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    watch this space...i should have it on friday with the others... :)

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  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, forget everything else for a while and sit in front of the TV and lock eyes with me because I, Shahrukh Khan, have brought exclusively for you, KBC. I find that the KBC game and life have several similarities. The hot seat is like the desire in your heart which is fulfilled only when your strength is 10 times that of others like our contestants, the 15 questions are like challenges in life which take you forward, phone a friend is like your friend who is helpful only when he’s there for you when you need him, otherwise he’s useless, 50-50 is like those close loved ones who share your sorrows and difficulties, the audience poll is like those in life who wish you well. You may not see them, meet them or know them but they wish you well and want the best for you. People to whom we should be grateful the most. You must be thinking, who am I then? I'm that friend who knows that he may or may not get a chance to sit with you again so live life to the fullest because who knows of there’s a tomorrow. So this game is like life and also changes your life and there are 10 contestants here who are ready to play this game. I’m going to introduce them to the whole country. Please applaud them. They are: introduces them

    Today is a very special day. One, because I’m wearing this new outfit and looking very dashing, thank you very much everyone. And also because in today’s episode we are going to give a huge surprise and I can reveal it anytime during the show. Right now I’m going to reveal the Fastest Finger First question….

    The winner is Ravindra Gautam from Dabra, MP. He's a teacher but he was very naughty as a student. He used to keep puppies in his hostel. He also wants to go against the system to rectify it. With the money he makes here, he wants to buy the Prime Minister’s office. How much do you think the PM’s office will go for?

    Rav: Whatever I make will go into that so let’s see.
    SRK: What if it's too expensive? I think it’ll be a wee bit more than 2 crores.
    Rav: I’ll invest the money and when I have enough I’ll buy the office.
    SRK: What will you do with the office?
    Rav: I’ll also ask you for some money.
    SRK: Oh I’ll definitely contribute for such a noble cause. No one so far has ever told me they want to buy the PM’s office.
    Rav: Do I have to return the money to you?
    SRK: The loan you take from me? If you get the PM office you can keep the money. With him here is his brother-in-law Dushyant. How are you and what do you do?
    Dush: I’m doing my BE at Gwalior.
    SRK: Well I don’t wish that you…
    Rav: Can you recite a poem sir?
    SRK: You're a poet too? Ok…
    Rav: No, I want you to recite one.
    SRK: Me? I don’t know any.
    Rav: You have to recite one.
    SRK: What is this? You’re forcing me?
    Rav: of course.
    SRK: (recites a few shairis). You understand any of them? Don’t ever again tell me to recite any. I know a lot of shairis in Farsi and Pashtu which I don’t understand, but the meaning of the first one is… you have come to my gathering and your radiance is such that the light in our lamps appear dim in comparison. So welcome here Ravindra. Let me point out the rules (rules)…we also have students from the Columbia Business School among our audience. Welcome. Some of your Indian friends will translate what I'm saying and as fast as I'm saying. I also want to tell the Fastest Finger First contestants to play along for 2 lakhs. Ok let's play KBC.

    1st question…we are moving towards the PM’s house.
    Rav: I need a loan from you.
    SRK: I told you I’ll give you. You're thinking more of the loan and less about the earning money. First earn 2 crores and then I’ll loan you.
    Rav: You said you won’t ask me to return the money so that should be enough.
    SRK: So you don’t want to play? You just want the loan? Ok 1st question


    Rav: You tell me sir.
    SRK: You want me to give you a loan and the answer too?
    Rav: B-Aur chabi kho jaaye.
    SRK: Right answer. 2nd question


    Rav: C-Palm.
    SRK: Right answer. 3rd question


    Rav: D-Knight.
    SRK: Right answer.
    Rav: I have a younger sister, Bharti, who couldn't come here. She’s a big fan of yours. She wanted you to say a few words to her, she’d really like that. She lives in Rajasthan, her husband, Pradeep Upadhyaye is a Textile Engineer.
    SRK: To the younger sister Bharti, who lives in Rajasthan and has a husband Pradeep who works in textiles, my greeting and lots of love to you and be happy always. Anything else?
    Rav: I’ll tell you later.
    SRK: 4th question


    Rav: I have no idea. I’ve read about the game but I haven't read about their pants.
    SRK: In the game you’ve read about, they don’t wear any pants? You remember anything about the design? Your sister lives in Rajasthan too.
    Rav: She does. But all these names are from Rajasthan. I’ll take the audience poll.
    SRK: What is your guess?
    Rav: Jodhpurs.
    SRK: 69 % voted for Jodhpurs too.
    Rav: They have cleared my doubts. I’ll go with the audience.
    SRK: That’s the right answer. How come you didn’t know about the pants?
    Rav: I've heard of the cloth from Jodhpur but I didn’t know what the pant looked like.
    SRK:Ok we’ll take a break and I’ll teach you about pants.
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Before we proceed, let me ask the home viewers’ question…Also, on today’s show I’m giving away a small, actually a very huge surprise and I’ll give it when it’s the right time. Now for the 5th question


