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    SRK: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today is the start of a new week and it's Gudi Padwa so with renewed excitement, I start this episode of KBC. People often ask me how I manage to do so much. I say I do it all with a smile. What can you not do with a smile?
    Let me say a poem, Rahul style…

    Ek muskaan par ladkiyaan marti hain
    One smile can make the girls swoon
    Ek muskaan mushkilen harti hain
    One smile can put an end to all troubles
    Ek muskaan se chehre khil jaate hain
    One smile can make faces bloom
    Ek muskaan se dil mil jaate hain
    One smile can make hearts meet
    Ek muskaan sau daulat par bhari hai
    One smile is like a treasure trove
    Ek muskaan bhi na dena, badi gambhir bimari hai
    Not even having one smile can be like a disease
    Ek muskaan mein hi saari khushiyaan hai basi
    In one smile lies the happiness.
    Tabhi toh muskurakar kehte hain, jo hasi, so phasi.
    That’s why it's said…the one who laughs gets caught.

    At KBC too the prize is 100 crores; a check of 2 crores and the rest are your smiles. So please keep smiling all the time because when you smile, the world smiles with you, like now…I,2,3 TING!

    SRK: With me now, smiling a little, a bit scared is Vikas Gupta who has won 1,60,000. 3 of your lifelines are gone but keep smiling. With him is his mother Adarsh Ji. How are you? The last time you were too shy to talk, will you talk now or are you still shy?
    Mother: No, I’m not.
    SRK: How do you feel now that your son has won so much?
    Mother: I feel great.
    SRK: I hope he win 2 crores. I also want the Fastest Finger First contestants to play along. You know the rules. Are you relaxed now, you look great in that tie. His aim is to get married soon so to all the young girls here I’ll say that he's the most eligible bachelor today on KBC. Unfortunately I’m married. 9th question


    SRK: You said you like to watch Cricket. The World Cup fever is on right now so we have this question.
    Vikas: South Africa.
    SRK: Kachcha kachcha or pakka pakka? Don’t be so scared.
    Vikas: I think it's SA. Please freeze it.
    SRK: If you're wrong you go down by 1,60,000, if you're right you double your amount….. It's’ the right answer! Why do you get so scared to answer? I said that whole poem about smiles for you. C’mon smile with me…1,2,3, Ting! Ok 10th question. If you get this you’ll have minimum 6.40,000 and your wedding will also take place. Your life is made, man! And I’ll introduce you to Priyanka Chopra too. 10th question


    Vikas: The Thar Express.
    SRK: You're sure?
    Vikas: Yes, I’ve read about this. Please freeze it.
    SRK:Wow, look at your style! Very forceful. It's so nice to see you smile. Keep smiling while we take a short break. ITs now time for the har seat hot seat contest. Today's question is this: (quest) Ill give you the answer to the question at the end and quickly send in the answers because one of you can win 2 lakh Rs…please come back soon...take a break

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  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. With me is Vikas Gupta. I had asked him a question and his answer was B-Thar Express. That’s the right answer. Now I’ll sign your check. How do you feel?
    Vikas: Great.
    SRK: Look a little happier. You don’t smile much. I’ll keep this check with me for now. What will you do if you won 2 crores?
    Vikas: I want to start a public health agency because we have so many health problems in India. And we don’t have the right infrastructure for it.
    SRK: That’s a beautiful thought and hopefully your dreams will be fulfilled and you’ll be able to do this for India. 11th question


