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The songs of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman

Discussion in 'Raju Ban Gaya Gemtleman' started by Bridget, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    I just finished watching Raju Ban Gaya Gemtleman again and came by the boards to see what other people had written about it in the past here and I see that actually there are only a couple of threads and none on the songs.

    I thought it might be interesting to see if people wanted to comment on the songs from this film.

    My own favorite by far in this important early film of Shahrukh's is the wonderful romance number called Na Na Naa Chuna Naa that he does with Juhi.


    It is so amazing to me to know that this was the first (as far as I know although he did shoot multiple films that first year) romance song he ever did because he is just so superb at it. He just moves with such natural fluidity and sensuality. And he looks really hot too in the song once it really begins (at the very start when she first walks out he looks so innocent and young.... but not a moment later when he starts the romancing part).

    As for the other songs I do also like the first song Dil Hai Mera Diwana which is when he's leaving his village in the car with all his boyhood buddies. SRK is cute and appealing and the song is quite nice.

    The other song I like especially is Sardi Khagi Na Maleria which is the one where SRK dances with the people of the colony and they talk about love being like a "disease". It's catchy. The small amount of dancing SRK does in this and the other two songs with dancing he does well, especially for someone who has very little previous experience doing any dancing. He just has a natural smooth way of moving.
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  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Re: The songs of Raju Ban Gaya Gemtleman

    Bridge, I will join you on this one! That number (in the photo) is hot. I thought it was rather sexy when I first watched this film. The song is sooooo suggestive! I love it.
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  3. Rachel25

    Rachel25 New Member

    Good movie and songs are good too.
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  4. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    Dil Hai Mera Deewana, I love that song! for me its the best one in the film
    SRK looks so cute :kiss:
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  5. shesum79

    shesum79 Member

    I just had a question about the song 'Kehti Hai Dil Ki Lagi'. In this song, does Raju want to take Renu's virginity? The lyrics strongly imply that they want to consummate their relationship. Here were the lyrics that caught my attention:

    Kehti hai dil ki lagi*My heart’s fondness (love) is telling me
    Hoja tu aaj meri*Become mine today
    Kehti hai dil ki lagi*My heart’s fondness (love) is telling me
    Hoja tu aaj meri*Become mine today

    Na, na ,na, choona na*No,no,no, don’t touch me
    Pyar mein yun khona na*Don’t get so lost in love
    Hongi rusvaayi meri*I’ll have to face consequences
    Achi nahi zid yeh teri*This insistence of yours is not nice (please don’t insist)
    Kaise samjhaaoon, jaane jaan*How can I explain, my darling
    Hum dono ko hosh kahaan hai*Where do we have our wits about us
    Ek nayi duniya mein kho jaayen*Let’s get lost in a new world
    Aao hum tum ek ho jaayen*Come, let us become one

    Jo tere dil mein, vahi mere dil main*What’s in your heart, is in my heart
    Pad gayi main to, badi mushkil mein*I’ve fallen into deep trouble
    Thodi si meri majbooriyan hai*I have some compelling reasons
    Is liye sajna yeh dooriyaan hai*That’s why, my love, there is this distance

    They were also obviously physically attracted to each other in this song, which clearly shows from their expressions and scenes e.g. Raju is not bothered by his unbuttoned shirt and he takes off her chunni. Renu also keeps trying to prevent him from coming into her room, obviously she is worried about giving into his sexual desires once he comes in. I was just wondering what anyone else thought of this? Btw great choreography by the director and excellent acting by srk and juhi! I have never seen srk more in love with a woman. SRK has the best romantic expressions in this song.
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  6. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Most times you can't Hindi lyrics quite literally.:) For example, there are many songs with lyrics like "hont se hont mile, tan se tan mile...our lips are meeting, our bodies are meeting" when that's clearly not actually happening in any way...you kind of just have to take it as a song. Also, nowadays it may be implied, but definitely for that time, displaying pre-marital sex would not have been culturally appropriate. You may remember that Renu was even refusing to let him kiss her on the cheek in the car, or how it was even a big deal for them just to be blowing kisses to one another. I think the song is definitely an expression of their love, and may to some extent even be implying their sexual desire for one another, but I don't think he actually intended to take her virginity.:)
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  7. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Wow, I definitely thought that's what it was about. To me this is one of the hottest song numbers he has ever done. And in the end when the lights go off and it appears as if he is kissing her that is what I thought would happen next. I am an American so maybe that's why I felt this way. But I still feel with the way he was looking at her he definitely wanted more than just a few kisses.............anyway love this scene.
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  8. zheni

    zheni Well-Known Member

    if is it possible please give me a link with subtitle or translate that :pray2: i see this movie today again and i really love little and sweet shah in this song :heart:
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  9. LizzyluvSrk

    LizzyluvSrk Active Member

    Yeah! Bridget i support u in the song Dil hai mera deewana. It's the most cutest song of Srk. My favorite scene in the song is where he keeps swaying to the music while singing on the rail with his friends at his back swayin also, just that huge dimpled cutest smile on his face looks so real as if he was really enjoying it without acting. I just love him to death there. And yes , for someone who just started his career, he was really romantic & very sensual in that very romantic song. I love the music &Raju ban gaya Gentleman' theme song. I love his enactment there. Have watched the music so many times. I need to tell you all a secret, i get really sensual when i watch that very romantic song of he & juhi. It makes me fall in love with him again & again.
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  10. lauraleedooley

    lauraleedooley Bollywood Blogger

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  11. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Oh, my goodness. After reading this, I think I will have to watch it again!!
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