: I hope you get your wish. I also want to tell the rest of Jind’s inhabitants to build fences around their homes if Rachahaji buys a tiger. Please arrange for the fences and come back soon….

    Welcome back. We are here with Rachana. Shall I ask the next question? You made the audience count last time. Maybe they could have helped you with this one.
    R: Hardly matters.
    SRK: Have you heard of any of these films?
    R: I've heard of them all but…lets change the question.
    SRK: Ok, but which would you have chosen?
    R: Chingaari
    SRK: That would have been right. But hardly matters now. Now let’s get the new question in place of this one….
    R: D
    SRK: Kachcha or pukka?
    R: D should be frozen.
    SRK: Why do you think it’s right?
    R: I love literary works.
    SRK: I won't argue with that. That’s the right answer. How do you feel? You think you have brightened the name of Jind?
    R: Mr. Khan, money is no matter.
    SRK: No, but you have come here and playing so well.
    R: This experience, and their expectation that I get to the hot seat is enough. The rest are all irrelevant.
    SRK: Ok….8th question….
    R: C-Giraffe.
    SRK: Kachcha or pukka?
    R: I had seen a film on wild life and I saw horns on a giraffe.
    SRK: That’s the right answer. Very well played. Shake my hand, Madame teacher. Santosh we are doing very well. Next question….

    R: B-Karna.
    SRK: Kachcha or pukka?
    R: It’s ready for deep freezing. You can lock it too if you want to.
    Just for you, after a long time….Lock it, Mr. Computer.
    SRK: That’s the right answer. Wow, you’ve won 3, 20,000 ma’am. I salute you. I want to ask you….you know how the students put their hand up and ask if they can take a break?
    R: They don’t ask in colleges Mr. Khan.
    SRK: You mean they just do it there? I’m sorry, ladies and gentleman I’ll come back and we’ll discuss this later. This is not for family viewing.

  4. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    Welcome back. I’m sitting here with teacherji.
    R: I'm not the MHN type of teacher.
    SRK: And she's not the MHN type of teacher at all. And she's scolded me and explained that I should not play with her. So with full respect I ask the 10th question. You want to say anything?
    R: What do you want me to say?
    SRK: Nothing….you want me to stand to a side, or in a corner perhaps?
    R: No.
    SRK: You look so good when you laugh.
    R: I too have dimples like you don’t I?
    SRK: Yours are even bigger. Now smile one more time. You're not that strict. We have a saying….you smile, you're caught. Ok, no more. I would have been thrown out of college by now. 10th question now….

    SRK: You watch Football?
    R: Yes, but not Cricket. I don’t waste time.
    SRK: Ohh!!! I don’t watch it either.
    R: Good for you.
    SRK: You still have 2 lifelines. You can also discuss it. Do you know all these names?
    R: Yes.
    SRK: Who do you think it could be?
    R: Ronaldo. I want to phone-a-friend.
    SRK: Who do you wish to call?
    R: Sadanand.
    SRK: Is he a friend or relative?
    R: Someone I know.
    SRK: He lives in Mumbai?
    R: In Haryana.
    SRK: What does he do?
    R: He's a lecturer too.
    SRK: Hello? How are you?
    Sadanand: Hello Shahrukh! I feel like my friend has called me up.
    SRK: I am your friend Sadanand Saab. I want to tell you that your Haryana lass is here with me
    Sadanand: It’s Ronaldo. Don’t forget my 50%.
    SRK: Wonderful man. Please say hello from me when you can.
    R: You’ve already said that to him.
    SRK: Yes, but now you have to give him 50%.
    R: So if I convey your hello I have to give him 50%. I’ll go with Ronaldo.
    SRK: That’s the right answer. Are you happy Santoshji? I’m very happy too to meet you.
    Santosh: Your smile makes it even better.
    SRK: I like your smile too and your daughter’s too though I won't say it because she’ll scold me. Both of you have dimples.
    R: That reminds me, I have an uncle, whose face is so similar to yours. Same dimples, same style of laughing, face too. I feel it more as I see you longer.
    SRK: You mean I’m getting older by the minute. Just say it.
    R: No I mean that when he was young, he was like you.
    SRK: Whatever you say, I’ll hand you this check. We’re very proud of you for playing so well.

    SRK: Shammi Kapoor, your uncle, who knows what will come next. I'm not me at all. What will you do with this money?
    R: I have some major needs in life that I have to take care of. Then I want to feed the neighborhood dogs.
    SRK: Very nice, that you love animals so much. I hope that you win even more money. Next question…Any idea?
    R: Doctor’s day is pretty unknown to the common people. Doctors know this but an ordinary man might not.
    SRK: Actually we have big government ads for this day.
    R: I’ll try 50-50.
    SRK: Any idea which 2 might be the ones?
    R: What if those are the choices taken away?
    SRK: No, we won’t do that. The 2 taken away are randomly selected. You're a teacher so you think everyone cheats.
    R: It’s true sometimes isn’t it?
    SRK: Yes. Ok two remain now. Any idea?
    R: These two were the ones that confused me.
    SRK: Now look, you didn’t tell us, we must have read your mind.
    R: Ok Mr. Khan let’s take a chance. I choose C.
    SRK: You will take at least 6,40,000 from here. Whether you’ll get more will be told after this break.

