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The making of Asoka - The book

Discussion in 'Asoka' started by Wafa, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    I love reading 'behind the curtain' stories... it's fascinating to learn about his interpretation of the character.
    And the info on how some scenes were shot - the by now famously infamous mud bath scene.... what can I say? poor thing was freezing in the tub but we appreciate the result, oh how we appreciate it....:D

    For me now Asoka has SRK's face

    I think it's save to say that they managed to achieve that.... sensuous fluidity :nod:
  2. shiva247

    shiva247 New Member

    I'm new to all this. Thanks for the info on Asoka and especially where I can get the book.
  3. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    welcome denise and thanks for joining us.:)
  4. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

    AW: The making of Asoka - The book

    just buyed the book and start reading. was difficult to get here in germany. but now i have and its great is all i can say. only have had a first look. but for me also shahrukh is asoka. he is the right man to show us the story
  5. srkbest

    srkbest New Member

    i really want to get this book.....but it is so hard to find it anywhere
  6. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

    ja i know, searched also everywhere. and then i found in amazon.uk i think it was. but only one exemplar. was so happy. was maked as used. but it was a new. was so happy when it arrived.
  7. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Hmmmm... I'm always saying how great he acted in Asoka (in fact I just did it in another thread here a moment ago), maybe I should stop now? :eek: But I can say, that just few weeks after I had first seen this film I was at a class at the university about Indian history and I remember so well the class where we were talking about Asoka. How I had in my head a very clear vision of what Asoka looks like and what he is like. We talked about many things that are not really touched in the film (like his style of government etc) but even there I was seeing the strong (and sexy, lol) emperor. In that sense Shahrukh is and always will be Asoka to me. Whenever I hear or read the name Asoka, what I see is how Shahrukh was in this film...
  8. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Re: The making of Asoka - The book - Press release

    Press release.....

    The Making Of Asoka set for release

    The Indian Film Industry is all set for another first in its long colorful history. The Making Of Asoka by Mushtaq Shiekh that chronicles the making of the much awaited historical, Asoka by Santosh Sivan is the first book of its kind in the history of Indian Cinema to be released with a movie.

    Asoka, the maiden venture of ShahRukh Khan - Juhi Chawla owned Arclightz & Films, is all set for release on October 26, 2001. The film is based on the life of one of history's greatest monarchs Emperor Asoka who ruled India circa 232 B.C. It is a dramatized account of the events that led to the taming of the emperor from an ambitious conqueror to a righteous preacher of Buddhism.

    The Making Of Asoka offers a detailed account of historical facts, legends and myths about Emperor Asoka, culled from various texts available across the world. But at the same time, the book also gives an insiders account on the making of the film as the crew moved from location to location across the Indian sub-continent. It carries interesting anecdotes and reflections on the events and incidents that shaped this film.

    Weaving an entertaining tapestry of exhaustive research and exclusive interviews with the cast and the crew of Asoka, the book threads together behind the scenes excitement and climaxes with an epilogue by the King Khan himself. As an added bonus, the readers will also be treated with the visual delight of interpretative paintings by the reputed M F Hussain.

    This book is brought out by international publishing house Harper-Collins. It will be available in coffee table as well as paperback format.

    Mushtaq Shiekh, ex-editor Star & Style, is also the scriptwriter of Nandita Das-Uday Chopra starrer Supari, currently under production. Elaborating on the purpose of the book, ShahRukh Khan explains, "We wanted to document every nuance of the making of this film which is very close to our hearts. It reflects our passion for the subject. And looking at the way the product has turned out, we are very proud of it!"

    Mushtaq Shiekh attributes his drive to ShahRukh Khan's contagious enthusiasm and says, "Something like this has never been attempted before. We have given it our very best and we hope it will add to the grandeur of the film."

  9. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Re: The making of Asoka - The book - about the Author

    about the Author...

    Mushtaq Shiekh has been an integral part of the high profile world of fashion and films in India. In his career spanning thirteen plus years, Mushtaq Shiekh has experienced the intricacies of the glitz and glamour world from extremely close quarters, contributing his bit to the dazzle through his professionalism and panache.

    Morphing from one vital role to another in this highly demanding industry, Mushtaq Shiekh has served the industry in highly versatile capacities. He has been a media man for the past thirteen years with a keen eye for fashion trends and film fashion. His first brush with the industry came when he started his career with G magazine at just sixteen years of age. He worked with G magazine for seven fruitful years. His immensely popular fashion column 'Below the Belt' for G magazine was one of the most widely read features. Mushtaq Shiekh then graduated to Star and Style to become the youngest ever editor of an Indian film magazine. His keen understanding of the trends and demands of the film and fashion industry were responsible for a complete turn-around in the fortunes of the magazine. Star and Style reached one its highest readership under the steering of Mushtaq Shiekh.

    With a penchant for taking on newer challenges and experimenting with his talents, Mushtaq joined an Internet portal, indiainfo.com in the capacity of Creative Director. Responsible for on-line and off-line activities of the portal, Mushtaq's tenure at the portal saw a 300 per cent growth in the effectiveness and reach of the entertainment channels. His unique auction events on the portal were the talk of the town.

    In addition to managing magazines and boosting internet traffic, Mushtaq Shiekh has been a regular writer for newspapers and magazines of international repute. He has been the fashion columnist for Gladrags, Indian Express, Sunday Midday, Star & Style and numerous other publications.

