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srk unhappy with ramu!!!!!

Discussion in 'Movies T-Z' started by lamya, May 11, 2006.

  1. lamya

    lamya Well-Known Member

    Ram Gopal Varma is caught in the cross-fire. Has Shah Rukh walked out of his Time Machine?

    Apparently Shah Rukh Khan is miffed with director Ram Gopal Varma. The actor is said to be unhappy about the fact that instead of going ahead with the pre-production of Time Machine, Ramu has begun shooting for a quick film, Nishabd, with Amitabh Bachchan.

    Incidentally, Ram Gopal Varma has been chasing Shah Rukh since the last five years. Ramu offered him several films, which Shah Rukh turned down. But finally, Shah Rukh decided to work with Ram Gopal Varma because he is open to experimental films since Paheli. Earlier Shah Rukh had stated that he didn't want to work with Ramu because the director makes 'dark films'.

    According to sources close to Shah Rukh, “Shah Rukh was surprised to read about Nishabd in the newspapers. He thought that Ramu was working on his film Time Machine, but when Shah Rukh realised that he's actually making another film with Amitabh Bachchan, he was taken aback.”

    Apparently Shah Rukh called up Ramu to ask about the project, and was informed by the filmmaker that he is making a 'quick film' with Amitabh. “Shah Rukh was disappointed with Ramu because he expects his filmmakers to spend time on pre-production for his films, especially since he maintains his exclusivity and works in one film at a time,” says our source.

    Currently shooting for Don in Malaysia, the actor was supposed to start working with Ramu from August. When he realised that Ramu was making another film while he was shooting for Farhan's Don, he called and requested him to start the pre-production. “Shah Rukh doesn't have a problem with Nishabd or any other film Ramu wants to make. He just doesn't want to compromise on his film,” says our source.

    The buzz goes that Shah Rukh's anger is part of the on-going Bachchan-SRK war. However our source denies the rumour saying, “Shah Rukh respects Amitji. In fact, he is working in Don which is a remake of Mr Bachchan's film. He is very close to the family. It's just that he is a very dedicated actor and expects a lot of commitment from his filmmakers too. If Ramu promises him that commitment, Shah Rukh will happily do the film.”

    Last heard Ramu has started working on the pre-production of Time Machine, along with shooting for Nishabd in Kerala. Evidently, he wants to keep both Bachchan and SRK happy.
  2. Dir*Dil

    Dir*Dil New Member

    Thank you too much for this topic & I hope no one can make shahrukh Unhappy
  3. layla-val

    layla-val Active Member

    Thankyou Lamya, sounds like someone could be trying to stir up trouble again:(

    I, don't believe everything I read, until I've heard it from the horses mouth so to speak.
  4. I<3SRK

    I<3SRK New Member

    hmm, dunno if it's true or not but i hope it all works out OK
  5. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    because the director makes 'dark films'.

    thats sooooooooooooo true!!
    hmmm..really dont know wht to say...will have to wait
  6. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    Its completely understandable why he's upset with RGV. Whenever they meet, they're cordial to each other, this so-called Amit-SRK war is all created by the media.
  7. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member

    Oofh! I can't stand that guy :mad2: I saw Darna Zaroori Hai a few days ago, OMG! It's one of the WORST films I've ever seen!!! :confused:
  8. Aryana

    Aryana SRK's Pashtaana Fan

    Thanks for the article. I can understand SRK's point as to why he is upset. Maybe, this might be rumors by the media.
  9. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member

    “I wonder where these rumours come from?”

    Ram Gopal Varma insists that all is well

    Subhash K Jha

    Barely had Ram Gopal finalised his long-in-the-pipeline Shah Rukh-Kareena film based on the concept of time passages when rumours have begun to circulate about Shah Rukh opting out of the film.

    Ramu, who is shooting for his Nishabd in Kerala, is more amused than perturbed when he is informed about the rumours in Mumbai. “Oh is that what they're saying” he says. “I wonder where these rumours come from? I'm shooting nonstop over here , and have no time or connectivity with the outside world. My film with Shah Rukh is certainly on. In fact we've already gone through scripting sessions and shooting begins in November. So much for rumours.”

    Apparently the rumours started after Ramu made some digs at Karan Johar's Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna, saying he wanted to see Karan's film because he loved horror films.

    “And why should that be a problem?” says Ramu “Karan and I have this ongoing joke between us. He says things about my films. I say things about his films. Neither of us takes offence. So why is an issue being made about it? I really can't be bothered with rumours. Right now I'm too taken up with Nishabd to think about anything else.”

    His final word on the rumour. “Either Shah Rukh or I have to say the film is not on, for the project to be off. Neither of us has made any such statement,” he says. “So, as far as I'm concerned, we're on.”
  10. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    i don't care if the film is not on if that was the commitment ramu gave for the film
    but ramu has to play wise otherwise he'll lose shah rukh and lose the opportunity to be richer
  11. filmifan

    filmifan bhangraholic nattu

    this is all garbage made up by the media, once again.
  12. annous

    annous New Member

    I think we all should take it easy and relax.. the media will continue this fictional war of attrition between SRK, and AB, like they did last year with fictional war between SRK and Yash Chopra.. it's all for the sake of selling newspapers!!!!!
    it should tell us something that the 2 articles( the one saying SRK is angry with RGV, and the one where RGV denies all that crap) were published in the same paper on the same day... it tells me that that paper doesn't have a good editor, because anyone worth his salt would have seen how silly this makes their paper look.
    in the coming days ..other newspapers and websites will take this story and add some flavors to it.. don't believe anything until SRK or Ramu themselves come out and say the project is off.

    p.s. RGV may be annoying , but he is a good director with good vision in his films, I hope SRK does work with RGV, that would be something else!!!
  13. TARA

    TARA &quot;K3T&quot;-Member

    Yes, I think all this are rumors and we should take it easy .
    I dont care so much about such things....
  14. katie

    katie Member

    I though so...

    Don't know much about this Ramu movies because I don't follow his work, but I'm glad this movie still on. I can't wait to see SRK and Kareena pair again.. and it's just so good to see SRK work with different directors.
  15. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Sounds like the usual filmi gossip doing the rounds ! Worth ignoring.
  16. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    "The buzz goes that Shah Rukh's anger is part of the on-going Bachchan-SRK war".

    What rubbish. I haven't even heard of such "war" exists between them.
    I'm glad reports came out immediately to deny those rumors about srk/ramu new movie. and its not called time machine anyways. they still didn't find title to it.
  17. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Honey, next time you want to see a Hindi flick, why don't you pm me ? I can give you a feel of how the movie is faring in India. DZH isn't even a blip on the radar out here and will probably vanish in the next week, it's so pathetic. But that doesn't mean Ramu is a complete loss. He's quite an experimenter.
  18. Lachchi

    Lachchi Well-Known Member

    Hey !
    I totaly agree with you
    Her in german calls ... Sommerloch.....silly season ,when not coming news about the stars
    God Bless
  19. Shilpz

    Shilpz Well-Known Member

    That movie already released?! I had no idea :confused: :rofl:
  20. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Yes, we should sit back and wait while we are drinking a cup of tea! :tea:
    And the so called "war" between SRK and AB is really totally crap!:crazy:

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