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Those Unforgettable moments.....

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Don't just wait for him to come to you.. you have to go to him if you really want to see him.
    and yes.. as long as you are a die hard srk fan you will be dead broke. :D
  2. Tanjusik

    Tanjusik New Member

    Tnank you very much to all you!!!!!:p Your stories are so sweet!!!!;)
  3. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    hey tatyana, good to see you. where have you been?
  4. ses72683

    ses72683 Member

    Interesting pics guys..I like this topic so much..it's my favorite no matter which site i visit..I haven't read them all..I still can't believe that Shahrukh actually took a munchkin from your Mom Shilpa..did u see him eat it..or did he roll the car window up after taking it..your Mom was pretty brave..i would've loved to be there..Shilpa, were u there at the Grand Central Station shooting last Oct. 1st? Did you and Wafa get to see Rani or any of the others or some of the shooting? I saw Karan and his Mom(briefly), Rani and Shahrukh and the adorable security guard Paul whom i spoke to..he's the one who spoke on the Outer World DVD; he's featured in other parts as well and briefly on the Inner World doc also. It was a wonderful experience altogether and I wish i could see Paul again..he was really accomodating..hopefully Inshallah i will another time.
  5. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    yes shen, shilpa and I saw rani and preity, met abhishek and jaya bachchan, amitabh bachchan, karan johar, manish malhotra and many more.
  6. Laila2006

    Laila2006 New Member

    Wafa...you are SOOO lucky!!!! God knows what I would do to meet them :D
    By the way, I think Manish Malhotra is a GENIUS!!!! I loved his costume designing for Main Hoon Na (the saris were AMAZING) and his work in Chalte Chalte (I absolutely LOVED each of Rani's outfits).
  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    yes I love his taste too, ever since KKHH too. he has class in his designs.
  8. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    LOL yea i can't believe it either! It felt like a dream the moment the window just rolled down. Actually, i don't remember if i saw him eat the munchkin :confused: After he took it, it was in his hands the whole time so i guess when he left he probably ate it. Nope, i wasn't at the shooting on Oct. 1st.
  9. ses72683

    ses72683 Member

    Shilpa, i completely feel that way too..it is like a dream--like half dream and half reality..I think maybe he didn't actually want to eat it in front of others who can see him..you know how he feels about eating in public view...i would feel the same way.

  10. aichia

    aichia New Member

    hey ppl

    i'm soOO jealous at the ppl who saw and touch srk:mad: hahah but thx 4 sharing with us;) hahah it would like a dream come true meeting srk:eek:
    but i will some day defenilty gonna meeting him:thumb: CuZ he's my Idol!!:)

  11. mainhoonna

    mainhoonna Active Member

    I saw SRK on his way back !

    All Shah Rukh Fanz there,
    I saw SRK on his way back when the show was called off due to heavey rainfall, The car was gathered by enthuthiastic fanz and some how the security managed to clear the crowds and let him go, The Khan was sitting on the left side of the car, The cute Khan with his dimpled smile with a blue T-shirt smiled and shaking his hands for his fanz, the car speeding over the main gate the crowed followed the car, and the car stuck on a signal the fanz gathered on the road, screaming ShahRukh, ShahRukh, ShahRukh, and i saw him by gazing on the window of the car khan sitting on the left side the darkness inside, and the king khan let his fanz to see him when he swicthed on his mobile phone and face shining dimpled smile and he was shy, and all the public watched the crowd, and the greeen signal on the car speeding again, and again the car stuck on the signal the crowd gathered there, and the security person were managing to avoid the car, and again the crowd saying ShahRukh, ShahRukh, ShahRukh,
    patting the car windows and again saw King Khan over the car front window and the signal got green again and the car speeding and i was happy that i saw him the Real KING KHAN ! SHAH RUKH KHAN !
  12. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thanks naveed for sharing your story and good to see you here.
  13. srk-nihal

