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    One of those rare days when I am free at home & family is working!!! Should we all come aboard for a bit and do #AskSRK LETS GO

    @Aarushiiiiiiiii your favourite song these days?
    Ice ice baby! Did an amazing dance with the lil one on that. My Fred Astaire moment.

    @prateekvaidya31 What's your next project after zero ???
    Yeh ho jaaye pehle. Then will decide.
    @SRKsShyam Sir biwi pregnant hai aapka Asirwaad chahiye [​IMG][​IMG]
    May God bless her with health.

    @duaftdeepika Have you seen Padmaavat? How did you like the movie?
    Very very good
    @princeeofmd Hello Sir One word for @MadhuriDixit Mam [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Two words..Aur Paas.

    @Sonam199X I have a interview today could you wish me good luck. Please! [​IMG][​IMG]
    All the best

    @rshah2611 Sir How did you feel when you received The crystal award at #Davos
    More responsible to do the most I can

    @SAKET_NumeroUno When are we gonna get to place our dirty hands on your awesome biographical book?
    Ha ha. Abhi toh main jawaan hoon. Bahut zindagi baaki hai.
    @iamshanky_ I'm broken by the one and now trust no one! Need advice[​IMG]
    So sorry. But life has a way to heal itself. Trust yourself more and don't forget to pray

    @celestiallite Have song for women of Meer Foundation HOw do I get it to them?
    Will tell the team to get in touch with u

    @sourabh_srkfan . My carr for uu only shahrukh sir
    Wow! Thank u. Will tell Hyundai to copy the design!!!

    @xzustinx sir would you consider #Zero Your Most Difficult movie till date?
    Most fun till yet.
    @InSRKsHEART how’s your Knee and AbRAm [​IMG][​IMG]
    Both joined to my body.
    @ivorymagic25 how was it meeting Cate Blanchett [​IMG]
    She was so beautifully strong and gentle.

    @SRKsRaeesFan1 feeling extremely unattractive, inadequate and lonely. :(
    Nooo please don't. Do a bit of exercise. Read a book. Don't think too much about yourself. Life is good

    @SRKsSoulmate If you have a bag full of money nd the amount of money in bag is equal to ur phone number Then how much money do u have in bag?
    Very little otherwise would have shared it with you!!

    @i_vivek2209 Are u happy with the #KKR squad? #AskSRK Love u.. :)
    Our philosophy at KKR is nurture & believe in youngsters. I feel we will come good.

    @Sarcasm_Tanay Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa se fan hua aapka. Tabse ye silsila ab tak chal raha hain. Thank you for the beautiful journey
    Thank u

    @iampallavi16 I miss your random thoughts here. . Sending all the love and big hug [​IMG]
    Random thoughts lose space in a calculated zone.

    @abbas_haiderr Are you following the Under 19 World Cup? Our boys will be playing the final tomorrow
    I have seen all their matches and I wish them the best

    @_zampio Have you seen @zaynmalik 's Elle India cover? Just so you know he's a huge fan of yours, always have been and devdas is one of his favourite movies of yours so I hope you're getting the February issue to send some love back
    He is extremely sweet. Made me a huge hit with my kids by doing a pic with me.

    @Karanpatel7979 My way to show the love for you @iamsrk #AskSRK #SRK #ShahRukhKhan #KingKhan

    Oh that's scary. Please be careful and don't do such dangerous things. Please

    This Tweet is unavailable.
    Looks r not important. Look at me!!

    @Mahii7_ Sir, next week shadi hai, reply kardo.. warna no to dulha
    Kabool hai keh dena Dulhe ko please

    @Himil_s_ Sir! One line for #GautamGambhir
    Will miss him.

    @SRKsXman One Word For Heath Ledger........
    Only the good die young..RIP

    @i_vivek2209 Are u going to watch Under19 world cup final tomorrow?
    Yes absolutely in my blue India jersey

    @iam_Shahid10 Sir my GF told me SRK ka reply milega toh hi proposal accept karungi [​IMG]. Now it's up to you [​IMG] ..
    Pyaar mein conditions nahi hoti

    Need to get back to work now. Baby also back. Thank u for ur time. Till next time now.#AskSRK

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    @TVSanjeev What?? I’ve got samosas and cake now!
    U need to go easy on the Samosa and cake my friend that's why I ended the chat so soon. Ha ha

    @anupjalota One more question, Would love to know your favorite music? And what do you prefer more classical music or western music?
    Sir I listen to whatever my babies listen to. Ranges from Twinkle twinkle to Rap which I can't make head or tail of.
    @RanveerOfficial Hi Bhai ! Anxious for you to see ‘Padmaavat’ ! [​IMG][​IMG]
    So sorry didn't realise it was u, cos now u r Khilji for me. Bahut acchhi picture hai bhai..I saw it and loved it.
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    Wow. What a proud moment for young India. Well done lil ones.May u keep conquering the world. And keep playing FIFA ...on the side. A great morning.
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  5. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

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    @diplo SRK are you coming to see us play in Pune tommorow
    Would love to my friend. But working in Delhi. Have a great show and share some love with Pune.They r with wonderful
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    Build good associations around yourself and ride on...20 yrs with @HyundaiIndia & learnt that whether it's a vehicle or success both should be noiseless...
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    This didn't go as planned...but on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with my limited floatation expertise..this is the best I could do! Judge nahi karna, fee...
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    Hand made love from beautiful women. Millions of rural artisans with unique skills; this is them celebrating their empowerment. I'm told women love...

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    @rahuldholakia is this a result of your promise to do something for #SEWA when we met them during #raees promotion in Gujarat ?? That's a very Noble gesture.. and like you are, very genuine and straight from the heart. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    A small effort in that direction. The ladies were so affectionate and warm that evening.
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    Wish this was a post work out pic. But it’s only a post clean up of the gym picture. Came across a Bullworker! in the gym archives, a sign it’s not been cleaned for years!
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    Always good to receive gifts that are as beautiful as these... thank u to all the kind hearted children at @ChangeSPARKers ! Keep spreading the smiles... @MeerFoundation
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