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Those Unforgettable moments.....

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Wafa, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

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  2. MsShar2u

    MsShar2u Another Part Of SRK

    Thanks, Debbie! Hmm, I guess you're right about that, lol... But I'm sure I'm not the only fan to whom he's said something like this. I remember thinking it was funny because I didn't expect him to say anything like that at all... Aww, memories!
  3. MsShar2u

    MsShar2u Another Part Of SRK

    Also, I'm very happy to say that I received my first reply on Twitter from SRK today. He really IS a sweetheart. :heart:
  4. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    LOL that was so cute, thanks for sharing your story :) what a sweet man and can't help but being naughty lol..
  5. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    After 2years, 2months, 11days, 6hours and 45 minutes later he was once again in front of me. This time for even a longer duration, while being charming, intelligent, gorgeous-in short just being "perfect".

    The journey from New York City to New Haven:
    I had to get up pretty early to be on my way to New Haven (at Connecticut, CT) for the event, since it was on a first come first serve basis, which allowed me to sleep less than four hours that night. Tried to eat something before leaving home but failed miserably, I simply could just not swallow the food! I already had print outs of maps of various routes to get to the location (Shubert Theater), since I have never been to CT before and heard the place is not very safe, so did not wanted to take any risk by getting lost. Like last time, I did not put any songs on, as I mentioned before they make me emotional (specially his). Yet all I could think about was him, and everytime I checked my iTouch for time I blew kisses at him seeing his picture on background.

    I reached New Haven at around 12pm, while the show was suppose to start at 4pm. So I was ofcourse on time, if not very early. The first thing I saw as I walked in front of the theater was, the big board outside that had his name in big font stating the timing of his lecture! A lecture by him (imagine how I felt)!? I was the second person queue, behind an American lady who flew from Virginia being the first to reach the venue. There were some other people here and there, but no one wanted to stand on line as it was freezing outside, and it was kind of silly to stand there while the place was literally empty. The weather actually changed all of a sudden, all I had on me was my thin leather jacket and I did not even wear closed shoe. It was cold as hell with freezing wind blowing from every corner, it was only 12 and we had to stand till 3.30pm (atleast). I could easily have moved and gone to a coffee place or somewhere to sit, but I did not want to give up my spot. I could have asked the lady or the two Pakistani guys (who later came to stand behind me) to keep my spot, while I go get warm, but I did not want to do it. As that would have given me the feeling that I don’t deserve the spot, since I was prioritizing my own comfort . I knew I had to stand there freezing if may, to tell myself that yes I deserve to be here, I deserve to have him in front of me for an hour and half, I deserve it as much as 1600 other people in the theater.

    As if it wasn’t freezing enough, Allah perhaps wanted to test me more. The wind got crazier and to add to our complications it started raining! Yes freezing wind, freezing cold rain water and we had no umbrellas! It was unbelievably cold; I was shivering like crazy, never in my life I shivered like this before, and on top of that I already got drenched in the rain. It was only 1pm by then, my pumps being made out of some thick fabric, once it got wet it wasn't drying. My feet were frozen, I could not walk, it seemed I had two blocks of ice inplace of my feet. Media started showing up after a while, while people went crazy to give interviews. I on the other hand did not wanted to move from my spot to go and talk with media. However, NDTV wanted to talk with the people who were first on line. They asked me what was so special about him that I traveled all this way, I said "Because he's the KING of the world".

