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This Ra.One has G.One

Discussion in 'RaOne (Ra.1)' started by precious_ain, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. precious_ain

    precious_ain Well-Known Member

    The “Dream Projects” in Indian movies often have been disastrous in past. With due respect to Late Raj Kapoor, Shailendrajee and Guru Dutt and their dream projects, later turned into “master pieces” , were not up to the mark at the box office. “Mera Naam Joker”, “Teesri Kasam” and “Kagaz ke Phool” were not less the disasters at theaters during those times. Off course makers especially creative makers put on dream projects to fulfill their internal wishes. Means those things which they have not done yet and doing it for their own satisfaction. Raj Kapoor was almost bankrupt after “Mera Naam Joker” so was Guru Dutt after “Kagaz Ke Phool”. Shailendrajee died soon after “Teesri Kasam” didn’t replied with desired results. I am sure my memory is serving me right in all three cases I have mentioned above. When I was on my way to watch another dream project of today’sBadshah all these cases mentioned above, plus the articles and reviews by different film pundits were going through my mind. Although I was just obliging my six years old son, who wanted to see this movie at any cost, I too was not less exited to watch it. Mind you never been a SRK fan, in fact, never liked his antics on and off the screen. Yes I have always admired him as good actor with charming persona.

    After going through those reviews by movie pundits on different websites and super punditson different socialnetworking sites, first 10-15 minutes of the movie, certainly gave me thought of “Gayee Bhens Paani Mein”. It all started with “Is ki Lee” “Us ki Lee” “Sab ki Lee”. It was then followed by Condom-Condom, Bhai ka bhocha, Tere baap ka poda. I told myself, “Oh god, SRK is at it again!!” That blog “An open letter to SRK”[http://thebigdowg.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/an-open-letter-to-srk/] was right there in my mind too. They “key” sequence was also looked like “typical SRKish”. But suddenly things started to change when visual effects started to happen. Things were getting interesting for me. The way Ra.One was starting behave the way he wanted to as per rule of the game. Especially the way Aakaashi was feeling the pinch by Ra.One every time he tests the game.

    Anyways, most of us have seen the movie and know the story, so no further boring talks on that. Let me explain what helped me in having different opinion then most of the pundits who are hell bent on claiming that Ra.One is no different than those three movies I mentioned above, calculating amount of disaster about Ra.One, despite being not a fan of SRK? The first thing helped me is that I have not given any comics in my childhood days. For me the only Super Hero was Hanuman. I had no knowledge about Batman or Superman or Spiderman, till I was in 5th or 6th standard. Thanks to Doordarshan, who used to air Spiderman every Sunday noon when I was a kid. Apart from that I never watched a single Superman movie till now. Only watched Batman in mid 80s on neighbors’ VCR and got an idea about what Batman is all about. Oh ya, not watching ROBOT also helped a lot while watching Ra.One.

    Not watching English movies also helped me in this cause. Yea very seldom I watch English movies. Like my father I am fan of only Bond Movies, hence no Terminator for me. Had I watched those movies I would have certainly joined the bandwagon. I always like good Hindi cinema and forget the bad one, once I leave the theater. That’s always been a case for me. That certainly helped. Being big fan of Amitabh Bachchan, I never tried to compare any other actor. Because for me AB is God and no one can come close to him, hence rests are equal. So I was like clean slate when I watched Ra.One last evening.

    So, when I saw Ra.One getting in to real life for the first time, the kid in me came to life. I really enjoyed the sequence. I am least
    concerned about VFX, SFX because I am totally non technical person. But I loved the way G.One jumped around and fight the goondas and then the Ra.One himself. I loved the way he goes through two trains and then run over the train to save lives of people. I was just spell bound when I saw V.T. Station started to come down as pack of cards. It really amazed me when Ra.One was dismantled in small pieces and later all came to gather and he became one again. Why I am saying this?

    Because in all the reviews which are trying to ridicule the movie are trying to establish few technical things to common man. The problem with our pundits are as I said, have seen foreign flicks and thus they feel that this movie has inferior technology. We always have this mentality to admire foreign flicks and ridicule Indian efforts. We don’t mind a bus jumps to safety, where there is no way it can with so much big gap on under construction bridge inSpeed, but we laugh at “The Burning Train” calling it “The Turning Brain”. But for people like me who have not watched certain things regularly can really enjoy these stuffs. There is also a gallery, who has already decided way back to get the movie down at any cost. I agree with most of them regarding SRK and his antics, but at the same time you should go case to case, if you like to call yourself a movie buff. For me Ra.One has rocked! Yes the movie has plenty of flaws. Plenty of things should have been avoided. Few I have mentioned above plus, there was no need of Satish Shah. Good actor has been wasted. No need of that Gay checking at the London air port . But that’s one should expect such things in SRK movie. G.One putting his palm on Kareena’s breast while saving her should also have been avoided, but again, that’s SRK for you. While making fun of SRK we often forget that we have seen “Jahapanah tussi great ho” with pants down and we have seen towel been pushed in an out between the legs before and enjoyed them too.

    People has also criticized the movie by saying that, this super hero is interested in saving one family only and not the entire human race as they show in Hollywood. Well then I must say they have not seen the movie properly and were busy in finding flaws only. My dear friends, the story says that it all started when Lucifer left the game in midway defeating Ra.One in the 2nd round of the game, hence Ra.One wanted to kill Lucifer only. It’s because Lucifer needed someone like Ra.One as he himself was weak enough to save his own life, enters G.One. If all the pundits have stayed till the end of the movie, they would have noticed that G.One has already has come back. The main aim was conquered, Ra.One is dead, hence now G.One can think of surviving entire human race!!

    The overall feel for me is “Paisa Wasool”. For that only people go to watch movie and I am no different. Those dream projects I have mentioned in start of this blog, have primarily sad stories. Mind you “Mera Naam Joker” is one of my all time favorites. Yes you can have dream of making such movies, but you are offering your dream to public in general, I feel SRK proved a bit taller and smarter than those three dream projects. He has chosen the subject very well. Things which can attract people. Good Look, ummm good enough “story”, good music, good songs, special effects. That’s it. To be very frank, you need “balls” to make such an expensive movie and come out with conviction. I have never seen technology been used with such an effect before in hindi movies. As I said V.T. Station falling down was pack of punch by this movie for me and ya burning Ravan behind Ra.One was no less spectacular.

    If at all SRK wants to make Ra.Two, as a fan of Ra.One, I would advise him to keep those cheap things at bay. Indian viewer is very much matured now. Give him what he wants; he will make you a super hero by any means. If at all SRK is going to make Ra.Two, I am looking forward to watch it from today itself.

    Oh ya and stars? I would give 3.5 out of 5.
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  2. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    I say G.One saved the World. Sure Ra.Ones first Goal was to kill Prateek (Lucifer) but what do you think had Ra.One done after killing the Submaraniums if G.One had not stoped him? He had conquerd the World. Or do you think Ra.One had simply stoped then? And if i'm not wrong Ra.One said something like that also when he was sitting on this throne when he tought he had killed G.One during the Endfight. Atleast Ra One made a Allusion. (Hope you know what i mean) I so wants to say that all to all this Ones who are complaining that G.One only saved the Submaraniums. G.One saved the World through stoping Ra.One.
  3. Vegainko

    Vegainko Well-Known Member

    This idea was clear from the beginning! Evil does not rest on one's death. Death G.One would not stopRa.One . He went on to kill ... Shahrukh has created an entirely new character and a completely new and interesting history!
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