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stardust interview, srk on wife, govinda and more!

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by *srkz_babe*, Jan 28, 2006.

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    ...See, the day I get the kind of success I want, I'll probably become as corrupt as corruption. That's a fact. But otherwise, I will not let it affect me. See, I never joined films to make money or be a superstar. I came into this line for a much deeper reason. I came here only to get over my mother's death. This is something very few people understand. I lost my mother, I lost my father, two of the people I loved most. What greater loss can I suffer? I can't lose more. When my mother died, I too thought that I was going to die. But I did not die. Life did not end. It's going on. In fact, by some standards, it's even better. I'm earning more money, I'm famous, I'm rich. And I miss my mother even more. My biggest regret is that the more I rise higher in life, the more I miss my mother.

    Q: A lot of people say that you built your foundation on other heroes' rejects. So what? `Darr' was Aamir's role and I knew that. [Ed. note: Ironically, Shahrukh was the first choice for Aamir Khan's role in Oscar-nominated Lagaan.] Before I signed the film, I spoke to him at length as to why he was rejecting such a brilliant role. Even `Baazigar' was a Salman reject. But that is understandable. It was a novel theme and Salman was an established hero. So one can understand his insecurity. Maybe if `Baazigar' was offered to me today, I would not do it. See, I did rejects but there were two ways of looking at it. One was getting depressed and the other one was believing that the roles were rejected by others because they were written for me. Even in `Deewana', I knew that I was present only in six reels. But my attitude was, `Balls to whoever is acting in the film, balls to whoever is directing it. I only know that I am `Deewana' and I have to be the best'.

    Q: You are very arrogant, you know.
    I'm not arrogant, I'm just clear-cut. I have a lot of dos and don'ts. Initially even Subhash Ghai and Yash Chopra thought I was arrogant. Yash Chopra told me the other day that after signing me on for `Darr', he was still looking for a replacement because he thought I was too arrogant. He thought that I would give him lot of trouble. Today, he says he can't even think of anyone besides me. See, my attitude is `love me or leave me.' I'm very hard-working. I give you value for money. You may be a big director but I'm a big actor too. So you're not doing me a favour by taking me in your film. Don't expect me to touch your feet and dance to your tunes, no sir.

    Q: What about your various link-ups?
    I told you that I've come here to work, not have affairs. People linked me with Kajol initially. I treat her like a kid sister. I remember, during `Baazigar', I would give her a tapli and tell her how to act. I used to hit her also at times. Then someone wrote that I was having an affair with Juhi Chawla? You know, false stories like these spoil relationships. Juhi was the only actress who had attended my wedding ceremony, in fact. And you know, I like interacting a lot with my co-stars. When stories like these appear, I tend to be on my guard. I can't sit with any heroine in her make-up room because I fear that people would think I'm ******* her. Believe me, the day I think of any girl in that sense, I will say it openly. What I don't understand is that, why can't I be in love with the girl I'm married to? Come on, we've just been married for two years and we're not bored of each other still. Some people even say that I'm scared of my wife? What the ****? You tell me, if I ask you about your wife, what will you say? That she's a nice girl, sweet person, you love her, isn't it? So why should it be considered abnormal if I say the same?

    Shahrukh Khan
    born: November 2, 1965
    height: 5' 10"
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    • Govinda. For a time, these two were publicly at loggerheads. In March 2000, Filmfare Online asked Shahrukh about this:

    Q: You know the way Govinda and you love to make these jibes at each other all the time, it always looked stage-managed. Is it?
    A: ...I don't like to talk about it because it triggers it off again. I'd said something in English which was misunderstood by a certain segment of people around him. I'd said something on a show to the effect that 'I can do what I do best. I cannot do what Govinda can do and perhaps Govinda can't do what I can'. It did not mean that I will not do what Govinda does. I wish I could do what Govinda does. I wish I could put my lungi over my head and dance but I can't do it. But it was quoted very differently. He told me also that his mother was very hurt because she felt I was saying that Govinda doesn't do good things. I felt very bad about that. I didn't know how to explain. I called him up and said, 'Listen, please explain to your mom that I didn't mean it this way.' I just said that in English it sounds very different. That I can't do what he does and maybe he can't do what I do. It wasn't meant to be that I will not do what he does. Or what he does is derogatory or bad. I guess that cleared it up. After that I've never had a misunderstanding with him.
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    Thank you so much for posting it *srk_babe*.
    Wow he is talking so directly what he thinks..thats very good Honest and direct!I loved to read it.

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