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Social Game for RA.ONE

Discussion in 'RaOne (Ra.1)' started by mumbiene, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    This is an insane discussion, Shah would never do something like that! He is a honest hardworking man and has worked very hard for the promotion of the release of this film, sorry don't buy such garbage! :mad:
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  2. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    Nope, no notice against Shah Rukh Khan yet
    Published: Saturday, Sep 17, 2011, 11:36 IST
    By Soumyadipta Banerjee | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

    A Bangalore-based businessman is apparently claiming Rs40 crore from actor Shah Rukh Khan reportedly for ‘stealing’ the idea of a mobile game. But Shah Rukh says he has not received any legal noticefrom him till date.

    “We have not received any legal notice from any businessman in Bangalore. There might be claims and counter-claims, but this legal notice hasn’t arrived in our office as of now,” says a source from Shah Rukh’s production house.

    Reportedly, the businessman Shakir Aga claims that he had discussed the idea of the mobile game with a person called Lida Moghaghegh, who’s a popular TV artist in US in March last year. He claims that Lida mailed the details to the Chief Finance Officer of Shah Rukh’s production house in 2010.

    “Everything is ‘I said’ and ‘I told’. There is no proof anywhere that he had the original idea. I don’t think his claim holds any water,” says the source claiming that Shah Rukh personally is still not aware of the claim made. Meanwhile, the mobile gaming company which developed the game has also been keeping a watch on the claims made.

    “If it turns out to be that it is false claim then he could be counter sued. The claims at this point of time seems far fetched,” the source ends.

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  3. sonataca

    sonataca SRK's Mommy

    I wonder too! But I think it's for India only, maybe we'll be able to download it.
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  4. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    the banglore based businessman has just been made bankrupt & so this is his chance of making some money back :p
    also quite a desperate route to take.
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  5. Chamz

    Chamz Well-Known Member

    40 crore :jaw: this guy is mad.......
  6. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Be your own superhero with G.One game!
    Indo-Asian News Service
    Monday, October 03, 2011 (Mumbai)


    Shah Rukh Khan has launched his social avatar G.One from his upcoming sci-fi film RA.One in association with UTV Indiagames, which has got the rights to develop the online game.

    The 45-year-old has conceptualized his virtual character G.One and games featuring him will be available on social networks like Facebook along with gaming platforms like Nokia Ovi, Android, Apple as well as to DTH subscribers.

    To enable this, UTV Indiagames has created a cross-platform social game across mobile, online and television.

    "The first ever superhero social game on the most powerful medium today takes it to a whole new level. The game has been specially conceptualized to ensure that it reaches out to all the audiences that are eagerly awaiting to catch a glimpse of the superhero G.One," said Shah Rukh in a release here Monday.

    "This is the perfect opportunity for gamers to get introduced to and engage with G.One, understand his fantastic abilities and immerse themselves in the game and become superheroes," he added.

    "The amazing statistic is that 50 percent of all users on social networking platforms play games. So when we associated with Red Chillies to create a game around 'RA.One', we decided to make a social game out of the character," said Vishal Gondal, CEO, UTV Indiagames.

    "The game has the potential to have a global appeal and we hope the sheer power and reach of social gaming will enable us to build a massive gaming franchise appeal, appealing to everyone across the country as well as to increase the base of gamers in India," he added.

    To play the game, one can log on to http://game.raonemovie.com.

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  7. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Ra.One Social Game Could Change The Relationship Between Film & Gaming Businesses In India

