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Student Of the Year (New Movie - Directed by Karan Johar, Produced by Kjo & SRK )

Discussion in 'Movies N-S' started by danshula, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Guys I thought to share it with you guys the posters of the new film "Student of the Year" - Directed by Karan Johar and is being Produced by Karan Johar (Dharma Productions) and Shah Rukh Khan (Red Chillies)

    As it will be Karan's first movie without Shah Rukh Khan in it directing. I thought to share it....Also you never know, if Shah Rukh Khan is in it or not. I doubt it...but we should wait and watch.

    Karan Posted on Official Page of Dharma on FB -
    "Guys, I was really touched by all the responses that you sent, yesterday. I wanted to share something really special with you. Introducing Siddharth Malhotra,Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan in my next directorial venture - Student Of The Year." Love, Karan

    For Info - Alia Bhatt is Mahesh Bhatt's daughter & Varun Dhawan is David Dhawan's son. (Remember guys we used read those articles saying Shah Rukh is launching one of them and Kjo the other.....so that's what they meant by was this movie!

    Courtesy for posters - Official Website of Dharma Productions [ http://www.dharma-production.com/ ] and also the announcement was made on Official Facebook Page of Dharma Productions by Karan himself [ http://www.facebook.com/DharmaProductions ]
    p.s. - To all Moderators I was really confused under which section to post it as its not a Shah Rukh Khan movie but produced by him and I couldnt post it under Red Chillies Idiot Box as well..So I thought to post is under Moviewalla - S - Category. If you see it and find it in wrong place, you can move it to right place. Or if this thread was never supposed to be there then I guess you can remove it. ThankYou!
  2. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

  3. Becy

    Becy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    I also don't think SRK will act in this film, maybe that's why he is co-producing, because Karan had said that Shah Rukh would always be part of his films. :)
  4. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to say about this........
    i'm little confused whether to be happy about it or :confused:
    i know Karan has every right to direct others but am i happy about it :crazy:
  5. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    Are they shooting fo this already?
  6. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    i don't think so.....isn't it too early to release the first look???
    i mean normally they release the first look of the film when they finished shooting....
    why wasn't there much hype.....normally if Karan is directing a movie at least two years before media start talking about it.....
    i am looking forward to it:thumb:
  7. Becy

    Becy Well-Known Member

    I'm happy about it, because it gives Shah Rukh the chance to work with new directors, now that he is no more bound to do every KJo, YRF or Farah Khan film. :)

    Maybe because nobody believed he would really direct a film without SRK. It was only Mumbai Mirror that wrote about it recently and obviously nobody believed them. :p:p
  8. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    As I have said in my first post itself...that there was news about this in Media, if you all remember there were news in media saying Shah Rukh and Kjo are launching David Dhavan's Son and Mahesh Bhatt's daughter, respectively. But nothing was confirmed. Oh well, now its confirmed. :)
  9. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    yes i remember reading them....but still i'm kind of shock.....may be because i never expect Karan to direct it (even in my dreams i never thought Karan will direct a film without SRK in a lead role)....and eventhough Karan keep talking about Dostana 2, Agnipath remake,another movie with Kareena and Imran, he never ever talked about this before....now all of sudden he released the first look:scared:
    I hope it turn out well :thumb: all of them looks good
  10. JUG

    JUG Well-Known Member

    Honestly i dont like the look one bit...its just a wannabe cool flick. sorry :(
  11. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    there was already news that SRK and kjo were going to launch david dhawans son together, it was never said SRK was going to be in it. It was just said that they are producing the film together (which is still a form of working with each other) :D
  12. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    thanks shublee for saying that....that's what i was trying to say and also said it in first post!!
  13. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    me too, not my kinda film either. I think i am so over this college life films and this looks like one :lol: it doesnt appeal to me anymore maybe becos im getting old :p
    but i still wish them good luck :thumb:
  14. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan to debut in Karan Johar’s ‘Student of The Year’

    Alia Bhatt, daughter of film maker Mahesh Bhatt will be making her debut in Karan Johar’s next film ‘Student Of The Year’. That the 17 year-old actress is being considered lucky enough to be launched by the film maker Karan Johar may be due to the tag of being a director’s daughter herself. Karan, known for his colorful and lively movies, is again set to make a movie meant for the entertainment for the audience.

    Apart from Alia, the movie will also feature new comers Siddharth Malhotra and son of director David Dhawan, .

    “Student of the Year will have everything that I love about movies. It will have songs, dances, happiness, fun and frolic all around,” Karan said. The film is jointly produced by Karan’s Dharma Productions and Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

    The film will be having a young flavor and can certainly remind the audience of the block buster ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. However one has to wait and watch if Karan manages to create the same magic which he does with most of his films.

  15. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    Will Shahrukh Play Cameo In STUDENT OF THE YEAR

    As we all know Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan are launching three new faces in their new film STUDENT OF THE YEAR. Everyone in the industry and those on social networking sites are busy speculating the story of the movie.