    Vikas: I think it's A-Ibrahim Lodi.
    SRK: Pakka?
    Vikas: I have doubts between Ibrahim and Sikander Lodi. It's not Bahlol Lodi.
    SRK: And Daulat Khan Lodi?
    Vikas: It could be him too. Let me use my phone a friend.
    SRK: Which friend?
    Vikas: Ankur Sahu.
    SRK: Friend?
    Vikas: Yes, he lives in Jabalpur.
    SRK: What does he do?
    Vikas: Hes a BPharm final year student.
    SRK: Hello Ankur? I’m Shahrukh Khan from KBC. How are you?
    Ankur: I’m fine sir. How are you?
    SRK: I'm great. You talk in a sing-song manner.
    Ankur:I never thought I’d ever get to talk with you. And now it's possible thorough KBC. One more thing…your anchoring is excellent.
    SRK: So I should stop acting and become an anchor?
    Vikas: There’s nothing to say about your acting. Everybody knows you're too excellent.
    SRK: Thank you. Now let's concentrate. Vikas is here and needs your help…..what happened to you Ankur
    Ankur: Nothing sir.
    SRK: Ok here you go. You have 30 seconds.
    Ankur: It's Ibrahim Lodi.
    Vikas: What did he say?
    SRK: What friend is that? He was sure it was Sikander and then he said it’s Ibrahim. Is he a good friend?
    Vikas: I think it's either Sikander or Daulat Khan.
    SRK: Shall I say something? I'm glad you're not a doctor. If I came with Malaria or Diptheria you'd ask me back…malaria? Cholera?
    Vikas: Ibrahim was in the 1st battle of Panipat. So he's not the founder. I think it's Sikander. Freeze it please.
    SRK: Sure?
    Vikas: Freeze on Daulat Khan…no… Sikander, freeze Sikander.
    SRK: I’m going crazy here. I don’t want to play.
    Vikas: Daulat Khan.
    SRK: Confirmed?
    Vikas: Sikander Lodi, sir.
    SRK: Why did you choose Sikander after so much confusion?
    Vikas: My friend said it too.
    SRK: Your friend had also mentioned Ibrahim. Unfortunately this is wrong. The right answer is Bahlol Lodi. But c’mon, you have 6,40,000. You didn’t even consider Bahlol. But I'm so glad you came here and played so well and smiled so nicely too. I wish you all the best. I hope your dream is fulfilled. We have the bat signed by the Indian Cricket team specially for KBC and I give it to you.

    So…. Vikas won 6,40,000. He played so well and entertained us all and smiled so well too. I want to thank the Indian Cricket team for giving us these bats. Let’s take a short break.
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Now I’ll introduce you to the whole country so smile so that the country goes crazy for it. These are the 10 smiling contestants: introduces them

    The winner is Komal Ved from Mumbai. She’s a student right now and she likes to sing. If she wins 2 crores she plans to take all her friends abroad with her, but not for fun and partying, but to study. The name is Komal (soft) but she’s a strong type. With her is her Mother Rama Ji and her twin sister. Namaskaar Rama Ji, and then there is Kinjal, Sonal ( :dance: oh god how nice it would be if it was me) and this is Komal. If you had a brother he'd be Vimal.
    Komal: I have a brother too, Vijit.
    SRK: He just missed it. He should have been Vimal. Thank you all for coming. Kinjal I know you two are twins but who came 1st?
    Kinjal: Komal.
    SRK: Does she act like a big sister?
    Kinjal: Yes she does.
    SRK: This problem is because of just a few seconds difference.
    Kinjal: No, it was 15 minutes.
    SRK: Welcome here and I wish you the best. You're doing your Engineering. What do you want to do after that?
    Komal: I want to go for MBA.
    SRK: Will you talk to me in Hindi?
    Komal: Sure.
    SRk: Let me misquote a song for you. Chandan sa badan komal chitvan, dheere se tera yeh muskaana, mujhe dosh ne dena jag waalon, ho jaaon agar main deewana.
    (beautiful body, a soft face, your slow smile….don’t anyone blame me if I go crazy).

    Vinjit: When Kinjal and I were kids, there was a school bell that would ring. She would tell me that let’s ring it and move away, so all the students will leave the school. So I told her I’d cooperate with her. She told me to ring the bell, I did that and she ran away and I got caught.
    SRK: Did you ever get your revenge for that? No? You're still suffering it? When I meet young girls like you….how old are you? 21? I feel old compared to you. I feel like it was many years back that I was 21. I like youngsters a lot and I wish you all the best. Let me explain the rules quickly (rules)…..I’d also like to tell my Fastest Finger First contestants to play along. Ok let’s play KBC.

    1st question


    Komal: I think it's A-Assam rifle.
    SRK: Have you ever heard of any of these?
    Komal: No.
    SRK: He's very famous and he’s known by this name. Maybe we’re film folks so we know.
    Komal: I’ll go for audience poll.
    SRK: Ok audience poll. 91% think it's C-Shotgun.
    Komal: I’ll go with C.
    SRK: So now you're sure. It's the right answer. Thank the audience. Ok next question


    Komal: It’s not Kansa or Bhima. Not Indra either. It’s B-Brahma.
    SRK: Right answer.3rd question. Komal askes me…yes? Right? No? 3rd question


    Komal: C-Wide ball.
    SRK: Pakka?
    Komal: Yes.
    SRK: Right answer. You like Cricket?
    Komal: no, actually my friends prepared me before coming here.
    SRK: Which friends?
    Komal: My college friends.
    SRK: Oh! So you’ve come prepared. Ok let's take a break.
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. With me is Komal. She has answered 3 questions. Now the 4th