    What stands out about the Ra.One | Genesis social game tie-up between Indiagames and Red Chillies Entertainment, is the symbiotic relationship that has been inked between the two companies: its success or failure will have lessons for gaming companies, film producers and brands on the partnerships between films and the gaming industry in India. A few things to note:
    - No MG: There is no up front minimum guarantee, and it’s a revenue share deal between Red Chillies and Indiagames. If it works, both make money, if it doesn’t neither does.
    - No Cost To Studio: It’s at zero cost to the films producers Red Chillies, which means that Indiagames is taking a huge up-front cost for development and marketing of the game.
    - Early Planning: The game took 8 months to develop: speaking at the press conference filmstar Shah Rukh Khan said that they began discussing the game with Indiagames around a year and a half back. “That is how International studios work,” Indiagames CEO Vishal Gondal told MediaNama. The film based game development in India, he explained, is impacted by the short timeframe given for it, and often studios start looking at games as a means of promotion and IP licensing only a few months before release.
    - Evolving, Episodic In Nature: The game is episodic in nature, so there is room for Indiagames to keep updating it with more levels, adding new features and tools and enhancing the story line of the game. Gondal said that multiplayer gaming is going to be added later, and new characters will be introduced. For example, a character based on filmstar Rajinikanth – in the movie but not yet in the game – could easily be introduced later.
    - Marketing Push: It is, if marketed well, going to be among the most visible indegenous social games, given the marketing and PR push that Ra.One is receiving via its tie-ups with Google and others, which will bring visibility to the game as well. You have India’s biggest Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan promoting it, and he plans to take the movie (and hence the game) down to small towns as the date for the release of the film nears.
    - Freemium: It’s a freemium game, which means that it is free to play, but for bigger and better weapons, it relies on users paying Rs 5-500. Payments are through Facebook credits, which can be purchased through MOL Cards and other Facebook partners, but Indiagames has also integrated it’s own SMS gateway for payments, with partnerships with telecom operators like Airtel and Reliance. “When we did that for our T20 game, we saw that a lot of people made initial purchases on mobile, then switched online. We give you lesser value on mobile, and more on other payment mechanisms. Once people try it on mobile, they move to alternative payments,” Gondal said. The average ticket size for the Cricket games was around Rs 200.
    - Cross Platform: It’s banking on a cross platform approach, across mobile and online and DTH, for bringing in users from Facebook to play the game. In terms of gaming platforms, it is being made available on Nokia, Android and Apple OS.
    - Advergaming: There’s a marketing tie-up in place with Parle: all power ups are sponsored by the biscuit brand Parle G, and it is a fairly visible presence from the beginning of the game. Gondal did not comment on the metrics involved, but said that advertising revenues are “related to the performance of the game – about how many people are playing the game. We have done deep brand integration. Our IPL games had boards all over, but in this case it is a lot more creative.” Indiagames has a multi-year deal in place with Parle for the game. Brand integration that we noticed: when the game loads, a container has the Parle G brand on it. On logging into the game online, there’s a daily bonus offered as ‘free power from Parle G’. An achievement is called ‘G Mane Genius’ (i.e. G means Genius).
    Note to Indiagames: as you can tell, the flash based game doesn’t display properly when accessing using a netbook. Parts of the screen get cut.
    The Gaming Franchise As A Partnership
    Speaking with MediaNama, Shailja Gupta, Digital and New Media Head, Red Chillies said that the idea was to create a gaming franchise: “A social game is a process, and is based on peoples feedback, it is not that it’s been made and that’s about it. Based on peoples reaction and if they like certain powers and certain aspects, it will have a shelf life of its own, and we’re hoping that once the movie releases, we’re hoping that there is a Ra.One 2 and Ra.One 3, and there is a movie support there for the game. The philosophy is that this a partnership, and the idea is that you (the gaming company) make the money, and when you make it, you share it with us. The model that I’ve created a movie and you give me half a million dollars, is very short term thinking. Here the idea is to take it to the next level, and to give the gaming partner an incentive to invest the revenue it makes in growing the franchise.” Confirming that, Gondal said that this is the biggest investment the company has made in any game till date.
    From the perspective of bringing visibility to the gaming business, this reminds me of Reliance Entertainment’s launch of Zapak. In case of Zapak, lots of money was poured into marketing, experimentation and creating awareness about casual gaming by Reliance Entertainment. The rub-off it had was that it brought more and more users into the gaming industry, and other gaming companies fed off it. Most movie based games in India have so far been insipid, and merely tools for marketing film, making money just from licensing the IP.
    The Indiagames-Ra.One deal is based on revenue share, and is still highly dependent on the success of both the movie and most importantly the gameplay, for monetization, since it is a freemium game. While we expect a significant push in terms of marketing the IP to bring users on board, from whatever we saw of the game, the gameplay is pretty standard – point in multiple directions and shoot as wave after wave of enemies come at you. That will probably have a greater bearing on the success of the game than the promotion and Ra.One association. Gondal said that the gameplay for the action game has been kept ‘casual’.
    Nevertheless, a couple of months from now, we’ll look for the following information from Indiagames:
    - Users & Usage Trends: The number of active users of the social game, and how that changed as the 26th October launch of the movie neared, and after. Gaming companies would like to see if this continues beyond the half-life of the movie, which is typically the first week. Since this is a franchise, the idea is also to keep the characters alive and relevant during the gap between the first film, and a possible second film. Gupta said the the character G.One is a character which will probably go beyond the first film of Ra.One.
    - Transaction Trends: The propensity to buy microtransactions, and the age group of those purchasing microtransactions. Gaming companies know that users on Facebook are playing games like Farmville and Cityville, but whether there is a tendency to purchase weapons within the game, and particularly an Indian game, as opposed to a global game. The average purchase price of microtransactions of the game.
    - Advertising Trends: The number of ParleG powerups used. We’re not sure if that is the metric for ParleG to pay for advertising within the game, but for a brand manager, it’s a unique way for the brand to be present in the game without being too overtly intrusive.
    - Usage Pattern: The Indian versus International user base for the game – this will give an indication to marketers about whether the target audience for the game is Indian or international.
    - Social Usage: The average number of times information about the game has been published to a users wall about this games, as an indicator of how social media helped spread information about the game and kept it alive, as opposed to non-social games that largely rely on marketing.
    All in all, this long-term partnership approach could be a template for the film industry to work with when it comes to gaming, instead of the risk-averse-lets-make-what-ever-we-can-from-licensing approach that has been the norm, made possible largely due to the promise of social gaming and microtransactions. Now it is up to the gamer to buy into it.
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  8. KhushiDreamz

