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These 6 SRK-Kajol Films Prove That Dilwale Will Be A Blockbuster

Discussion in 'Movies A-G' started by tasifa, May 1, 2015.

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    These 6 SRK-Kajol Films Prove That Dilwale Will Be A Blockbuster
    by Anu Chanchal - Apr 28, 2015

    Hmmm…. so it took a Rohit Shetty to get Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s iconic screen-pairing back after years! The two stars, who have always – ALWAYS – had a torrid romance at the box office after all their films released, are all geared up to get lovey-dovey yet again, in Shetty’s upcoming venture, interestingly titled Dilwale!

    So while SRK and his screen lady of many films get busy shooting for Dilwale to come in front of the camera once again by Christmas this year, I take absolute pleasure in the thought of this romantic togetherness, and list down all the films they have stunned the big screens with previously.

    Will Dilwale be an awesome treat just as their other movies? Will we relate the film and their characters in it with Rahul and Anjali or Raj and Simran? Whatever be the outcome, one thing is going to happen for sure – we are simply going to love and go crazy to see Khan and Kajol in an intense, passionate saga!

    Anyway, I pull myself back from the almost unstoppable train of my thoughts about the most romantic Bollywood couple in their next flick and get back to work. Here’s listing down SRK and Kajol’s films and why exactly we love them!

    1. Baazigar – 1993

    Shah Rukh’s breakthrough role of a young man with grey shades stormed the nation for all things he did in the film in a chase to accomplish his mission. One of it being romancing Kajol’s Priya. It was the first film the two were coming together onscreen, so the film is kind of special. Abbas-Mustan’s crime thriller may have been high on action and suspense, we had abundant moments of love between the leads. Their chemistry was raw, and thus, left us begging for more!

    2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – 1995

    The best of the lot! Had Khan and Kajol not done this love story, I probably wouldn’t be writing this piece! Or the cine-circles wouldn’t be celebrating their upcoming togetherness with such zeal. Raj and Simran are nothing less than Romeo-Juliet or Laila-Majnu. Only difference is these fictional couples never got the love of their lives and died unsatisfied, whereas our Raj and Simran’s story see a happy ending. Ah! How much I crave to watch the flick RIGHT NOW!

    3. Karan Arjun – 1995

    Rakesh Roshan’s action thriller was a multistarrer, which had SRK and Kajol as a pair much in love. We can’t forget the chirpy as well as hot number, Jaati Hoon Main, featuring the two, indulged in some cozy and comfy moments.

    4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – 1998

    From their college masti to their lives eight years later – Karan Johar’s KKHH gave exciting makeovers to its leads, especially Kajol. The Bong beauty had two different avatars in the romantic drama – that of a tomboy and a magically transformed gorgeous, glamorous and graceful girl. Her bond with Shah Rukh made us feel awesome about friendship. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really like the fact that Khan didn’t fall for Kajol when she did for him, when I watched the film for the very first time. But as the two went through a journey that was designed only for their togetherness AND when they finally ended up with a happily ever after, I had goosebumps all over! Yup, kuch kuch hota hai!

    5. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – 2001

    Rahul and Anjali were back and how! The backdrop had changed from the college campus to a super luxurious mansion and Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. Though KJo’s K3G was a multistarrer, movie-buffs have particularly loved SRK and Kajol’s naughty and romantic sequences. The bubbly Punjabi-speaking Anjali wooed the rich and dapper Rahul with her vivacity. Well, even we lost our hearts to this absolutely lovable girl.

    6. My Name Is Khan – 2010

    Karan Johar struck a hat-trick by casting Shah Rukh and Kajol for the third consecutive time. This time around, the union was happening after a good nine years. So obviously, the Tinsel Town was in a celebratory mood. With MNIK, the two actors proved that no one could beat them at the game of love. Though theirs was not a typical Bollywoodised love story or the kinds they had already done before, we were totally in awe of this autistic yet smart in his own way Rizwan and a super gorgeous, striking beauty Mandira’s tale of love and emotions. Truly, the duo had gotten better with time.

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