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    SRK: Thank you... Salaam, Ram Ram, Asalam walikum (sorry if i mispelled), satsriakaal, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. I am Shahrukh Khan and get ready to play KBC with me. Im the film industry we never ever bad mouth anyone, so by listening to the compliments that people give one another, we have to figure out how much they dislike us. Like, really... Like if someone watches a film and says, Sir what an amazing movie, mindblowing! They really want to say that the film was boring. Or if someone calls and says, sir what a film! My wife loved it. That means: the man didnt like the film and the wife didnt even watch it. And if someone says, Shahrukh da ( brother), what an intellectual film, what an off beat film. That means: The guy wants to ask that what a pathetic film, if you got a financer for it, then how did you get one? But after seeing KBC people have told me that I look Cute, handsome and Dashing. The people from the industry wont lie to me. I am actually cute, handsome and dashing. (smiles) Thank you. And before you think otherwise I want you to understand that I have a great player in front of me from Hyderbad, VVL Raju, who has won 25 lakh Rs. With him is brother, R. Raju.

    (to the brother) SRK: say yeah!
    R.Raju: Yah!
    SRK: Very good! Our fastest finger first contestants can also play with us and can win 2 lakh Rs at the end of the game. So is everybody good to play? Everybody, lets play KBC.


    Raju: I have no clue about this.
    SRK: Not a clue at all? Thampu?
    Raju: Thampu.
    SRK: Thampu means No in his language
    Raju: Thappu
    SRK: Oh Thappu sorry. But in Chinese Thampu means no (smiles)
    Raju: I want to use the last life line.
    SRK: Phone a friend. Who do you want to call?
    Raju: My nephew Chaitanya
    SRK: Chaitanya (explains the life line). Hello? Is thats Chaitanya. How are you? (speaks english, so I wont translate) In front of me is VVL Raju, he is playing very well. But he is stuck on a question.

    (reads the question)

    Raju: It finishes fast.
    SRK: Not fast, I told you, you have 30 seconds. You acted like you had 30 mins. You were relaxed (laughs)
    Raju: I was confused between C and D. I wasnt sure. I want to hug you.
    SRK: Why didnt you give Chaitanya the 4 choices?
    Raju: There wasnt time
    SRK: No time? (then reads it fast for him)
    Raju: Wow
    SRK: VVL Raju, wants to take the 25 lakhs and leave. i had the most fun with him. But before you leave, what woud you have chosen?
    Raju: D
    SRK: Is D the right answer? No B, is the correct answer, Well done. Your wife wont hit you. Youre taking with you 25 laks. Are you happy?
    Raju: very happy
    SRK: Congratulations...come and hug me.
    Raju: Thank you sir.
    SRK: (hugs him) That was abs. wonderful! Now its time for the har seat hot seat contest (reads the quest). Answer the question quickly and take a break. I along with my 10 contestants are waiting for you. Thank you and take a break.

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  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Thank you for comming back so soon. For the past three days, the contestants each have won 25 lakh Rs. meaning only three questions away from 2 crores. Therefore there are still 2crores waiting here for you and there are ten contestants waiting to play. I wont waste any time so here are their names: (introduces them)

    Welcome to KBC. I will play with you fsatest finger first. Get ready. Minds set, eyes on the screen and the fingers on the key pad...Here is your question


    And there is only one person who answered correctly: Madhulata Tamrakaar. You are the only one to answer correctly. Are you ready to play? Come then...

    SRK: Thank you. Now I have the one and only winner from Damoh, madhulata tamrakaar. She is a teacher. She wants to give the money for her sister's treatment. And with her is her husband. Hello Tamrakaar saab. Namaskar. How are you? And brother is there too, Shyam-ji. How do you feel being here?

    Shyam: Very good
    SRK: Im happy that youre here. And i pray that she wins alot of money. and the reason she is playing is also very good. (explains the rules) If you want to quit you can hug me, but since youre a teacher Im scared to say that so you can shake hands with me and if youre angry then you can ring my neck

    Madhu: Its ok, after some time yo wont be afraid of me at all.
    SRK: Ok. (smiles) Thank you. Are you ready? Lets play KBC.