    Rav: Gorillas are native to Africa. I’ll freeze that.
    SRK: Right answer. Now you have a new lifeline, flip the question. 6th question, take time to answer since now the questions will get a bit difficult


    Rav: D-Social networking.
    SRK: t’s the right answer.
    Rav: I want to ask you a question…what are you doing right now?
    SRK: You're quite an inquisitive type aren’t you? Right now I’m asking you some questions.
    Rav: Will you be free?
    SRK: Are you networking with me?
    Rav: I want to take you to my home.
    SRK: Right now? Shall we close down the show? We can.
    Rav: After the show sir. After I get a certain amount.
    SRK: And I guess after I give you some of my money. Inshallah I’ll come to Dabra once.
    Rav: We’ll see.
    SRK: Right now I have to work. You’ve take time off to come here but I have to work.
    Rav: We’ll take a break.
    SRK: Ok during the break we’ll go to your house. 7th question


    Rav: I think it's B. Mandodari was Ravan’s wife, Urmila was Lakhman’s wife, I don’t know about Mandvi but Satyabhama was with Krishna. So it’s B-Satyabhama.
    SRK: Right answer. I like playing with you, you're very quick with your answers.
    Rav: I'm very happy too. I wished to meet you and I was wondering how I’d meet you if I didn’t get to the hot seat.
    SRK: : But now I’ve promised you that I’ll come to Dabra and it's time for a break so let’s go quickly to Dabra. But we can't take everyone so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please wait for us. We’ll be back soon.
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Oooh! I’m tired. We ran all the way and back to Dabra. It's a beautiful place, you have a lovely home and the tea made by your family was delicious. I had a great time.
    Rav: When did we go?
    SRK: Didn’t we go just now?
    Rav: Really?
    SRK: You said we’ll go during the break so I thought we could do that in our imagination.
    Rav: That’s not good enough. I also want to learn a few dance steps from you.
    SRK: That will cost you 2 and a half lakhs. So as soon as you finish 15 questions I’ll ask you 5 more. After that I’ll teach you whatever dance you want to learn.
    Rav: What about acting?
    SRK: Don’t ask about that. That’s priceless. So let’s start getting your fees ready for the dance lessons. 8th question


    SRK: Any idea?
    Rav: I think it’s D-Latvia. It's not Luxembourg.
    SRK: Kachcha kachcha or pakka pakka?
    Rav: I’m pukka it's not Luxembourg. But I'm kachcha about Latvia.
    SRK: I also have the thinking cap if you want.
    Rav: I’ll save that for 2 crores. I’ll use the 50-50.
    SRK: Latvia is gone!
    Rav: Now it’s C-Lithuania.
    SRK: Pakka? If you're wrong you're out of the game and you end up with 20,000.
    Rav: Now I'm very confused. What I thought was right is gone.
    SRK: What do you want to do? You have 2 lifelines left.
    Rav: I’ll phone a friend.
    SRK: Which one?
    Rav: Veni Madhav. We studied together. He lives in Gwalior.
    SRK: Hello Veni? I’m Shahrukh from KBC.
    Veni: Good evening sir.
    SRK: Good evening. What are you doing?
    Veni: Studying.
    Rav: He’s preparing for the IAS.
    SRK: Oh! All the best.
    Veni: How much has Ravindra won?
    SRK: He’s playing well but he doesn’t want to reveal the amount right now. But he needs your help.
    Veni: It's Lithuania. Confirmed.
    Rav: I’ll go with C. he has a lot of knowledge. Out of all of us friends he knows the most.
    SRK: I hope for your sake he’s right. What do you think?
    Rav: Since he said it, it must be right.
    SRK: Unfortunately the right answer is Luxembourg. I feel bad that you trusted your friend so much and yet….but you played very well and you’ll take 20,000 with you. Of course you won't get the PM’s house in that but I hope the changes you want to bring about in society will happen. And whenever I'm in MP I’ll try to come to Dabra and see you. Thank you for coming and playing so well.

    You all saw Ravindra win 20,000 rupees. Unfortunately his friend confused him a little. But we still have the remaining 9 contestants who are eager to get to the hot seat. But before that, we’ll take a short break.
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Let’s start the fastest finger first quest: (quest)

    The winner is Subir K. Das from Morigaon, Assam. He plays with money, he's a cashier. Because of KBC he almost lost 14,000 rupees. He was so happy to be selected here, he gave extra money to someone.
    S: When I got the call from KBC that I had been selected for the show, I was at the cash counter. I was so happy I gave the agent extra money. But he was so nice, he came back in 10 minutes and said, Dadda, I think you’ve gave me extra. Please count this evening and if you're short, I’ll come back tomorrow and give it to you.
    When you win some money, give it to him.
    Sub: No, he returned it to me.
    SRK: Then give him a gift.
    Sub: His phone number is 860.
    SRK: Ok Mr. 860, when Das da wins some money here, he’ll give you a gift. His 4 and a half year old son wants to tutor me.
    Sub; He think you don’t know your ABCs in the right order.
    SRK: n’t know Hindi or English properly.
    Sub: During your Fastest Finger Fisrt answer you give the ABCD in the wrong order. So he says, Shahrukh doesn’t know proper English. He says BCAD. So he wants to teach you.
    SRK: What’s his name?
    Sub: We call him Arko, meaning sun.
    SRK: Arko, I’m sorry, I’ll definitely come to learn ABCD from you. With him today is his wife Sharbani Das. I heard your nickname is Tutu. Shall I call you that? Ok, when you learnt that he got selected, you kissed each other very romantically. So send Sanju a flying kiss from there. I also have very special guests today, they are kids from the CPA Cancer Patient Aid Association. I pray that they will get well quickly and become strong, and when they turn 18 they will take part on KBC. Let’s play KBC.

