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Those Unforgettable moments.....

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

  2. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Mehzaaaaaa!! Loved these 2 posts of yours!! Memorable indeed!! And I too khan't believe why some people could be so mean so envious of others! You guys weren't disturbing them or anything like that anyway I feel like punching them in the face! :boxing: sokay hun! Waiting excitedly for the last part! :flame:
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  3. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Mahzabin, good to read from you again, please post what you had to say in your blog (that's what the forum is for in the first place), and not the link to the blog.
  4. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.


    Looking through this thread made me think of this cute cartoon. I'd be this way if I ever met him.
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  5. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    awww how cute!! hahaha
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  6. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

  7. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I dreamed I met Shah Rukh and then I dreamed it was a dream. And then I woke up.
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  8. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    I feel like sharing my last adventure with you.
    I was in London from october 4 to october 10, i went there to attend slam plus tour, it was my first solo trip i was quite stressed because i normally try to meet SRK with other fans and this time i had to experience it alone but thank God everything went well i didn't regret anything in fact it's the best experience i ever had.
    I attended the concert on the 5th , i got a vip ticket so i was quite close to the stage. The show was brilliant, SRK is such a great performer he rocked, his voice is so sexy and powerful, his bodylanguage perfect as always it was too beautiful to see, he's got such an aura, i liked the performances of the others as well, i can say that i relived the magic i experienced in the past 12 years in almost 3 hours i really enjoyed myself.
    Then in the next day i woke up at 4am because i thought he would be leaving at 8am, i arrived at the airport around 6am and i had to roam all heathrow terminals since a friend was telling me about all london-mumbai/ london-dubai flights lol, at a moment i thought i won't catch him only to know at 10am that he will leave in the evenning so i left the airport and came back at 6pm, i later met 5 other fans at arount 8pm and we waited for him together.
    He arrived with deepika and abishek and i got my camera ready but the bodyguards asked us not to take pictures and to move back, i was sad i really wanted that one picture i could never get in Germany and Morocco but i didn't give up, when he was getting close to us to enter the airport i seized the occasion and spontaneously told him "please shah rukh ive come from Morocco just for this" he kindly agreed to take the picture his personal BG took my camera and quickly clicked the picture!!! and that was it... i kept staring at him from away while checking in and all...i wished i could tell him in few words how much i love him and thank him for all the magic i exerienced thanks to him during all these years but it wasn't the right moment nor the right place i just didn't dare disturb him any further.

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  9. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    What a sweet picture.
  10. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    Thank you
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  11. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Awww he's ever so sweet!! SO happy for you Salma!! This is just the beginning! If it was a solo trip, who took all those pics? :p
  12. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    Lool i used to ask people to click the pics and they never refused
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  13. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

  14. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    Thaaaank you
  15. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Nice pic, salma:)
    now I realize where you are, great..a planet member
    here is another, when you stand by me in front of Shahrukh
    BzVaJvNCMAAq_Sb.jpg large.jpg
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  16. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    Thank you was nice meeting you though we were all stressed haha...i saw these pictures i call them behind the scenes lol
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  17. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    Are you of the same height as shah?
  18. srkgauri