    Madhu: C
    SRK: C. Freeze it? Ill ask your permission.
    Madhu: Yes
    SRK: right answer!


    SRK: Are you interested in cricket?
    Madhu: Not enough to answer the quest
    SRK: You have three life lines
    Madhu: Audience poll
    SRK: (audience poll exmplanation) You have no idea? (smiles) 88% Bowler, 2% slip filder, etc...What do you want to do?
    Madhu: Go with audience
    SRK: Shall i freeze it?
    Madhu: Yes
    SRK: Freeze Bowler. Audience hasnt tricked you. Correct answer! Say thank you (smiles) Youll be able to give the next answer easily.


    Madhu: D
    SRK: freeze it? ... Correct answer! Youre being please... (smiles)


    Madhu: If i say sweets, your mouth wont water?
    SRK: My mouth wont water? (smiles -- he looks adorable) I look like the type that would eat lots of sweets?
    Madhu: Yes, you speak very sweet.
    SRK: Ok. Youre saying it. youre a teacher and Ill believe anything you say.
    Madhu: C
    SRK: freeze it. good! you still have 2 life lines.


    SRK: you watch films?
    Madhu: No...
    SRK: You have two life lines.
    Madhu: lets do 50/50
    SRK: Lets do 50/50. one answer is right and one is random
    Madhu: Ive heard kirron kher
    SRK: I would help but ive heard of both.
    Madhu: You must have heard many more
    SRK: its my job (smiles)
    Madhu: Ill use the last life line
    SRK: OK who do you want to call
    Madhu: Kavita Patak
    SRK: She is your friend? Ok, lets call Kavitaji. Hello? Kavitaji. Namaskar Im Shahrukh...
    Kavita: Oh wow! Great I got to speak to you
    SRK: Its nice na? I was telling Madhulata the same thing that she hasnt let me speak to you yet.
    Kavita: how much has she won?
    SRK: Not too much but she is stuck on a question that she isnt much interested in and she needs your help. You have 30 secs.

    (rereads the question)

    Madhu: Kirron Kher
    SRK: Freeze it? Pakka?
    Madhu: I have no choice...
    SRK: Of course there are no more life lines left. (smiles) Freeze A. Correct answer!!! If someone in your class needs a break, what do they say?
    Madhu: May I go Madam, to...
    SRK: Oh so they dont speak more...May i go madam to...ladies and gentleman come back soon, because we're waiting for you...take a break please.
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. I have in front of my Madhulata ji. You have one more life line, flip the question. That is that if you do not like the question you can change it. The questions will get harder so be careful as you play.


    SRK: Have an idea?
    Madhu: (nods) I want to flip
    SRK: want to change it? but what would you have answered?
    Madhu: B
    SRK: The answer was D. Good you changed it. Flip the quest.


    Madhu: B
    SRK: B. Kachcha kachcha pakka pakka?
    Madhu: Pakka.
    SRK: freeze it? how pakka were you?
    Madhu: You tell me
    SRK: You smiled so ill tell you. Correct answer!


    Madhu: Ill give the answer to this next time
    SRK: Next time
    Madhu: When i come next time.
    SRK: Ok
    Madhu: when i read the book, ill come back next time
    SRK: Ok Madhulataji. final? Everybody give her a big hand. Thanks Madhulataji, I pray that this money will come in handy....What would you have answered?
    Madhu: C
    SRK: C would have been the right answer! Its ok, Im happy you came here. Thank you! Come here...(hugs) God bless you.

    Thank you. Ladies and Gentleman boys and girls. I still have 9 contestants that wont move from here. Ill ask you the next question...

    Winner is: AV Srinivasa Rao. Well done! Well play with him next but before that lets take a break.
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back ladies and gentleman boys and girls. With me is Srinivasa Rao from A.P. who is an assistant commercial tax officer. In other words whatever we earn, he takes with him. (laughs) He likes to read the paper and watch films. Chiranjivi, Sridevi and Vidya Balan are his favorite stars. But if he gets to go to Switzerland, he wants to take Priyanka Chopra with him. You know priyanka chopra?

