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Still Reading Khan USA paper review

Discussion in 'Still Reading Khan - by Mushtaq Sheikh' started by Bridget, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Bridget

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    Here's a review of the book that advance search doesn't show as posted yet.
    FRom India West (USA) Feb 9, 2007

    Splashy, audacious and bursting with color a new book about ShahRukh Khan captures all the brightness of Bollywood and the effervescence of the man himself.
    Mumbai journalist Mushtaq Sheik, a longtime Mend of the superstar and his family, has created a huge, weighty tome packed with photos and reminiscences from Khan's life, from the schoolboy in Delhi enamored with the stage to the introspective star with a legendary sense of humor.
    It's called "Still Reading Khan," and was launched here in the United States last month after its Mumbai release in October. Speaking at the Mumbai launch of the book, Khan viewed a video slideshow about his life and told a celebrity-studded audience, "The best part of today's function was when I saw my old home. It brought back memories of my mom and dad. I wish they were alive to see how much importance is given to me."
    "ShahRukh Khan is Hindi cinema," Sheikh told India-West in an email last week. "Larger than life, glossy, glamorous and 70mm. So when I was writing about his life, I had to match it with what is expected from ShahRukh Khan and his image.
    "Like director Ashutosh Gowriker says, 'This is not a book: 'Still Reading Khan' is a movie.' That's exactly my reason for doing a coffee table format book."
    What makes "SRK" fascinating for the hardcore fan is the depth with which Sheikh delves into Khan's formative years - including profiles of Khan's father, Meer Taj Mohammed, a creative, idealistic man who spoke six languages and fought for India's freedom; and his mother, Latif Fatima, the daughter of an engineer raised in Bangalore. Meer, 29, and Fatima, 16, met when Fatima was in a life-threatening auto accident in Delhi, and Meer was the only person around whose blood type matched hers, saving her life.
    Khan was an active student at St. Columba's Boys' High School in Delhi - good in sports, fast on his feet, and academically adept - but he found his greatest reward was in the hours spent with his friends in an ad-hoc dramatic society. A sports accident in his teens sidelined Khan's desire to become an athlete, and he turned his creative energy to acting.
    Mushtaq Sheikh was a cub reporter with 6 magazine when he first met Khan, and spent years putting this book together. Sheikh says he was surprised by how much he didn't know.
    "I had to do extensive research for the book by going to Delhi, where Shah Rukh grew up," he told India-West. "I knew a lot of him once he came to Mumbai, because I've known him for more than 12 years now - but very little was known about SRK and his growing up years. In fact, nothing was known about his mum and dad and how they really were.
    "So the whole Delhi chunk was as fascinating a discovery for me as it is for the readers. Another very amazing discovery that I found out was much, much before ShahRukh Khan was kissed by success by the big screen magic.
    "He was always number one in anything he did. In school, in college, in football, in hockey-you name it, and this man was number one. Sometimes, I joke with him and tell him his need for winning is almost unreal. But then, that's what I feel separates SRK from all the others."
    There is a chapter about Khan's relationship with Gauri Chibba, who he met in 1984 when he was performing at a girls' school in New Delhi and she was a ninth grader in a blue and white uniform. The couple's passionate, incendiary yet friendly relationship is explored in detail, as is their relationship with their two children, Aryan and Suhana. Another chapter discusses Khan's sex appeal - to both genders.
    Not touched on, though, are the widely circulated rumors of Khan's bisexuality, with attempts made by such leading Indian journalists as Vir Sanghvi and Pranoy Roy to reveal the truth.
    "My book does not deal with rumors and rubbish stones that surround this man," said Sheikh. "Grapevine, gossip and loose talk is a part of stardom. Nothing can get bigger than SRK, so that explains a hundred things that are written about him by pen pushers who don't know their head from their arse ...This book is my journey with this man. It's his travel from Delhi to 'Don.' It's his struggle from an absolute nobody to becoming the King of Bollywood."
    The book has been warmly received not only in India but also in the diaspora, said Sheikh.
    "It's overwhelming. I am touched," he told India-West. "The book has been met with amazing response all over the world. I must admit that the NRI market has the taste to recognize class from crass. And whenever they need to stamp their liking on a product, they do it with all their heart and might.
    "I have given my email [address] in the book and from the thousand emails I have received from various countries all over the world, I know my book has hit the target audience and they are already asking for more. In fact, this book has been so well received that my previous book, 'The Making of Asoka,' has also jumped up in the sales figures.
    "But believe me, the emails that are coming to me every minute are making all my hard work worth it. I am sure the royalties are going to be doing the same! Ha ha!"
    One last question - why is the book so huge? It weighs nearly 10 lbs., by the way, and has 458 pages and over 1,000 rare photographs.
    "The only ones who are really complaining are the readers who are picking my book while they are traveling, and after they buy my book they are certainly overweight at the airline counter," said Sheikh.
    "But mind you, once they get home, they dash emails to me saying this book could not be in any other form."

    [Sidebar]ShahRukh Khan is larger than life, so author Mushtaq Sheikh has crafted a huge, colorful tome to do justice to Bollywood's biggest star. "Still Reading Khan," a 458-page coffee table book with over 1,000 photographs, was recently released in the United States. Seen above are some of the photos.
    [Sidebar]"Still Reading Khan" weighs in at nearly 10 pounds, making it an attention-grabbing coffee table book.ShahRukh Khan, author Mushtaq Sheikh and actress/producer Juhi Chawla during the promotion of "Asoka" in 2001. Sheikh has penned a coffee table book about Khan titled "Still Reading Khan."
    [Author Affiliation]By LISA TSERINGIndia-West Staff Reporter
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    Speaking at the Mumbai launch of the book, Khan viewed a video slideshow about his life and told a celebrity-studded audience, "The best part of today's function was when I saw my old home. It brought back memories of my mom and dad. I wish they were alive to see how much importance is given to me."

    that was so touching..
  3. sanjani

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    ... one day I'll have a copy too.... :nod:
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    oh Brita when u do, make sure u have exercised and have enough muscels to carry it! lol
    that book is HEAVY! :nod:
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    Ok! :D :lol: :thumb: ;)

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