    KhushiDreamz G.One Squad Member

    I love the game :baby: I got to level 5 thou its getting hard :D
  9. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    UTV Indiagames and Shah Rukh Khan launch Ra.One social game

    Mumbai: UTV Indiagames has secured the rights to develop and publish a cross-platform social game on mobile, online and TV with Shah Rukh Khan, based on – Ra.One.

    The game has been conceptualized by Khan, who has launched the social avatar of his character - G.One. The movie is scheduled for release on 26 October, 2011.

    UTV Indiagames has created a cross-platform social game across mobile, online and TV featuring the lead character G.One (SRK). With an aim to build on the franchise, the game will be episodic in nature, introducing new levels and a story that will keep progressing with the game.

    The game will be micro transaction enabled so that users can customize their own game experience. Reaching out to a wider section of casual gamers, the game is designed to pick up and play with an attractive theme.

    Khan said, “With the many firsts that Ra.One is bringing to the country, the game on the powerful medium takes it to a new level. The game has been conceptualized to ensure that it reaches out to all the audiences that are awaiting to catch a glimpse of G.One. This is the opportunity for gamers to get introduced and engage with G.One, understand his abilities and immerse themselves in the game!”

    UTV Indiagames CEO Vishal Gondal added, “The amazing statistic is that 50% of users on social networking platforms play games. So when we associated with Red Chillies to create a game around Ra.One, we decided to make a social game out of the character! The game has the potential to have a global appeal and we hope the sheer power and reach of social gaming will enable us to build a massive gaming franchise appeal.”

    The game will be launched across social networks like Facebook along with gaming platforms like Nokia Ovi, Android and Apple. UTV Indiagames will also be launching a special version of the game for DTH subscribers
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  10. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    So this can only be played through Facebook, is that right?
  11. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    Yeah! :) The game on other platforms are going to be launched soon! :) on Nokia Ovi Store it has been launched, others will follow I am sure! :)
  12. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Thanks Anshu! :D
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  13. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    so is there a link on fb WHERE it can be played? And I don't really get it, can everyone play it on fb, or only Indians?
  14. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    go to http://game.raonemovie.com there you can play it via FB :) on other platforms it will be launched soon as indiagames says!


    ps - today indiagames said that soon on nokia ovi store it will be launched internationally too! :)
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  15. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    and i was searching like an idiot for the mobile app :doh::rolleyes:
  16. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    lol, its not launched on android yet dear! ;) otherwise I would tell you right? ;) :lol:
  17. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    you know .. there's too much new every day, plus full time job .. sometimes i think, i lose it :dizzy::lol:
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  18. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    you loosing it? no..no...you indeed have LOST it! :lol: :p
  19. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    ehem ... i think we have to have a lil chit chat in private ... please follow me [​IMG]
  20. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Sorry to be such a dunce with this stuff but does this mean it will be a mobile app eventually? something you get through the itunes store? :redface:

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