    Sanju…shall I call you Sanju? Why Sanju?
    Sanju: That’s what I'm called at home.
    SRK: But it has nothing in common with Subir. 1st question


    Sanju: B-Crane. Put it in gear.
    SRK: Right answer. 2nd question


    Sanju: that sea is near Mumbai. Rajpath is in Delhi, Chowringee is in Calcutta, it has to be Marine Drive. I was there 10 years back and I sat there. Let’s put that in gear.
    SRK: Right answer. You were sitting there alone?
    Sanju: I was here for 3 months for my father’s treatment. Whenever I felt sad I sat there.
    SRK: I hope that this time you have a better time and get better news of your winnings. Let’s take a break.
  7. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. With me is Sanju, Subir Das. 3rd question


    Sanju: They got her from Lisbon…so it’s Portugal.
    SRK: Right answer. 4th question


    Sanju: please freeze C-Hundi.
    SRK: kachcha Kachcha or pakka pakka? Think quickly.
    Sanju: Freeze it.
    SRK: Khokha is the wrong answer. Hundi is right. 5th question


    Sanju: C-Bride and Prejudice.
    SRK: Right answer.
    Sanju: I want to ask you….you shoot from morning to night…
    SRK: I can see you're relaxed now. You're in a mood o chat.
    Sanju: When you shoot from morning to night, does your mood stay the same?
    SRK: You're asking if my mood gets spoilt? That happens only once in 2-3 years. Does your mood get spoilt quickly? Do you say…hey hey shutup…take this money, gimme that!
    Sanju: That’s why I asked. When I'm at the counter, I’m ok for a while. But the counter closes at 3pm and people come a bit after that too. I have to attend to them. At 4 I try to close the counter. But people still come.
    SRK: Ok I’ll act it out…Das Ji please take this money.
    Sanju: is that cash or check?
    SRK: It’s cash.
    Sanju: Sorry the counter is closed.
    SRK: Please take it.
    Sanju: Sorry I can’t.
    SRK: That’s all you say? I hope the next question doesn’t anger you. Think carefully….


    SRK: oh My wife has called me home. Just like you give Tutu flying kisses, I have to give my wife some kisses too.
    Sanju: Do that only with your wife.
    SRK: Now you're our rollover contestant and we’ll continue in the next show. Very well played. Thank you for coming Tutu.
    Its time for the answer to the har saet hot saet question. TOdays question was this:( Quest)

    Congratulations to the winner.

    The winner of 2 lakhs from the Fastest Finger First contestants is Sandeep S. Prasad. But today’s show is not yet over because I promised you all a big surprise which is being shown for the 1st time on Indian TV. I’d alike all the contestants to please stand in their places. We at KBC always feel that the rest of the Fastest Finger First contestants feel disappointed when they can't make it to the hot seat, that they have come so far and won nothing. So a sponsor of KBC has specially brought a surprise for one of you.

    Our Hyundai Santrowallas, of which I'm one too, have decided that one of you will get a Santro car. But because it's a surprise…smile now at least, you might win. Only the one who smiles the most may win. Since I'm smiling the most, I might win it. I’ll give you a box but you won’t open it right away. There are other prizes too but the biggest is of course the car. Which is being called the Fastest Finger award. Please welcome my 2 friends Ankhita and Anamika. They are carrying the boxes, one of which has the car. Please don’t open the boxes till I say so. One of them has the car. Let's see who the lucky winner is. Today, no one will go home disappointed because of the efforts of KBC And Santro and Star. Please come closer.

    Now I’ll ask one of you top open the box. Let's see what gift is inside it. The rule is whoever wins the car says…I’m a Santrowalla. Let's start with number 3. please open your box. Oh wow! Now say you're a Santrowalla. This is an amazing coincidence that the first person to open has won the car. But the rest of you please don’t be disappointed, there are other prizes. So ma’am your turn now. What? You got one too? Now you open yours. What? You're a Santrowalla too? All of you open your boxes now. OMG! Everyone has a Hyundai Santro. This is absolutely marvelous. Ravindra, you come here too. Please give him a box too. Thank you Hyundai. I said that KBC is like life, it gives some pleasant surprises sometimes, just like life does. We thank KBC, Star and Hyundai.

    Let's do a little car dance. Put your hands in front of you like you're holding a steering wheel and we’ll drive the car. Ok let's hit it, can we have some music!

    It's just a question of a question…….
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    thank you so much for the translation. :)
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    no problem sibel.... :thumb:

    i guess i was earlier than i thought i would be :p
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