    Komal: It’s Navasi. Ikyasi is 11
    SRK: What did you say? Tell me, I’m weak in Hindi too.
    Komal: Ikyasi is 11….
    SRK: It’s 11?
    Komal: It’s 51 or something. All the others are smaller than 86. I think it’s D-Navasi.
    SRK: I can't help you with this, my knowledge is like yours. What did you say ikyasi was?
    Komal: 11.
    SRK: 11 is gyarah. And chaurasi?
    Komal: 44.
    SRK: And adsath?
    Komal: where is that?
    SRK: It's not there but I’m asking.
    Komal: That’s 68.
    SRK: Navasi is the right answer. That’s 89, unasi is 79, chaurasi is 84, and ikyasi is by no means and from no angle is it 11. It’s 81. Now learn your numbers. And here's the 5th question


    Komal: I think it's A-Krrish.
    SRK: Right answer. Now you have a new lifeline. You have stumbled somehow towards 20,000 rupees. What did you want to say?
    Komal: during your college days, when you were 20-21, how did you get introduced to Gauri? Was she in your college?
    SRK: You want to hear my romantic story?
    Komal :How did it all start? I’m asking you…
    SRK: I was in school…
    Komal: That early?
    SRK: I started everything early. I was 18 and Gauri was 14. We had parties in school where the boys were on one side would the girls on the other. Just like we have 5 contestants here and 5 there. Then we had to go to the girl…I don’t know how it’s done nowadays, but we had to go and ask them, may I have the pleasure of the next dance with you? Often we got slapped. Sometimes they agreed. I asked many girls for 2 years, I started at 16, and Gauri was the first to say ok. As soon as she said k I asked her, may I marry you also? So we met at a party. Then we knew each other for a while. But I always studied well. I didn’t do any romance stuff at all. So I tell all the youngsters not to do that. And everyone, learn your Hindi numbers. 6th question


    Komal: I've heard of a ventilator and Oximeter also. I think ventilator is the right one. Meter is used for measuring something.
    SRK: Yeah in taxis too we have the meter.
    Komal I think it's B-Ventilator.
    SRK: I too thought it was oximeter or ventilator. The name I couldn't read properly, sphygmomanometer is….have you heard of that?
    Komal: No.
    SRK: Read about it?
    Komal: No.
    SRK: Can you pronounce it? If you can't say it, forget it. Ventilator is the right answer. Let’s take a break.
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Were playing with Komal Ved. She replied to the Ventilator question and can't say sphygmomanometer. Now the 7th question. What will you do with 2 crores if you win it?
    Komal: I told you I’ll go
    SRK: Forget that. You just said that to your friends because they helped you. Tell me the truth now.
    Komal: I’ll satisfy certain luxuries like a big house, a car or something…
    SRK: I wish you the best and all your family the best. All the people sitting in the monitor room think you look like Brittany Spears. She's cut her hair now so looks different. If you wear our thinking hat you’ll look even more like her. So ask for it when you need it. has anyone told you that before? No one? We won't tell mummy. Mummy, close your ears.
    Ok 7th question


    Komal: I think it's Farah Khan. It can't be Saroj Khan. From Shakira’s movements it doesn’t look like it can be Saroj Khan.
    SRK: Why? Even Saroj ji’s nice.
    Komal: Yes she is. It’s not Vaibhavi either. I think it's Farah.
    SRK: Kachcha kachcha or pakka paka?
    Komal: I'm 80% sure. I’ll go with that.
    SRK: Mummy thinks it Vaibhavi. Did you read it somewhere?
    Mummy: Yes, I think I did.
    SRK: And as always, this time it's not true, mummies are not right. Farah Khan is right answer. 8th question


    SRK: I think this question is definitely for you (aap hi ke liye – app li que).
    Komal: I think it's between Orissa and West Bengal.
    SRK: Kachcha kachcha or pakka pakka?
    Komal: Very kachcha. I’ll use my 50-50
    SRK: (50-50)
    Komal: now I’m thinking it’s Sikkim. I think it's A-Orissa.
    SRK: Right answer, 1,60,000, wrong answer, game ends.
    Komal: Wait
    SRK: I won't tell you the stakes next time.
    Komal: Ok Orissa.
    SRK: This was pure guess work.
    Komal: I think Odissi work is there in saris. No? is it wrong?
    SRK: Ok, it's the right answer. You would know about designs. Don’t they teach you in engineering?
    Komal: Not about fabrics.
    SRK: 9th question….


    SRK: oh here goes the bell. I have to go home you're our rollover contestant so I’ll see you again.

    Its now time for the answer to the har seat hot seat question. TOdays question was this: (quest). COngrats to the winner

    The winner of 2 lakhs from the Fastest Finger First contestants is Sunil Padhi.

    Thank you everyone for being here and all my home viewers, as always, my respects to my elders and kids, I love you very much.
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