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    On behalf of the team thank u @RajaSen for appreciating the nuances of Fan. This one was from the heart & guts. It’s encouraging u like.
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  5. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    It's almost Makar Sankranti, dil ki patang dekho #UdiUdiJaye
    05:37 - 12. Jan. 2017
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  6. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    3 Songs out. Thought will do an #AskSRK for a bit. Warning: have fever so do questions for the soul....let's go
    08:01 - 12. Jan. 2017

    Like I said it's the fever.
    08:02 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (♡Nero_RAEES_Girl♡ @NeroSRKgirl
    #AskSRK when will u stop being so Hot ! @iamsrk)

    The next one. Some really good music in the film.Relevant yet popular space
    08:03 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk shah which one do you like the most #AskSRK)

    Going back to manual photography so got myself a classic Leica to mess about with.

    08:04 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk which is the latest gadget ur using ? #AskSRK)

    Jo aapke mann ko bhaye. Think Udi Udi for the period of Sankranti is more apt. Hope u all like it. 08:05 - 12. Jan. 2017 (@iamsrk Zaalima or Udi Udi?? #AskSRK)

    Sorry been working round the clock mostly never at home.

    08:06 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk #AskSRK I just wanted you to know that.. Both the times I didn't get to meet you! :()

    Love to you
    08:09 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk #AskSRK Donu know I'm simce 30years ur fan. Do y hear me. Can u answer me. Love u so much. May Allah bless u & ur family)

    Have been busy with work so haven't seen it yet. Have promised Aamir will see it soon on a free day. It's awesome like we all know

    08:11 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk How did you like Dangal And best of luck for Raees #AskSRK)

    Stand up for your actions & your family
    08:12 - 12. Jan. 2017
    ´( No Question available sorry :( )

    Nawaz bhai is a gem of an actor and too much fun to work with.

    08:13 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk will raes bring out another side of acting from srk..nd how was it to work with nawaz saab#AskSRK)

    Ha ha right now Dhokla time

    08:14 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk Coffee piyoge ya dhokla khaoge ? #AskSRK)

    Thank u hope u enjoy it

    08:14 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk #AskSRK whats the secret of your epitome of handsomeness? Love all yhe way from Nepal. Will go first day firat show Raees)

    He is right!

    08:15 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk Rahul sir said raees is an intelligent commercial film in 3 words...How would you describe it in 3 words? #AskSRK)

    I love him like we all do. As long as he is playing will be happy.

    08:15 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk Are u upset coz Dhoni is not our captain anymore??)

    Do they?? I had no idea. Will take a look at them again..maybe.

    08:17 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk why do your eyes look so sad? #AskSRK)

    Title not decided yet!!!

    08:18 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk the film with Anushka.. Is it called REHNOOMA ?? I haven't got ur reply since 3 yrs. Looks like u have forgotten this FAN #AskSRK)

    Happy flying...hope Udi Udi jaaye
    08:19 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk Sir Look At This #Raees Kite Caught By Me How's It Sir ? Do See #AskSRK)

    Drank my cough syrup...
    08:21 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk What is the first thing you did this morning when you got up[​IMG]? #AskSRK)

    Yes will come for sure
    08:22 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (Sir r u coming to Delhi for Raees? #AskSRK)
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  7. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    It was fun mainly because of the choreographers Sameer & Arsh Tanna. Difficult on the knee though...
    08:23 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (How awesome does @iamsrk look in that kurta with bandhni odhni in udi udi! Did you enjoy garba @iamsrk? My name is Deepa #AskSRK)

    Yes it is. But Sameer & Arsh helped with the Garba moves. Hectic but fun.
    Garba moves. Hectic but fun.
    08:25 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (BombayTimes @bombaytimes
    If we are not wrong, this is your first garba song...How was it playing garba? @iamsrk ?)

