SRK happy with his imperfect teeth

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by mumbiene, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    SRK happy with his imperfect teeth

    Saturday, 01 December 2012 15:56 pioneer

    Although most celebrities don’t want the world to know about their little secret, it is said that an aspiring model wins the Miss India pageant only after she has visited Dr Umre. “Shah Rukh and I go back a long time. It was back in 1992 when his film Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman had just released, when, for the first time, he came to me. I was close to his in-laws and they referred him to me when he was still in his early days of marriage with Gauri and stardom. Back then, I was quite fascinated to treat a movie star although few knew about him back then. I remember telling my friends about him and they were completely clueless about who I was talking about. So, this one time, my friends and I were driving through Mallad and I spotted a hoarding with a poster of that film. I stopped the car and showed them the poster, indicating that this was the same man I was treating. At that time, they all laughed, saying, ‘ye bhi koi hero hai, issey to humare villain achchey dikhte hain.’ And look how far he has come since then, becoming the biggest name in Indian cinema,” Dr Umre tells you.

    Talking about Shah Rukh’s dental visits to him, Dr Umre reveals:“I must say, Shah Rukh is the only one who is carefree about his teeth. He smokes and chews pan masala, which is harmful not only for his overall health but also to his mouth. He comes to me once in a couple of years, usually for air polishing and teeth whitening. Honestly, he doesn’t really have the best smile in the world, yet, despite my attempts to convince him, he refuses to let me fix his teeth. He says, they go better with his persona and he is happy with his imperfect teeth,” Dr Umre reveals.
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  3. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    What imperfect teeth? I think he has one of the best smiles in the world. A smile is only as beautiful as the person who owns it. We all know how beautiful a person he is, inside and out. I'm kinda angry with anyone who says such a person as SRK doesn't have have a good smile.
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  4. GraceEbenezer

    GraceEbenezer Member

    SRK's face perfectly fits
    with his personality. He has a
    cute face, with dimples and big
    eyes, and he acts so sweet to
    everyone :-*
    Hes got the best smile in the whole
    wide world :)
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  5. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    woah!!!!!!:jaw:: How unproffesional!!!!!!!!!I hope Shahrukh never goes back to him ever again!!!!!:rant:
  6. TessaRose

    TessaRose Obsession

    Beauty is subjective, originality and difference make the awesome being that each is, standardization makes us lose what makes of us so special. And this smile so special that has Shah Rukh is why we love all him. :heart:
    Do not even dare thinking about changing our Shah Rukh's smile ! :tsk:
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  7. semsem008

    semsem008 Well-Known Member

    shahrukh has 1 teeth over another on the left side i think... but this is very attractive.. such an attractive smile he has :)
    this is what i like about him... he is so natural not artificial
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  8. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Don't know about all of you, but I am so sick of the perfect, dazzling white teeth on actors, models and TV personalities.....The fact that he has never felt the need to "fix" his teeth is so endearing to's just one of the many things that make this beautiful man so very special.
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  9. GraceEbenezer

    GraceEbenezer Member

    DAMN TRUE :heart:
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  10. Areams

    Areams Photographer, Filmmaker, and SRK Fan

    You're all absolutely positively right. He has the most amazing smile and it would be a crime to change that. So many people are driven to cosmetic surgery in order to look "beautiful." It's so sad that anyone gives into the so called need to be beautiful. I know I have some flaws in my appearance, does this mean I'm not beautiful? No! Nor does a small thing like a overlapped tooth.'s funny to think...Shah Rukh's smile makes millions of girls around the world melt, while some guys with the most perfect white smile get passed over. I think that one reason why we all love his smile so much is that it radiates warmth and personality. His overlapped tooth, I have never noticed to be honest. There is no need to fix something when it is not a problem.
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  11. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    he chews paan masala?? that is soo bad for him.. :( hope he stops soon.
  12. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    for me his teeth is perfekt, it`s naturel
    I don´t like hollywoodteethes,when all the teethes are in one row
    The best is his lower left canine:heart:
    Screen Shot 2012-06-09 at 1.46.18 PM.png
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  13. Rajshri

    Rajshri Administrative Duties Staff Member

    I love his teeth! :D
    TessaRose says thanks.

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