    Anyways just as we got drenched in the rain, the cold wind dried us. So my whole body was ice cold, and on top of that cold wind kept blowing with full speed. By this time the crowd grew so big, I knew it was impossible to get a hug from him, which I so much desired. But to be very honest what I was getting was enough for me, hug would have been a cherry on top, but later I realized having him in front makes up for the whole cake including the cherry! After waiting for what seemed about an eternity it was 3pm, when they would open the door. The management was so bad, and the people who were managing the even were rude to core. It was 3pm and no one opened the door, it was 3.15 no one opened. The people inside saw us freezing to death outside and yet they did not open. The police inside even took a picture of us in his phone, perhaps to hold the best example of dedication. It was 3.30pm no one opened, I had a feeling he was running late and hence the delay. And then at about 3.50pm they opened the door for us, I said Bismillah and went in, happily the second person to walk through the door.I won’t write much about the seating arrangement, but that was also terrible. Got to seat in the VIP section ultimately and that is what counts, forgetting the struggle we had to go through to get there, even though we were first on line, as I said management was very bad.

    It was 4pm+ and still no sign of the sweet-heart. After about 20 minutes someone walked on to the stage, and the crowd screamed! His first reaction was “I’m not Khan”, which made me want to get that Khan from wherever he was and give a crushing hug! He announced delay of the event (as expected) and said Mr. Chubb Fellow will attend a press conference first, that we'll get to see on screen, and then come down to be in front of us. At around 5.15pm people on the screen started to get busy, the crowd knew what it mean so we screamed. The KING has arrived.
  6. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    Main Event:
    The charming, ever graceful, the most handsome man, the best human being currently on the planet was there on the screen and somewhere upstairs to where I was seating. We were in the same building! Him and me. As I thought he wore black ofcourse. The press conference was kept short, and it was announced that he was coming down to the theater shortly. Guess how my heart behaved, sorry but you don’t get anything for the right answer. Anticipation, excitement, nervousness the few minutes wait was killing me! I wanted him there, right in front of me, right away. The head of the South Asian Organization who sort of started the idea to get him at Yale for the honor walked in, spoke a little about him and the honor. She left us with this video clip from his movies, songs, stage shows etc. The crowd roared, with each song, scene, and basically his sight.

    The video ended, and HE walked in………

    I screamed, I screamed with all my heart, I screamed as loud as my voice allowed me to. I always wanted to be part of the scream team when I used to see it on tv. I wanted him to feel he was so welcome, I wanted him to feel our love and support through our scream, oh what the hell I don’t want to cry now, okay I literally wanted to take my heart out and give it to him! His first word on the podium and we screamed again. He was smiling, I saw his dimples, I saw his hair all gelled up. I was staring at him so hard as to make myself believe it was him. I stared so hard I wanted him to get stuck in my eyes so I can never see anything else but him only. He started his lecture, I understood some of it and some I did not, as it was difficult to multitask at the moment, staring at him as well as listening. My eyes took the lead though. Yet from what I got from his lecture, it was beautiful. Subhanallah, the way this man’s mind works. He is not only intelligent, he knows how to write well, how to gather his thoughts and express them in a way that it touches your heart’s string and play DDLJ tune with it! I took pictures, recorded videos, screamed even more. Whenever, he mentioned Ra.One I was the first to scream, while people joined me, I wanted him to know that he is loved and his dream movie too. I even made faces at him (!!) when he was being modest! I wanted to hug him when he said he was “sexy and most desirable”. I wanted his lecture never to end, I wanted time to miraculously stop. After the speech he went backstage, only to come back again for Q/A (all thanks to Allah).

    The shona walked in again, and we all screamed. He sat down, and luckily he sat on the chair closer to our side, and as I assumed the black mug to hold his coffee he indeed was drinking from it. There were two students from the University on his left (I forgot why they were selected), and on his right was one of Yale’s Professor of philosophy. This is when I started staring even more creepily at him. I could see him completely now, head to toe. I stared like some creepy fan girl, the realization of which is amazing me now! I stared at his hair, his eyes, his nose, the way he bites his lips, his ears, his hands, his wedding ring, his shoes (and the thing hanging out from one of it), the way he scratches his hair, the way he blushes, the dimples – I stared deeply at him. I could not look anywhere else; my eyes were stuck on him. I noticed every single thing he was doing, every single thing.