    Confusing...I never know what I will do next...
    08:25 - 12. Jan. 2017
    How u feel competing with yourself ? [​IMG][​IMG] #AskSRK @iamsrk)

    Do it on the right dimple...the left one is busy.
    08:26 - 12. Jan. 2017
    @iamsrk I Want To Kiss On Ur Dimples.... [​IMG][​IMG] #AskSRK [​IMG][​IMG])

    My kids should do what their calling is...not my job necessarily.
    08:27 - 12. Jan. 2017
    ´(@iamsrk there is a thought btwn ppl that if ur an actor then ur children will b the same.. Wat do u think on this matter? #AskSRK)

    Thank u and get well soon
    08:27 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk I am sorry that I won't be able to watch RAEES.. COZ of some body damage but I am promoting it like hell.. Need ur wishes #AskSRK)

    Just that there are such few hours in a day...kam padhte hain.
    08:28 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk is there anything you've always wanted to do, but havent yet? whats stopping you from doing it? #AskSRK)

    Please see it on 25 only...pehle hi bohat shift kar Lee...
    08:31 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk Pathani Suit Ready.... Can't wait for 25th Jan... Can You please shift 25th Jan nearer .... It looks years away #AskSRK)

    Hate is too big a burden to bear...stick to love.
    08:34 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk #AskSRK any message for haters who are spreading hate against Raees?)

    Aa raha hoon...
    08:36 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk When will you come visit Newyork ?? I am waiting for you on the Brooklyn bridge with my arms wide open [​IMG] #askSrk)

    Go go look after them please.
    08:38 - 12. Jan. 2017(@iamsrk patients are waiting for me to treat them. And I am waiting here for your reply. #AskSRK)

    Very sweet now do one on Udi Udi jaaye
    08:39 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk sir!! Cute twins doing Laila Main Laila dance.. Do you want to tell them something?? #AskSRK)

    Not yet have to catch up on films
    08:39 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk #AskSRK ... la la land makes big bang ...have u watched it ?)

    Woh zaroor sunna jo Ammi jaan kehti hain
    08:40 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk What message would you like to give to the youngsters ? #AskSRK)

    Yes in bits and pieces. The film is set in Gujarat
    08:42 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk u ever talked gujarati in this movie #Raees)

    Fictional...which real person would sing Zaalima...ha ha
    08:44 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (Raees is a biography or a Written fictional Film ? #AskSRK @iamsrk)

    Don't like wishing people birthdays on twitter. Will try and do it personally on the phone or SMS.
    08:45 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk could you please wish @zaynmalik it's his 24th bday today please Badshaah pls.. #HappyBirthdayZaynMalik´)

    08:46 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk Are you an extrovert or an introvert? #AskSRK)

    No don't think like that please …
    08:46 - 12. Jan. 2017(the Question is not available Sorry)

    Nitin Haazir hai
    08:47 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk I'm not witty n funny but still want to get ur attention Pls say NITIN haazir hai #AskSRK k liye [​IMG])

    Very nice
    08:48 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (@iamsrk This was the first time u shot in Gujarat. How was it.?)

    Need to wrap up on #AskSRK. Feeling a bit woozy. Will catch up on some sleep have loads of work to finish. Thank u all..& love to u.
    08:50 - 12. Jan. 2017
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  8. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Thank u my friend. Was fun trying to sing along with u last night.
    10:44 - 12. Jan. 2017
    (Shekhar Ravjiani @ShekharRavjiani
    A man with a golden one defines love better than him... the real super star.. @iamsrk Best wishes for #Raees)
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    Thank you Phul for doing the Q&A. I was at the hospital with a loved one having surgery.
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  12. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Hope so much all was going good and your love one will be better soon. :hug:
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  15. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    @SharlaJ @phul You are both stars for all you do here. :hug:
    Hope the surgery went well.
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  17. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    @phul - thanks for taking over! :clap2: @SharlaJ Hope all is good with you loved one after surgery! :hug:
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    Back home after a long day at work. Need to eat some and sleep even more.
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