    srk-nihal Winning Hearts

    I really dont know how to start and what to say iam staying speechless :tape: in front of your really outstanding experiences with the king khan i read all of your lovelyyyyyy stories and i just imagined every single story happening in front of my eyes and i lived every single moment with u all and i end with crying :sad: that i really want my life dream to come true also that nothing nothing can bring me extreme and huge and real happiness in my whole life but to see him in front of eyes which i hope it will come true one day and i :pray: to GOD everyday to help me and give me a chance to meet him in my life
    Really its my fav topic THANKS A LOT WAFA for the topic cuz i felt that iam there in every single experience and imagining every single moment :rolleyes2: as if iam there too :eek: really so touching and magical moments UUU are so lucky who have this chance and iam really happy for U all
    THANKS A LOT to ALL of u and many many hugs :hug: and kisses :kiss: to ALL OF UUUUU for sharing your wonderful moments of life with us and my best wishes and prayers with those who are still waiting for their turn and iam one among them :( to meet him very very very soon INSHALLAH :pray2:
    and sure we will one day simply because LOVE WILL FIND A WAY :thumb:
    :heart: I LOVE UUUU ALL AND GOD BLESS U ALL :heart:
  14. Meike

    Meike New Member

    WOW....thanks a lot guys for telling all your experiences!!!! It`s so wonderful and sooooo great!! Shahrukh is such a sweetheart.....ohhhhh I wish I could meet him once again!!!!:pray: :pray:
  15. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    I will never forget...October 5th,2004

    I just got back from the airport a few hours ago and I am exhausted. I was in London for all of 24 hours, lol. Anyways I took 125 pictures at the dinner, and about 87 are of Shah Rukh (though some are of hair which may I add I smothered and caressed with my hands twice, or from random angles, God knows I tried hard to get his butt too, but he was being mobbed so I think I got other butts, but not his, damn!). My friend Mallika took about 30 pictures, so that’s about 117 pictures of Shah Rukh in total. I will write about the whole experience and post pictures hopefully by tomorrow or Friday, but for now I would just like to give a huge huge thank you to Wafa and everyone involved in organizing this event. Wafa is so sweet and even more beautiful in person. She is extremely kind and just really great! Thank you so much for everything Wafa! And Shah Rukh, well I've said before that I always think it's not possible to love him any more than I already do, but I was wrong, the love I feel for him is simply beyond words. Shah Rukh is such an angel. Thank you for last night Shah Rukh. I waited for 14 long years to meet you and last night you made my dream come true. I love you more than life. I hope I don't sound too extreme here, but those are my true feelings. I think all in all it was a night of bittersweet emotions, but I have a thought about this which I will share with you all later. Well, I’m about to collapse, so I will post more later!

    When Shah Rukh first came in, as expected there was security all around him and he was being completely mobbed. I tried to make my way towards him and the next thing I knew he was there, right next to me almost. The feeling was so surreal, after waiting for fourteen years, there he was…so close to me. OMG, his whole gorgeous self was so close, his back was towards me as was his gorgeous hair. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I didn’t want to upset him by invading his personal space. I’m sorry, but after contemplating that for about two seconds, I was like, you know what, I’ve waited way too long to let this moment go by, so I just stuck my hand out and started running my fingers through his hair, down his neck and onto his shoulders. OH MY GOD. His hair was sooo soft and smooth, and it felt a little cool, like he had just washed it. I seriously think I saw angels in the background, lol. And OMG, his neck was sooo soft and warm. Haiii. And you know what, even though the security kept moving him along and it all lasted for only a few seconds, he was so sweet. He didn’t try to see who was touching his hair/neck or give any weird looks…he just let everyone do what they wanted as he walked calmly towards the stage. That made me feel so good inside…kind of like he really understands our adoration towards him and just wants to see us happy by letting us get so close to him…it was really sweet.

    My next encounter was when the host of the show said that he’d let the audience ask him some questions. The host was sooo nice. He remembered me saying that I had come from San Francisco, so right away he came to our table and said, “Where’s the fan from San Francisco?” I started waving my arms around and saying me. My heart was beating so fast. I walked towards the stage and Shah Rukh walked towards me. I was looking up at him and into those gorgeous innocent eyes (he was higher since he was on the stage) he came and took my hand. OMG [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] it was so so so so beautiful. I didn’t shake it because I was afraid if we shook it up and down twice, then he’d let go…so I just kept holding on to it. It was so soft and warm and strong and comforting. I just wanted to rest my face in those big comforting hands. They were bigger than my hands, and so it just kind of enclosed my hand in his. It was kind of like in my dream, by the end of the ten seconds I could really feel his energy kind of coming into me. And when he finally let go, he didn’t just let go, but he gently slid it out of my hand, so the feeling of it lingered for a long time. I kept saying, “I love you Shah Rukh” along with a bunch of other girls. I think he might have said I love you too, if not to me, to the fans in general. I asked my question, “Shah Rukh, can I please hug you? Please, please can I hug you?” He was sooo cute. With his usual charm he said something along the lines of, “I would hug you too, but then everyone would want to come up and we’d all be hugging each other until breakfast tomorrow." People were laughing. So, I didn’t get that hug unfortunately, but the way he said it, it was so cute and sweet. I had also taken a letter/poem and some super super lame gifts for him, and I kept saying, “Shah Rukh, I have some gifts and a letter and poem, can I please please give it to you, please?” Oh my God, he was so sweet. He was just so calm and so kind. He kept nodding his head and saying, “Yea, sure, yea” I know that doesn’t sound like saying much, but the tone of his voice, it was like he could really understand how much I wanted him to have what I’d brought for him. It’s this compassion he has towards his fans that really really touches me.

