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SRK—now the marketing muse!

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Book Club' started by SharlaJ, May 10, 2014.

  1. SharlaJ

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    SRK—now the marketing muse!
    Friday, 9 May 2014 - 7:20am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

    Malad-resident Koral Dasgupta decodes consumer behaviour through the prism of actor Shah rukh Khan's super-stardom


    A classroom full of MBA aspirants and a young teacher who is striving hard to hold their attention. And in comes Shahrukh Khan, flying to the rescue! No, this is not a cheesy scene that was chopped off from Ra.One but a real-life scenario (well, figuratively!) that prompted the birth of Power of a Common Man by Koral Dasgupta.

    This is a flashback to a day about two years ago when Dasgupta was trying to engage her MBA students in a conversation about the success of brands such as Nestlé and Nirma, but instead she let the discussion take a cinematic turn. The next few hours were spent on decoding why the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Don was remade with Sharukh Khan in it and the reasons behind casting Arjun Rampal as the modern-day Pran rather than the more obvious choices—Anupam Kher or Paresh Rawal. Flash-forward and you find Dasgupta’s students eagerly waiting to get their hands on this book, slated to be launched tomorrow.

    The discussion with the young excited minds triggered a new thought in Dasgupta, and the idea of a book about Shahrukh Khan’s brand pull slowly took shape in her mind. Dasgupta says, “Even when I first started the series of discussions in class, I took down notes to prepare better for the next semester. I did not think my daily class-end scribbles would come handy for my book.”

    Why SRK?
    On asking Dasgupta about her inspiration and choice of star, pat comes the reply, “I have been a Sharukh Khan loyalist for years now. Bunking school to catch several shows of Pardes was probably the simplest thing I did to enjoy seeing SRK on the big screen. I, once, jumped over the hostel gate in Lucknow to dig out a life-sized poster of SRK that had been stuck on a wall. I had crushes on several actors during my growing up years, but none were able to outlive my fascination for SRK.”

    Channelising passion towards education
    While Dasgupta was in the midst of writing this book, Chennai Express hit the big screens. While she herself caught the movie in the theatre, she was amazed that notwithstanding the terrible reviews it received, the movie ran to packed houses. Dasgupta says, “Several of my friends went to watch the movie in spite of the negative reviews they read and the terrible feedback they got. It is this charisma that makes SRK such a larger than life personality.”

    Merging the man and the brand
    Dasgupta points out, “Any story about SRK, in all these years, has never been about him alone. His wife, kids, and comfortable home—all are a part of his persona. That is how he has built it and maintains it. All of them have gradually become brands in themselves. It is this complete package that he brings to the brands he endorses.” Dasgupta’s authority about these facts comes from years of poring over newspaper articles that have been written about the Badshah of Bollywood. That she is a complete movie buff only aided the amalgamation of her understanding of movies with her marketing insights to present this innovative case-study.

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  2. SharlaJ

    SharlaJ Well-Known Member

    Power of a Common Man - Connecting to Consumers | BRAND IT LIKE BADSHAH
    11 May 2014, Vandana Singh

    Author: Koral Dasgupta

    Publisher: Westland
    Price: Rs 350

    Koral Dasgupta sets out to study consumer behaviour by analysing the different roles played by Shah Rukh Khan, says Vandana Singh

    What is the first thing one needs when s/he decides to pen down a book? A topic. But just any topic won’t do. The topic has to be new or it must dare to say something new about an issue that is not so new. But when you set out to write a book on King Khan just where do you begin and where do you end. How do you say something which has not been said before?

    Author Koral Dasgupta in her book Power of a Common Man - Connecting to Consumers the SRK Way has daringly set out to do the same. Through her book, Dasgupta is attempting to tell the story of Shah Rukh Khan’s relationship with his fans/followers/consumers by applying theories of consumer behaviour.

    Instead of focusing on academic theories that textbooks are stuffed with, she has chosen a lively approach towards helping readers understand how consumer behaviour really works! And she attempts to tell it all by presenting SRK as the commodity. The megastar, businessman, brand ambassador, cricket team-owner and much more has sold dreams too through his blockbuster movies and his consumers have lapped it all up with unflinching loyalty.

