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The dark knight: SRK

Discussion in 'Kolkata Knight Riders Cricket Teams' started by tasifa, May 10, 2016.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    The dark knight
    - A loss for KKR. A win for SHAH RUKH KHAN fans (led by a tennis player). That was the scorecard at EdenGardens on a sultry Sunday
    Pramita Ghosh and Rwitoban Deb
    A classic faded blue denims, white KKR tee and a black cotton scarf was Shah Rukh Khan’s #OOTE (outfit of the evening) to beat the eye-wateringly humid Calcutta weather on Sunday. The Badshah, who was spotted on the balcony of his B1 box only after the innings break for a brief period, was reserved for most of the game but those super-cute dents on his cheeks did make an appearance after the match. Before the presentation ceremony, SRK appeared relaxed, greeting the Lions and chatting away, and most importantly, flashing those darling dimples that make us go weak in our knees. Every time! And we totes love his tiny ponytail (inset). The Eden crowd kept up screams of “Aryan Khanna”, “Senior” and “Shah Rukh” whenever he was spotted.

    SRK’s goodnight message for his Knights came on Twitter (@iamsrk): “Bad night for the Knights at the office.Well played GL. A team sticks together beyond the wins & losses. Good to be with the boys in Kolkata”

    Tennis player Shivika Burman (beside SRK) has watched quite a few KKR matches at the Eden Gardens with her friend and fellow tennis player Sheethal, who is now married to Knight Robin Uthappa. But for the 26-year-old Ballygunge Circular Road girl, Sunday’s match against the Gujarat Lions was extra special, despite Kolkata Knight Riders losing by five wickets. The reason? Shivika ended up watching the game sitting (or standing) right next to the most-wanted man in the stadium — Shah Rukh Khan! A day later, Shivika penned her Super Sunday evening for t2. Over to Shivika.

    I have always liked Shah Rukh Khan as an actor. Like most girls my age, I have loved him in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and later, in Chak De! India. Honestly, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “SRK” is his hockey coach Kabir Khan avatar in Chak De! India. Wish we had him as our tennis coach ,wouldn’t need any other motivation! ;)

    After watching the match on Sunday with him right next to me, I became a fan of SRK the person too. There is something about him that puts him on another level... his aura, his charm...!

    He is an absolute charmer, he made me feel very comfortable while we were watching the match. I offered him my chair but he patted me on the shoulder and asked me to keep sitting (that was definitely a fan moment). *_*

    This was the first time I watched a match in the hospitality box at Eden while SRK was there. Not many people get this chance. When I travel for tournaments, especially to West Asia, Africa or Indonesia, and tell people I’m from India, the first thing they mention is Shah Rukh Khan! Even before speaking about spicy curries! Haha!

    On Sunday, I noticed that he was very calm and focused on the game. He didn’t lose his cool even though KKR weren’t playing that well. He always appreciated the other team’s strokes. He was jovial in general and enjoyed the game and kept waving out to the crowd, sipping on water.

    Overall, it was a brilliant experience! The minute SRK stepped out on the balcony, the entire stadium just erupted. I just wish we had won this match... It would’ve been fun to watch him celebrate live.... I think KKR wins when little AbRam comes to watch, so I’m hoping he’ll be there for the next match!


    Dea, phul, rollercoast and 1 other person say thanks.
  2. wtachetna

    wtachetna New Member

    Shah Rukh Khan has been an idol for millions of people. Excitement level of KKR team fans thus also pumps up due to the presence of their favorite actor. I like KKR but only because of Shah Rukh Khan's association with it.

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