    My third encounter with him included Charla! Actually, I think Charla and I kind of had two bonding moments, one was when we yelled at people together to sit down and stop stepping on us! Lol, the second was when Shah Rukh was coming back down the stage to leave the room, he stopped right by our table. He reached out his hand and (Charla do you remember this?) we both reached out our hands and held on to his. All three of us just kind of clasped each other’s hands for a few seconds. It was really beautiful.

    My fourth kind of encounter was when he was leaning in front of a table, I had a clear view of him from my camera, so out of nowhere I yelled, “Hey Shah Rukh, can you please smile so I can get your dimples on my camera?!” People around me heard and laughed, but unfortunately Shah Rukh didn’t hear, so that didn’t really work out, lol.

    And my final encounter was when he was leaving, I basically got to touch his hair/neck/body again for a few seconds. Well, that’s about it. I didn’t get everything, but I did get a lot more then I ever dared to imagine. Just the fact that Shah Rukh was there made it the most beautiful moment of my life.
  16. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Do Pal Ruka Khwaabon Ka Karavaan

    And now Shah Rukh…haiiiii Shah Ruuukkkhhh!!! God I love him sooo much!!![​IMG] So he first won the award for best actor-singer (I think it was actually a joke) so he came up and accepted it and then said okay Shaan I know you want me to sing, then Shaan was like nahin Shah Rukh it’s okay, then Shah Rukh was like, “No Shaan, I know you want me to sing!” Hahaha, he was sooo cute!!![​IMG] So then he sang Kal Ho Naa Ho is his sexy voice…freaking hell I thought I would die right then and there. After that he came out and danced to some old qawwali’s…OMG!!! He was wearing these kind of tight fitting suit pants…can you say BOOTILICIOUS!!! His butt looked damn smackable yaars[​IMG] …okay I know that sounds kind of kinky (sorry for subjecting the guys to this)…but come on ladies I know you all feel the same way! Then he changed and came out again and danced to Tumse Milke!!! Haiii chest!!! OMG!!! He looked sooo hot!!! And you know Shah Rukh’s energy…when he comes on stage the whole stadium gets so energized…my heart was beating so fast and my whole body was tingling from excitement and happiness…and love. While he was dancing to Tumse Milke his shirt went up and I saw his belly button (thought of Wafa right away [​IMG] ) It is sooo cute!! I wanted to kiss it!! Lol. And later on Shaan announced that the best actor-singer thing was Shah Rukh’s idea…he is such a Sweetoo…always thinking of what the audience would like.[​IMG]

