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The Making of Devdas Book : Mushtaq Sheikh

Discussion in 'Devdas' started by Bridget, May 28, 2008.

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    Movie interview: Mushtaq Sheikh

    The making of Devdas

    Mushtaq Sheikh after authoring The making of Asoka completes the Making of Devdas. The book titled –Devdas-The Indian Hamlet traces the journey of the Sarat chandra Chatterji classic as it comes to life through celluloid.

    Another book so soon?
    Mushtaq smiles “the idea was always there to do Devdas-I’d just completed Asoka. My focus this time was that the people who would buy this book must have a reason to do so and to keep it with them. A coffee table book has longevity to it so I thought I might as well offer them something more than just a book on the making of the film.

    I was aware that it had a history behind it and when I started researching, I could see at a glance that something was simmering here. This was when I decided that I should give it a shot.

    Once things rolled I was happy at the turn it took. When the skeleton of the book was done-then I knew how I’d proceed. That I would make the current Devdas a part of the study but would study Devdas the noun rather than Devdas the character.

    The word Devdas has such a deep connotation that it was exciting delving into it. You know how whenever a person is sitting idle, or unshaven or a little sad we say ‘he’s like Devdas. How did this become an adjective? How did it enter our psyche? Though everyone talks about Devdas not too much has been written on it and I thought I might as well work on the book extensively so that if anyone else wants to make a film or write about it my book becomes a reference point.

    I started collecting information as it appeared interesting to me. The whole process was an interesting one.


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