    Rao: no sir.
    SRK: You know, ive been trying to take her to Switz. too. But why Priyanka Chopra? Just like like her.
    Rao: Yes sir. just like that.
    SRK: And with him is his friend K Surindranath Reddy. How are you Reddy saab?
    Reddy: Fine...
    SRK: Who do you want to take to Switz? Are you happy to be here?
    Reddy: Yes very happy.
    SRK: Good to have you here. Yaar do you have a nickname, saying Srinivasa rao is about Sinu?
    Sinu: Yes sinu is ok.
    SRK: People call me Sinu with love...
    Sinu:OK sir.
    SRK: Lets play KBC


    SRK: have you seen this?
    Sinu: Not hindi films
    SRK: No hindi films
    SInu: I dont know that answer I want to use a life line
    SRK: Life line
    SInu: yes sir, audience poll
    SRK: ok audience poll. Now you know?
    Sinu: Go with audience
    SRK: 99% shahenshah. Freeze it?
    Sinu: Yes
    SRK: freeze b. Right answer!


    Sinu: B
    SRK: Freeze it? Right answer!!! Are you feeling good?
    Sinu: Yes sir
    SRK: Youre on a roll


    Sinu: C
    SRK: C? Freeze it? Right answer! Give me your thumb! Sinu youre doing very well!


    SInu: dont know the answer sir...50-50
    SRK: 50-50. one answer is right, one is random.
    Sinu: B
    Srk: B? Freeze it? right answer!!! You wear it in your nose. should i go on?


    Sinu: C
    SRK: C?
    Sinu: elected pres of indi
    SRK: freeze it? right answer! how are you feeling?
    Sinu: relaxed sir
    SRK: Thats good...of course youre a tax collector how can you be tense? after hearing your name my audience is scared. so my audience, be tension free for some time and dont be scared becuase this guy is very go and take a break becuase we're waiting for you...
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. good to have you back. and in front of me is Sinu, who right now has found out what a "nathni" is. Now you have a new life line. Alat Palat. shall i start?


    Sinu: A, freeze it
    SRK: freeze it please. How are you so nice of a smile. A right answer!!! well done!


    Sinu: freeze b
    SRK: say mr comp freeze it.... B is the rght answer!!! well played. you have two life lines...get ready to go to switz. ill give you priyanka's no. play carefully.


    Sinu: I dont know. use phone a friend.
    SRK: No clue at all?
    Sinu: Ill use phone a friend.
    SRK: Phone a friend. Who will you call
    SInu: Suresh
    SRK: Friend? Hello? Suresh ji? How are you? I have Sinu here. Ok ok? He is stuck with a question.

    (reads the quest)

    SRK: Ready steady go... not sure he says, MN shamalan
    Sinu: Ill like to use alat palat.
    SRK: Alat palat. What would you have answered
    Sinu: C
    SRK: C is the right answer! Yes...


    Sinu: C and D im stuck in
    SRK: C and D
    Sinu: Pak = .5 hr difference...
    SRK: What do you want to do?
    Sinu: C
    SRK: Youll take a chance?
    Sinu: Yes
    SRK: freeze c. you thought it wasnt Pak., you though it wasnt Sri lanka,... you played well, unfortunately the right answer is Sri lanka. But its ok, you played well, youll take 20,000 with you and ill give you Priyanka's no. It was recent maybe thats why you got confused. I like that you came, and before you leave you come and hug me. And tell people that you learned what a nathni is. (laughs and hugs him)

    And Ill give you the answer to the har seat hot seat question... (answers it)
    Congrats to the winner...

    (buzzer rings)

    One sec, the phone keeps ringing... oh, hello? ok let me remember, .5 kilo potato, 2.5 kilo onion, 2 kilo tomato, ok im comming. And bhajiya, ill learn that from someone (bhajiya are like fritters, theyre a maharastrian/gujarati dish) If anyone knows how to make bhajiya please tell me, i have to make them when i get home. ill learn from you and go. and lets see the winner of faster finger first: Annie John! well done annie!

    Now we'll meet next with every sound because Antakshri will begin...and dont forget to call in KBC, after 10 the lines will be open and call soon because I and 2 crores Rs are waiting for you. Good night... (the youtube video link ended before he blew the kiss so im not sure what he said :p )
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