    So we were waiting for evvveeerrr and were pretty sure Shah Rukh wouldn’t walk down the red carpet anyways since he’d be performing and all. And all of a sudden after all the waiting we heard these huge screams. Unfortunately, the person who was entering was coming not from the entrance where I was standing, but from the other end. Some people around me kept asking who it was…I stuck my head out from behind the security fence thing…leaned forward…and saw the most beautiful angel in this world. Sure enough it was Shah Rukh walking down the red carpet. There was this whole entourage behind him and cameramen in front of him. He wasn’t smiling, but he had such a serene and peaceful look on his face…it was so beautiful. My heart was beating so fast…I was just staring at his beautiful face thanking God so much for just letting me know that Shah Rukh exists in this world. With my lips I was screaming Shah Rukh I love you…I love you so much…thank you…thank you so much…and with my heart I was smiling so big…you know how sometimes your face isn’t showing a certain expression…but you can feel the happiness flowing through your body…it was just like that. Shah Rukh was walking towards us, but just a little bit before he got to where I was standing the cameramen stopped, as a signal for him to start walking back. My heart dropped a little…I know it’s selfish to want more…but…I don’t know…so he was starting to turn around to go back…but then he suddenly started turning back again…now what I’m about to say is going to sound selfish and self-absorbed, so I would like to apologize in advance, but I just want to say it honestly the way I feel. He turned around and looked at me right in the eyes. I swear…it could have been people around me…but I was the last person in line...and the way I saw it, it was just him and me…for those few seconds my world stopped…it was as if he was holding nothing but me in the gaze of those big beautiful brown eyes…just me and Shah Rukh. He gave me a slight smile and then lifted his arm and gave me a big thumbs up. Oh my God…it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. It was short-lived, I know Shah Rukh would never know because he has those small moments with so many fans…but it meant the world to me. Sometimes I feel kind of sad because I wonder when Shah Rukh shakes hands with someone or makes eye contact with them for a split second…I know he is very sincere in what he does…but sometimes I wonder if he knows how much those few seconds of his attention really mean to us…I hope somewhere deep down inside he knows.

    I know a lot of people here have personally met Shah Rukh and have had beautiful experiences with him…I’m still waiting for that day and I know this small moment is really nothing in comparison [​IMG][​IMG] , but it was still very special to me. I’m not comparing Shah Rukh to God in anyway here, so please don’t be offended. But you know how sometimes you go through so much in your life that you become so desperate in search of a sign from God that you’ll consider anything…even a reflection of a rainbow in a puddle of rain…as a sign…that was kind of the way I felt…I’ve gone through a lot in the past few years and when Shah Rukh just stopped for those few seconds and looked into my eyes…I felt so many things…like maybe he understood my love towards him…how grateful I am to have him in my life…how he is my hope, my inspiration, my angel…how many times during the day I thank God for him…I felt like it was a sign…uske dil se mere dil tak…a sign of what…I don’t know myself…but when he finally lifted his arm and gave me a thumbs up…I felt like he was telling me ki main hoon na…main hameshaa yahaan hoon…my heart started hurting so badly and my eyes filled with tears…I felt so much love for Shah Rukh at that moment that it just made my whole body hurt for some reason…aside from my mom, Shah Rukh is the one person who has been there for me all my life…and after 15 years…it was like for those few moments he understood how significant a part of my life he is…for those few moments he knew that it’s him who makes so much of my life worth living.

    I am positive Shah Rukh doesn’t remember this incidence or even know how he made me feel…and it wouldn’t be logical for me to expect him too…but I am so grateful to him for being the wonderful person he is and loving his fans the way he does…because it’s those small moments that are the most beautiful…[​IMG]

    The reason I titled this topic the way I did is because for those few moments it was just Shah Rukh and me…frozen together in time. And then he turned and went his way…and I went back to my reality of feeling so close…yet so far. Do pal ruka khwaabon ka karavaan…aur phir chal diye tum kahaan hum kahaan.
  17. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Oh Kalee your story is so wonderful and full of those sweet feelings which I've felt in the same way as you did when I met Shah Rukh!

    He's such an wonderful person... and Kalee, I'm absolutely sure that he knows what he's meaning to us. He knows our love for him and in those short few moments he give us this (his) love back!
  18. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Thank you so much Nicole.:hug: I actually posted the full versions here i-will-never-forgetoctober-5th and here do-pal-ruka-khwaabon-ka-karavaan, but I posted some portions here as well since it's relevant to the topic.:)

    I really hope you're right and he does know what he means to us...I haven't really met him, more like only seen him, lol, but if I ever do, I would definitely like to tell him what he means to me.:angel::heart:

    And you're so right that he always gives so much love back to his fans.:kiss:

    Thanks again.:)
  19. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    Awww Sweetieoo!!! I loved reading your experiences again :heart: You have such a beautiful touch with words :kiss: I really really hope and pray for you that you have more & even better experiences with Shahrukh :hug:
  20. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Aww, thank you so so much Sweetieoo.:hug:

    You and Rajshri and Wafa always give me hope that maybe one day I will have the chance to meet him.:angel: Thank you so much.:)

    I really hope the same for you Sweetieoo.:kiss:

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