    srkgauri Well-Known Member

    no you didn't notice he is taller than me on the pic
  19. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    ok so i thought i should share about my experience at TOIFA while it's still fresh in my memory :heart:
    first let me tell u about how dreams do come to reality :heart: when i heard about TOIFA being hosted in Dubai, with Shahrukh (maybe) attending i was lying in bed before going to sleep. i put the phone away and i what i dreamt seemed really funny to me the next day. i dreamt i was going to Dubai for TOIFA with 2 of my best friends (an engaged couple that love to travel) to see Shahrukh. it made sense somehow in my head, Dubai being the closest to Romania than any of his usual destinations. while they were shooting for Dilwale i was attending my final medschool exams, so going to Bulgaria was out of the question, although we share a border. also, Dubai itself is a beauty and a unique destination for anyone.
    when i woke up i told my friend about my silly dream and she told me "but why should it be just a dream?"
    that got me thinking. i am a midleclass girl, i've never been outside Romania ever, i am already struggling in medschool and all that... was it possible? we looked up for the cheapest flight and turned out it was not that impossible after all. even the accomodation was fairly decent, very comparable to Romania, but of course the quality was far above ours.
    i also told my dear friend @gauri_fairy about it and when she heard about it she began considering it as well! which is even more crazy considering she lives in NYC! but the length Shahrukhies would go to for their loved ones knows no limits i guess!
    but there was still a problem... was he attending? we didn't know for sure. my friends were tagging along for the sake of the trip, but for @gauri_fairy and i, there was only one objective, and that is to see our darling
    the morning they announced him coming along with the video, i woke up and immediately booked my flight. i didn't even have a passport, i went for the photo right away. we then booked our accomodation and what was left was just the venue. when that was open for booking, we bought our tickets as well and we were basically all set
    only we had to wait for a whole month :rofl:
    fast forwarding to the event... apart from the super lousy organizing, TOIFA was a blast :love:
    why lousy? well because we were promised red carpet and it was organized, but only for the press. there were other inconveniences at the venue (i won't even begin ranting about those...) but all's well when it ends well.
    we met up with the admin for SRK Universe Canada who is a darling sweetheart and helped us A LOT. i am forever grateful to her for being so kind. actually, Shahrukh brings together the most awesome people from all around the world. they kept telling people i came from Romania just to see Shahrukh and everybody was taken aback. they could not believe i would do that! sure i did, and i will continue to do so whenever i am able to.
    as we sat enjoying the show (btw whoever likes BW in general would have loved it. Varun and Ranveer was spectacular especially), there were the screens on each side of the stage showing us glimpses from the audience. every now and then they would show other celebs' reactions. when they first showed Shahrukh the 3 of us went craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy :love: people in the far back were really excited as well but from our area we were the only ones fangirling as much! just a few moments later, they showed him again and we went even wilder! i could tell everybody was only hearing us and we were looking at him reacting to our screams. and i will never ever forget this moment: he blew us a kiss!

    i just know it was for us, we were the only ones reacting as strongly closest to him. i really hope they keep it in the final edit of the show. or that someone has a video of this :heart:

    afterwards, we waited for his performance (we knew it'd be the last one and we were right). the crowd got wild during Salman's performance so we knew things would go ballistic when he went onstage. and i was right. everyone ran towards the stage and ppl were standing on the chairs for a better view

    and the most interesting thing happened... i found a spot from where i could watch him directly (i didn't want to see it on one of the screens, i felt like that's what i could've done at home, i wanted to see him directly) and i just stood and watched him...quietly amongst all the madness surrounding me.

    i didn't cry, i didn't cheer, i didn't clap, i couldn't do anything! i was just standing there, staring at him, wondering if that was really happening right before my eyes.

    i'd waited for that moment for 9 years. the feeling was overwhelming to that extent.

    i didn't want to film anything or take pics (again, i wanted to enjoy it as lively as possible) but i did film a bit when his performance was over. i could tell he was in pain even during the performance. he barely moved on stage compared to his other perfomances. and he was so out of breath at the end. he had to announce on stage the guy that sang the arabic version of Jabra Fan. when he left i didn't know what to do with myself. they showed the FAN trailer and then almost everyone left. it was close to 3 am anyway.
    but we knew better, so we stayed

    and just like that, after Yo Yo Honey Singh performed, he came back!!! :heart: this time i had an even better view, since like 80% of the people had left. i actually sat as close as possible to the stage and could finally enjoy just seeing him before my very eyes. this time i could clap, laugh, giggle, all that teary eyed. he was his usual witty self but very flirtatious that night! i knew him so i know him like that but i was looking around wondering what all the people who are probably not as crazy about him as i am thought hahaha. the sexual inuendo was hitting the roof haha. and i loved it :love: i realized people edit out most of what he says haha. i found him just as candid as he used to be, now he seems more diplomatic everytime he makes a public appearance, trying to avoid controvercies. there was none of that that evening lol

    when it was finally really over, i just stood and watch him go away. i couldn't unglue my eyes off him till i couldn't see him at all.

    posting this here, i know it may seem really silly. i don't have an autograph, a pic with him, i don't have any great story of how i met him. but this is my experience and i wrote it all down, dil se. i felt as if i'd met him and that's what matters to me most

    this is whatever i managed to film of him

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  20. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Beautiful story Dea.:heart: You've talked so often about meeting/seeing him, and I'm so happy it finally happened for you.:hug: Long back I wrote about the Sahara Sangeet Awards in 2005. I was standing at the front of the red carpet, but unlike everyone else, he entered from the other side and turned back just before standing where I was, but he turned around and gave me a thumbs up. To this day, I feel certain that that was just for me. I was reminded of that moment when reading about how Shah Rukh blew you and your friends a kiss. That's the beauty about him. That we can leave with nothing in a sense, no picture, no autograph, yet because of the way he gives, from his heart, we leave with everything, the memories, the love, the beauty of the moment that was just for you. May you have many more beautiful experiences with him.:hug:
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