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Thank you for : My name is Khan

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by Atina, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Atina

    Atina Well-Known Member

    I have just finished watching My name is Khan and I am still very mooved - I guess I wount find the words to describe everything I feel..
    The movie comes with a great inpact and I feel like saying Thank you to Mr. Karan Johar for making it.
    To Shah Rukh Khan for filling every demand to play an autisic Person.
    I's very eager to watch this moovie especially because of the autistic matter.
    I had been wandering what way Karan Johar would fill the matter into a movie , - if it would be much like rain man or forrest gump ... If yea it probably would have annoyed me - because both these movies demonstrate the differences or difficulties of people who have a brain that doesn't work like others, they show you the trouble they have.
    But my name is Khan is different, because it shows you what talents they have, what way they work with theyr troubles. What troubles them, simply what way they 'tick' - showing theyr strength (instead of just showing a strange idiot with amazing talents)
    I am still very impressed. Impressed with Shah Rukh Khan that has done great playing this Autisic person .
    I am a person with AD(H)D - we have similaritys to people with Autism - but many total opposite behavior to. To my advantage I do not show off as much ... (or maybe not advantage - I guess it depends on ones point of view)

    I guess theres not much I will say about the matter 'terrorism' only that I have seen a point of view I have never had bevore on what happened on the 11 . of september. i'm thankfull even about that.

    I simply love the movie - love Shah Ruh Khan , he whas very sweet, simply admirable
  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    "...because it shows you what talents they have..."

    Anita, thank you for stating it like this. I had not thought of that, but that is exactly what was being demonstrated on the screen! What we need to do is look more for the talents and strengths in individuals rather than their disabilities/differences/tics!

    I am so happy that you were finally able to see My Name is Khan. A great film for the world to see (and they are!)
  3. Atina

    Atina Well-Known Member

    AW: Thank you for : My name is Khan

    .. .after I have watched it .. I watched it again with my husband .
    He also says its a great movie and gives credits to Shah's acting !
  4. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    well said Anita thank you and good to read from you :)
  5. Atina

    Atina Well-Known Member

    AW: Thank you for : My name is Khan

    Thanks :wave:
  6. Elahe

    Elahe Dil To Shahrukhee hai!

    MNIK is definitely my all time favourite movie! There is no other movie that touches my heart as much as this one does and I mean ho HW, or BW movie. This one has been my absolute favourite till date. My hats off to shahrukh, Karan and all of them really. I like it sooo much that I tend to forget there are some goofs here and there throughout the movie.
    Even though its my favourite I find myself not watching it as often as I might watch DDLJ, RNBDJ, KANK, Don, KKHH, K3G… cause I don’t always have the strength to go through the entire movie, it makes me toooo emotional and I get so mesmerized by shahrukh’s performance in most of the scenes that I have to watch them 5-6 times and so it takes me about 6 hours to go through MNIK that’s why it has to be a day when I have time and energy.

    I find it to be an absolute masterpiece and when it comes to describing shahrukh’s performance in this one I’m just speechless! I can’t find the right words, I can’t say he was good, brilliant, mesmerizing, Khantastic,….. The word for me is far beyond these and any word I know.

    In this movie I find myself losing my heart to shahrukh not only because I find him to be the best looking guy, the sexiest man alive, but I truly see him putting his entire heart and soul into each scene in a way which I can’t appreciate in words as an audience let alone as a big fanatic fan.
    As kajol also said once shahrukh’s acting is soooo intense in MNIK that the rest of the cast were extremely cautious not to make any mistakes so that they could reduce the number of retakes, he doesn’t even blink for gods sake

    Almost all my comments are [SPOILERS] from here;)

    My heart stops where he donates $500 to the Africans and hears that the event of dinner with the president is for Christians only, I so can understand how he feels, and the way he looks at the lady behind the desk…. My heart just stops
    Mandira I’m thin take me with you….. I don’t take up much space.
    Mandira quiet, quiet, quiet, Mandira…. And then she says marry me, he’s happy and he laughs. And HOW he laughs.
    The way he looks at her in their wedding, how he doesn’t like to be touched and kissed but still Mandira is so special that he wants to have sex with her in most inappropriate times!
    The way he says I have Aspergers syndrome but I’m very smart, you are very smart, indeed you are
    The church scene of course is beautiful, shahrukh I love you for giving each scene all you have, that’s why millions and billions are willing to give you all they have

    Shahrukh has asperger’s syndrome so we are not supposed to see much of the real shahrukh as rizvan khan but when his hair gets wet he can’t help it, he still has to touch it in the exact same way he does in real life, and for that matter, the exact same way he does in his most romantic scenes such as in the rain scene in KKHH when he says Anjali, I’m feeling cold. My god its in him, and how I feel so acquainted with all his trademarks

    Beautiful ending, beautiful movie, amazing songs, the most khantastic performance by the man whose name is khan and the world has never seen nor will it ever see such a khan!
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  7. mira_khan

    mira_khan Khan addicted!

    My name is Khan... the movie which makes me proud of being a Shah Rukh Khan's fan...
    Yes thank you for this film... this story had to be written, to be said... someone must make it and he does (thanks Karan Johar for the story and Kajol for being the perfecy co-heroine with him)
    I cried a lot, smilled too but over all, that convince me that this fabulous Rahul, Raj, Veer... can be simply Khan: no big tears, no big face expressings, no hugs, no stylish choregraphy... many persons didn't believe that he was able to be as credible as before... but he was wonderfull!
    He makes me crie with his smile in the church telling Sam's story... I cried too when Mandira put him out of her life and he couldn't understand ... and I was chocked when he is attacked by the integrist man!
    I think I have never been as absorbed as in that film, during it the world doesn't exist...
    Really, in that movie I realise that he is definitely a great actor... may be the greatest!
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