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STARDUST Magazine JULY 2008

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by cherine, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  2. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    Re: STARDUST Magazine JULLY 2008

  3. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    Re: STARDUST Magazine JULLY 2008

  4. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    Re: STARDUST Magazine JULLY 2008

  5. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    But the article is a load of crap, this can be expected from STAR-DUST
  6. india_desire

    india_desire New Member

    maybe..but the first pic is excellent...:D
  7. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

    thanks dear for the article. the fist pic is wonderfull.....
  8. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    wow... there are soooo many things wrong with the article! completely full of CRAP!!!
  9. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!! :mad2:
    omg!!! how could they write stuff like that about Karan and Shahrukh friendship :mad2:
    i say they better get their facts right, the movie is called "My Name Is Khan" and not "King Khan" and stupid people describing Shahrukh as if he wasnt loyal to Karan!! how stupid is this! we all know how Karan is so close to not only Shah but also his family, and who could believe crap like that?! obviously this magazine is anti-shahrukh magazine, can not believe they wrote that kind of article full of false facts.. and the thing with Abhishek and Hirthik .. that made me laugh, as if Shahrukh was threatened by them both, oh yes he was thats why his movies are BLOCKBUSTERS and theirs are just HIT if not FLOP! :rant::rant::rant:
  10. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Obviously whoever wrote this has no friends in the world, so let's feel sorry for him... Because a person who has even one good friend in life would never write like this about other people's friendship... I find it quite disturbing actually that people would take something as beautiful as a genuine friendship between two people (or actually three counting Kajol also) and then twist it around like this. Really, this article tells a lot more about the person who wrote it than about Shahrukh-Karan-Kajol...

    But, OMG I was :rofl: at them renaming Karan's film "Khan is King" :pound: (and they were serious about it) :pound:
  11. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    what else can u expect from flopdust:mad:
  12. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    This is so funny, Lol! Every now and then Stardust brings out something like this, in the hope that they can cause a rift between SRK and Karan. I used to feel awful about SD's articles in my early days of SRK-love, now I simply find them hilarious. 'Khan Is King' indeed !!!! ROFLMAO !
  13. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    same thought as you guys the pic is good mashallah i read the title and thought ok here they go again lol forget it
  14. my_srk

    my_srk Member

    thanks 4 sharing dear
  15. StellaM

    StellaM Well-Known Member

    Re : STARDUST Magazine JULY 2008

    ........ You post my scans not in the right order, Cherine ... here ...:D:D:D
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  16. Hasret

    Hasret Ullu-Club-Member

    the news is bullshit!!! its crap!
    but i looooove the first picture!! soo hoott :flame: :heart:

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