    Welcome back. With me is Rachana playing for 12,50,000. What do you think. Are you right or wrong?
    R: I think It's right and even if I, wrong, it doesn’t matter. I still have 6,40,000.
    SRK: You have more than that because you're right. Now I’ll sign the second check. And I’ll give you the explanation for this question too since you're a teacher. My whole life has passed listening to explanations form teachers. Now I want to explain something to a teacher. Now the 12th question….
    You have no lifelines left. There's another option which I don’t want to tell you since I don’t want you to use it, but I have to tell you. You can leave but you have to say Shahrukh give me a hug. But please listen to me, or you’ll scold me. What do you think?
    R: MP. Ok Mr. Khan, at this stage I don’t want to take a risk. But I don’t have any desire to hug you on the show. I quit.
    SRK: I'm going to cry very soon.
    R: you were supposed to say thank God, your life has been spared?
    SRK: No, I want to hug you because you played so well, so beautifully and I wanted to share that beauty with you and get your good wishes.
    R: Your good wishes for me will be with me even after this show.
    SRK: So you want to leave?
    R: I don’t want to take a risk because my animals need that money.
    SRK: I know that with the kind heart you have for them, this money will be very necessary. There’s no need to take a risk. I know that all the people of your state and your students will be very proud of you. We are also very proud of you. But before you go, which option would you have chosen?
    R: B
    SRK: No it’s D-Tamil Nadu. But you played very well and congratulations. Santoshji, thank you for coming. Your daughter is very strict and you're very beautiful. Actually please stand here, you're very strict but please stand. Would you mind if I gave this check to your mother? Because I know she will hug me.
    R: Please do.
    Santosh: God bless you, may you always be successful.
    SRK: Please give me your blessings.
    Thank you very much. Daughter didn’t hug but mom did…what does it matter? I wish you all the best in life. Oh, my family is calling me. I have to bathe my kids and make their dinner. Now the time has come for the home viewers contest…..

    The winner of 2 lakhs from the fastest finger contestants here is Girish Singh. I’d better go before teacherji comes here and makes me leave. Phone lines are opening up now and I’m waiting for you. My respects to all the elders, and kids be careful, be good and I love you the most. Good night.
  5. vdoggy

    vdoggy Member

    WOW! Thanx so much for ur hard work Shilpa!
    The translation is incredibly helpful :)
  6. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!! Staff Member

    R: Mr. Khan, I had given the audience time to count along with me. The longer I take, the more time they have to count.
    SRK: So you're making a fool of me?
    R: No, I’m coming down to your level.

    :eek: :crazy: what an obnoxious detestable witch! I can't believe she talks to him so rudely on national tv like this :mad: :mad: :mad: she's lucky I wasn't there.:boxing: :boxing:
  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!! Staff Member

    thank you so much cueetoo for the translation :kiss: what a difference it makes to understand every word. its like having bad vision and just put on specs :D
  8. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks shilps for the translation, my comp is going haywire :p
  9. Farida K

    Farida K New Member

    thank you so much for the translation. now I can read it and not miss anything he said.:)
  10. layla-val

    layla-val Active Member

    Thanks for this Shilpa :hug: These translations are such a big help :thumb:

    Now I know how really rude and ignorant this woman was :mad: :brick:
  11. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    My pleasure guys! :grouphug:
  12. srkmyidol

    srkmyidol Confidence...

    i love this one.....:D
  13. srkmyidol

    srkmyidol Confidence...

    great comeback and putting her in her place!!!
  14. Zuhal

    Zuhal Guest

    I don't like this woman at all. What does she think of her self.:crazy: :crazy:
    Thank you Shilpa :hug:
  15. junibrown

    junibrown New Member

    Thank you for the translation. I could tell something was going on with this contestant, but I wasn't certain. Judging from SRK's physical reactions to this woman she must have been pretty snarky. As it turns out she was down right rude! She has to be embarrassed by her behavior. I hope she sees herself and realizes all of that was not necessary. Oh, well maybe she can blame it on nerves.
  16. coireansteal

    coireansteal New Member

    I finally managed to watch this episode last night and I think she wasn't rude. The things she said did sound rude or very cold but I just don't think she had the capacity you'd expect from other people. Maybe she's working in a really tough school, maybe she just had a hard life.

    She was smiling really sweetly when she saw that SRK "courted" her mum and made her very happy. She also sounded happy when her friend she phone recognised SRK straight away - that was amazing - and she smiled. I think this lady may just not be as good at expressing herself as others. I actually quite liked her by the end and she was happy for her mum to be hugged by SRK. I think it was really sweet. :D
  17. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    aaahhhhhh :scared: ....weird woman! :tape2:
    She doesnt want a hug from Shah Rukh Khan??!! Which planet is she from :crazy: :lol:

    But it was so cute how he went and hugged her mum instead :hug: & her mum is so sweet :thumb:

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