    Rumours say that the film STUDENT OF THE YEAR is the present-day adaptation of Karan’s directorial film KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI and Aditya Chopra's MOHABBATEIN. But Karan denies it and says, "Not at all! There's no KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI or MOHABBATEIN in this one. Not a moment, not a dialogue, not a scene. It's a completely new script."

    It is also said that SRK is playing a cameo in the movie, although it is kept under wraps. Karan says, "Shah Rukh has undertaken the biggest responsibility of producing the film with Dharma [Karan's production house]. It was very magnanimous of Shah Rukh to step forward to produce the film with newcomers. If we don't do it, who will? As far as Shah Rukh's screen appearance is concerned, I wouldn't like to commit anything yet. He has been an integral part of my films and will always be."

    Karan you have always entertained us and we have a lot of expectations this time around too!

  16. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    'K.K.H.H.' meets 'Mohabbatein'?

    Ever since Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar launched their new venture STUDENT OF THE YEAR last week, industry people and even those on social networking websites are busy speculating the plotline of the film. Rumours are rife that the film, which stars three newcomers in the lead, is the present-day version of Karan's own KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI and Aditya Chopra's MOHABBATEIN. But Karan rubbishes the rumours, "Not at all! There's no KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI or MOHABBATEIN in this one. Not a moment, not a dialogue, not a scene. It's a completely new script."

    There's talk that SRK will enact a significant role in the film, although the news is being kept under wraps. "Shah Rukh has undertaken the biggest responsibility of producing the film with Dharma [Karan's production house]. It was very magnanimous of Shah Rukh to step forward to produce the film with newcomers. If we don't do it, who will? As far as Shah Rukh's screen appearance is concerned, I wouldn't like to commit anything yet. He has been an integral part of my films and will always be," Karan states.

    Source - Bollywood Hungama [ http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/2011/01/11/15184/index.html ]
  17. DianaDimple

    DianaDimple Well-Known Member

    Was KJo supposed to make 'A for Apple....'?

    Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, January 12, 2011] 0

    Karan Johar's next directorial venture would be 'Student of the Year'. However just before this announcement was made, there was speculation in the air that his movie was supposed to be titled - hold your breath- 'A for Apple, B for Boy, C for Cat'.

    "Omigawd, were people really speculating that to be the title of my next movie," said KJo in disbelief when told about the story which had made the rounds.

    On being told that this was indeed the case, he laughed uproariously for full one minute before catching hold of his breath.

    "Puhleeze, there have been rumours around my films and there would be rumours in months to come as well. But this one is the weirdest of all. Come on, 'A for Apple...'? They can't be serious. Any more of this and K for Karan will definitely go for a toss", he gets cracking here.

    Now a rumour like this could possibly have been started by one of those overzealous media types who wanted KJo to blurt out the real name of his next movie. However the smart man would have none of it.

    "Well, I would for sure want to meet the person who actually invented this title. Hats off to his/her creativity," smiles Karan before signing off.

    Well, we too would want to know more about the source here Karan. After all it isn't everyday that you come across such a title.

  18. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Student Of The Year is not Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’
    Roshmila Bhattacharya, Hindustan Times
    Mumbai, January 25, 2011

    On January 5, Karan Johar uploaded the first look poster of a film on Twitter that marks his return to direction. The Student Of The Year will launch three debutants - Varun, filmmaker David Dhawan’s son, writer-director Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Aaliya and Siddharth Malhotra, who along with
    Varun, had assisted Johar on My Name Is Khan.

    Shah Rukh Khan whose Red Chillies Entertainment is producing the film along with Johar’s Dharma Productions, essays a significant role of a college principal in this campus caper that has already invited speculations that it’s a desi High School Musical.

    SOTY“It’s definitely not High School Musical, that’s pure conjecture,” retorts Johar. So then is it a modern-day remake of his 1998 directorial debut, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. “I’m going back to college but I’m not revisiting Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Why would I do that?” asks Johar. “If there’s anything I’d like to recapture it is those fun times on the sets of my first film with my buddies, Shah Rukh, Kajol and Rani (Mukherji).”

    For Johar, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is memorable for one scene—the reunion between Shah Rukh and Kajol after eight years. “They were expected to be a little awkward around each other and decided to rehearse the scene together before going in for a take,” reminisces Johar. “It was just a rehearsal but I had an instinctive feeling that they’d come up with something magical. So quietly I told my cinematographer to let the camera roll.”

    Unaware that they were being filmed, his actors went about ‘doing stuff’ completely spontaneously. Having said their lines they turned to Johar and asked him if that had been okay or he wanted it done differently.

    To their surprise he shouted, ‘Cut, print’ and told them he’d got his perfect shot. “I hope something magical like this happens during Student Of The Year too,” says Johar. The film is expected to release later in the year.

  19. Becy

    Becy Well-Known Member

    So SRK will indeed act in the movie. I wonder what they mean by a significant role in this context - a 15 minute guest appearance? :D
  20. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    I think it's like his role in Mohabbatein

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