    Apart from pushing pen and keeping the managerial coast clear for his ventures, Mushtaq Shiekh vented his instinctive creativity and nervous energy by choreographing high profile fashion shows. He has over 40 mega fashion events to his credit all across the country. These include the Miss India International (1994), Killer Jeans Show (1995) in Mumbai, the Levi's Show in Bangalore, the ITC Grand Blast in Hyderabad and Lux International Show in Mumbai. He has choreographed for the Star & Style Show in Hyderabad where he worked in close association with Chief Minister Shri Chandra Babu Naidu. His shows for Khadi & Village Industries Corporation took him across the country. The shows were held in the metros of Mumbai, Madras, Calcutta and also in Bangalore. Mushtaq Shiekh was also responsible for the spectacular Neeta Lulla Show held in 1999. Mushtaq Shiekh has worked closely with all the major contemporary designers and delivered stupendous shows to match the celebrity stature of these designers. His shows have been a vehicle for the launch of clothes by highly sought after designers like Manish Malhotra, Anna Singh and Rocky S. Mushtaq Shiekh's association with today's most popular models goes way back in time. He has worked with mega models like Milind Soman, Madhu Sapre, Noyanika Chatterji, Sheetal Malhar and others ever since their debut on the ramp.

    Mushtaq Shiekh has been consistently delivering high quality, larger than life mega-spectacles to enthrall fashion enthusiasts across the country. He believes in adding an extra dimension of spectacle to his shows and lifting a fashion show from a plain boring affair to an entertaining mega-event that keeps the audience glued and gives him superior creative satisfaction.

    Mushtaq Shiekh is no strange to the film world beyond fashion, either. His scripts have been televised on national and private networks. One of his scripts is currently being made into a feature film titled Supari, starring Nandita Das and Uday Chopra among others.

    His first book, The Making Of Asoka, adds another shade to Mushtaq Shiekh's colorful persona.

  10. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Re: The making of Asoka - The book - the Chapters


    The Making Of Asoka by Mushtaq Shiekh

    Prelude To A Legend
    This chapter gives the historical account of the sociological conditions prevalent two-thousand years ago. Beginning with the establishment of Magadha empire, the chapter charts the checkered path of history from Chanakya's insult in the Nanda court through the grooming of Chandragupta as the first Maurya emperor. It takes the reader through the interesting story of the birth of Asoka's father Bindusara, the birth of Asoka and the sibling rivalry between Asoka and his brother Susima. Asoka's superior capabilities as a warrior and an administrator as evident from his successes in Taxila and Ujjain are highlighted in the section. The chapter climaxes with the Kalinga war and Asoka's realization that his victory over Kalinga was his ultimate defeat. This event turns the monarch into a monk who spends the rest of his life preaching dharma and ahimsa.

    Myth O'Logic
    There is very little factual information about the life of Emperor Asoka before he actually became the monarch. All that we know about Asoka is from the edicts that he wrote after his conquest and conversion. So there are only myths and legends that describe his birth and his youth. These stories tell a gruesome tale of cruelty and barbarism with which Asoka ruled his empire before he was transformed by Buddhism. The chapter offers and insight into these myths and legends that surround the greatest emperor in the world.

    The Idea Of Asoka
    A peek into the mind of the genius that is Santosh Sivan, the chapter describes the metamorphosis of Asoka from a story heard in a history class to the epic drama on silver screen. Santosh Sivan shares his vision and his method through an interview woven into a narration of how Asoka evolved in the minds and on the film.

    Royal Impressions
    This chapter features exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Asoka including Juhi Chawla, ShahRukh Khan and Ajith among others. The stars share what Asoka means to them and how the film affected each of them.

    Majestic Manouevres
    An insider's view at the making of Asoka. The real story behind the reel story, this chapter gives a glimpse at Asoka from behind the screen. The on-location shoots and the crazy incidents that shaped the making of Asoka are narrated in the form of anecdotes in this chapter. It offers an insight into the hard work and the fun that went into bringing Asoka and history to life.

    Scene Stealers
    ShahRukh Khan and Santosh Sivan offer insights on the art of film-making as they discuss the five best scenes from the film.

    The Big Fight
    An on the spot report on the shooting of the biggest, most difficult war sequence ever shot in the history of Indian films, peppered with observations and quirky comments by Mushtaq Shiekh in his inimitable style.

    Mind Over Matter
    The post-production hues of Asoka. Insight on the technical aspects like editing, mixing, sound and publicity campaigns of Asoka and the thoughts that shaped the celluloid dream called Asoka.

    The last word by the man who lived Asoka on screen, ShahRukh Khan and his reflections on a dream venture and his vision for the future.

  11. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Maybe we could move this thread to "SRK-Filmbooks" ???? :)
  12. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

  13. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Ok i have to come back to share this with you. This really Touching Epilog from Shah Rukh from the Book. When i reallised when and where Shah Rukh wrote this i had to take a deep Breath. I mean have know that Shah Rukh was in New York on that Day but to read this his Thoughts during this so dark Time just read it by your self.
    WP_20151016_15_55_11_Pro.jpg WP_20151016_15_55_40_Pro.jpg
  14. Kiran01

    Kiran01 Monika

    open with a new Tab

    24asoka1.jpg 91s3sJmU6NL.jpg
    Mara says thanks.
  15. Mara

    Mara Well-Known Member

    Thanks Monika for updating this thread. I didn't know it was here. The book says so much about SRK both as a person and as an actor, or at least where he was at that time in his life. Now I have to watch the film again.
    Amazon and AmazonUK have a good number of The Making of Asoka books available now. Some of the prices run as high as $387 for a "used like new" edition, but the "used -good" ones are more affordable.
    unicorn75 says thanks.

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