    After Q/A he got up, in order to perform a little to say dialogues, dance a little etc. He said dialogues from DON and also did his famous pose. I did not feel like I was in the same planet filled with so much negativity. Everything seemed too good to be real. Then he decided to perform in Chammak Challo, this seemed so surreal. It was my childhood dream to see him perform, and moreover I wanted to be in some kind of program which has only him! To be honest no one will really understand what goes through me when I’m experiencing all this, except probably the people who knows me since childhood. No one else can really understand how much all these means to me, or how much he means to me. While he was performing I wanted to scream as much as my voice allowed me, wanted to scream until no more sound came out. His moves are so perfect and elegant, everything about this man worth the best compliments. He bowed after his performance, which was unexpected. So I screamed again to show how much every little thing he does is appreciated by us.

    The program almost came to an end; it was time for him to take a leave. Everyone cheered; everyone made him feel how much he is loved. And while he was about to leave stage, we all ran toward the stage (atleast the ones in front). Screwing the American security guards, no one cared what they will say or do! He had to leave stage from the side where I was, so mostly he was on our side (lucky I got yet again?). As he was walking away, people were going crazy to hold his hand. The gentleman walked forward to hold our hands, but then the first person whose hand he held was an ******* (pardon!) enough to pull him. I had a mini-heart attack, the baby almost fell! South Asian crowds are worse, they don’t know manners, and they don’t know how to respect. So the jaan decided to leave, as the crowd in front was not worth touching him. One of the most memorable moments of this experience was when he was standing the closest to me, to hold hands; he smiled squeezing his eyes and showing his dimples. It seemed like his eyes were also smiling, those gorgeous brown eyes.

    He went backstage, we came out and wanted to look for his car. It was easy to notice it as there was heavy security around it. People gathered on both sides of the car, and when the security noticed the crowd was increasing they pushed everyone back even further. I was on the left side of the car, and again it was a good spot as I could see the car totally, while the view of people on the other side was blocked by wall. Anyways the jaan came out, and needless to say everyone screamed. As he saw us, you could clearly tell, he wanted to come and sign autographs. He was telling the security (US people not his personal), that he wanted to sign autographs but the lady clearly was against it. He said like two times and she denied both the times. I’m actually kind of grateful to her; I don’t know how he can even dare to come among the crowd forgetting what happened minutes ago on the stage. So he had no other option but to get in, sadly he went in from the right side. I knew that he always slides down the window to wave at his fans, and since I was on the other side I thought I would miss it. I had to run on the other side of the road! The police car, and bikes were ready and they even turned the siren on! But I had to run. Holding my breath I ran, the police vehicles were like 2 meters away from me, I could easily have gotten myself injured or arrested! Haha! Now that was quite a dare devil stunt! Anyways the result was a success; the jaan did slide the window down and was waving. I blew kisses at him, and screamed his name, and the car stormed away. So this was it, stared at the car for as long as I could.

    And this is when once again my dream turned into reality. I can never ever thank Allah enough for all these blessings. For some reason, the moment I see his car moving away I wish I could just get into some car to follow where he goes. This happened last time as well!
  7. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    Coming out of dreamworld:
    I did not want to leave CT, I wanted to go back to those beautiful moments. But I know Insha Allah I’ll once again be blessed by them – Ameen. I was staring at nothingness, and smiling thinking of him. My company (the Pakistani guys were also coming to NYC) had to call me again and again to bring me back to reality. The first thing I saw as I walked home was the parcel, the gift I bought for him. Allah truly has a reason behind everything, I would never have been able to give it to him this time. Next time Insha Allah, it will be destined to be in his hand. Next morning as I woke up, the realization that I was almost back to the ugly reality made me feel terrible. This time he was in front of me for so long, that somehow I started hoping miraculously the moment would never end and he would always be there. I avoided talking with anyone for the next two days, it was hard to see him gone. Emotionally I've recovered by now, but healthwise not so much. Yes standing in the cold for 4 hours resulted in getting a fever, but should add this was the most precious reason to fall sick. Traveled a lot, suffered extreme weather, froze while waiting and starved whole day, yet from my mind all of these can easily be replaced so easily with just that “smile”. I end here; this time my post about the day when I saw my dream doing what he does best “entertaining”, and more.
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  8. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member