    The book also makes an attempt to explore how SRK became the sole claimant to Amitabh Bachchan’s legacy though at this stage Dasgupta prefers to stay absolutely tight-lipped about it. That is something the readers can find out as they flip through the pages of the book. All that the author is ready to reveal at the moment is, ‘There were others in the industry who trusted that SRK is 1990’s answer to Bachchan and brought such projects to SRK that would put him in for a direct comparison. SRK certainly did not shy away from the challenge and plunged in with his characteristic innocent aggression! Certain things “happened” with Shah Rukh Khan which did not for Salman Khan or Aamir Khan or Hrithik Roshan though these actors were no less deserving!’

    Dasgupta is convinced that people are sensitive about King Khan. Whether it is love or hate, there is no middle ground for emotions. ‘People are passionate about loving or hating him. I have interacted with many SRK-haters in social media, and trust me, they talk endlessly to convince that SRK is bogus! There is no other actor who can engage even his haters to this extent,’ the author says. Perhaps that is what makes SRK such a successful brand — the intensity of emotions he evokes in people.

    Dasgupta’s analysis shows that Shah Rukh Khan has been successful in reviving old brands or giving them a new face. Be it the Lux advertisements or simply the remake of Don, Khan never disappoints his consumers whose love for the megastar continues to grow. The author says that though she is not sure if SRK was trying to claim Bachchan’s legacy through the remake of Don but it is sure that consumers liked what he served.

    ‘Trying to do an Amitabh Bachchan for the first time had huge risk of being ripped apart. But what is important is, we, his consumers have accepted that Don has another face. I am saying this because of the box office figures that the film has generated. SRK’s Don had a different generation of takers and it was a nice way of reintroducing a cult film to a generation who may or may not have experienced original Don. The remake also points out what a magnanimous capacity the film has because of which it could communicate successfully to the audience of two different decades and convince each time that “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai”. The film was also a nice way of reminding people across the world about the original; most non-Indian viewers may not have seen Bachchan’s Don in 1970’s. However, most of those who have seen both films would agree that Don still belongs to none other than Amitabh Bachchan,’ Koral says. For those who believe that SRK sells dreams, Koral says nobody can be forced to consume anything. ‘Who doesn’t want to believe in the world of dreams? SRK is a voice to the dreams that are your’s and mine and everyone’s. What’s wrong there,’ the author questions.

    Dasgupta is confident that what her book wants to say about SRK has not been explored so far. ‘You may have little left to say about SRK who is an actor or father or husband or sports enthusiast. But have you ever considered him as a brand? He is one such marketeer who has sold almost everything in the endorsement space! He has sold a mediocre film like Chennai Express for Rs 400 crore. There must be something to consider there, which have not been explored about him already. There was a guy who told me he hates SRK. I asked him whether he watched Chennai Express and he said he did, after which he hated him even more. I was surprised that this guy had been to the theatre even after hearing the review from his friends. There must be something that the actor is doing to drag his viewers to the theatre; even negative word of mouth can’t hold back his audience from buying a ticket! That’s what I have explored. I have tried to analyse his marketing genius through my book. We, SRK fans have adored him for last 25 years. Why not learn from him some techniques which are just too relevant to survive in this world,’ the author says.

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    Power of a Common Man: Connecting with Consumers the SRK Way

    Shah Rukh Khan, Megastar, businessman, brand ambassador, cricket team-owner. Devoted father and husband. But more than anything else, the boy-next-door who made it to the top.

    Since he burst into the limelight with Fauji in 1988, seldom has Khan been away from the headlines. Besides being an actor in a number of record-breaking Bollywood movies, Shah Rukh Khan has also made waves as the face of numerous brands and more recently, as a path-breaking entrepreneur with a production house, VFX studio and an IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

    In this seminal work, author Koral Dasgupta takes us behind the scenes with the phenomenon called Shah Rukh Khan. She chronicles his rise to fame as an actor, examines the reasons for his long reign at the top, analyzes his moves in the business of entertainment and lauds his deep connect with the consumer.

    In this Shah Rukh Khans 25th year in showbiz - Power of a Common Man entertains and educates with its quirky study and refreshing viewpoints.

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