    Such a wonderful experience!! Thank you that shared it with us!!
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  9. pleasant

    pleasant Active Member


    What a beautiful experience you had and you wrote it soooooooooo beautifully.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.
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  10. Shadab

    Shadab New Member

    Wafa, pls get me a autrograph of him, pls pls pls pls pls please....... :'(
  11. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    Reading your report is like living it with you Mahzabin :heart::love: Thank you so much for sharing :hug:

    While reading it i went over nodding to smiling and even head shaking. Sometimes i think he is doing it on purpose and comes only when it is cold outside :lol: I don't know how many times i spend hours over hours in the freezing cold and waiting for him. But then at the end all is well when you see him, you are allowed to share the same place/room/theatre with him, breathe the same air like him. When you feel time seems to stand still and you only stare in disbelieve that it is really him. I know it is disappointing when the crowd don't know how to behave and you see your chance to might get a handshake or even a hug leaving. But then you were lucky enough, one more time, to see him ... and in your case for such a long time. :D

    I feel really happy for you that all worked fine and you could experience these wonderful moments. :love:::heart:
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  12. Anjali72

    Anjali72 Thanx Shah Rukh!!!

    Dear Mahzabin!
    What a great, wonderful overwhelming experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with us here and through reading your report you gave me the feeling I was there with you! Thank you again and Congratulations to you! :hug::kiss:
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  13. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Mahzabin, what a wonderful report of your experience!! I feel almost like I was there! Thanks for taking the time to write such a complete account.:clap2:
    I can understand how you just stared at him......I dream how I will just look & look, unable to do anything else when I finally get to see him. :heart:
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  14. Pedi

    Pedi Well-Known Member

    So happy for you dear Mahzabin and thaks for sharing it with all of us :hug:
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  15. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    Glad all of enjoyed reading it :hug: There is a video I forgot to post here, it's kind of crazy the way I was reacting while he performed. I had no idea that is what I was doing until I saw the video at home, can I post it here or some other thread?
  16. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Uff...my heart was pounding reading this part...feeling the same anticipation of his entry that you must have felt, heart flooded with unending emotion...:heart:

    I think as his fans, that's always our biggest desire, to make him feel our love for him in any and every way we can...for me personally, it's almost desperation, like, please, please feel our love for you, and let us know you feel it...and from your cheers that we could hear in the videos, I'm sure you did just that.:heart:

    Congratulations to you Mahzabin, for making the journey to an unknown destination, for braving the weather, for patiently waiting, for making your dream come true...I think very people are fortunate enough to see only Shah Rukh performing on stage and to hear live, such beautiful life lessons that he'd written just for you.:heart:

    Thank you so much for sharing every detail and emotion of this beautiful experience with us.:heart:

    You can post your videos here: http://www.planetsrk.com/community/threads/shah-rukh-khan-visits-yale.25810/page-2#post-831236 .:)
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  17. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    You just made me teary eyed with this. Thank you for your message, it feels so good to be around all of you. I mean it. Thanks for the video link too, will post it right away.
  18. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    You're most welcome yaar.:hug::kiss: I agree, it feels so very good to be in the presence of people who celebrate your happiness with you and who understand your greatest love and passion, when no one else does.:heart::grouphug:
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  19. gauri_fairy

    gauri_fairy mahzabin

    OMG your replies :Cry:
  20. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    I am so happy for you!!! I could feel your excitement while reading and had a huge smile on my face as well!! Thank you for being our personal representative at Yale!!!!
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