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Discussion in 'Main Hoon Na' started by Pakiza, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    Ok here's my review that i found earlier on:eek: :D

    1stly i must congratulate Farah!!! BRAVO FARAH!! she did a gr8 job!! she really amazed me and impressed me! wow!
    Sush: was lovely!! loved her sari's esp teh 1st red one.
    zayed: was cute altoughu his long hair was a bit annoying and i think he needs more practice on dance!
    amrita: lovely..i loved her pink dress in "tumse milke" liked her character
    sunil: was good baddie
    and SRK!?

    where do i start from?! once i start i cant stop!!..i had these words for him : HOT n MIGHTY SEXXXXXY!!!!
    and when i mean hot..i mean
    i'll try to keep it short...so here i go:
    * srk's intro...his voice on teh phone just alerted meeeeeee!!!! i kept telling my sis"it's him, it's him" she told me to be quiet! LOL (im always like tah t) "
    *him in the uniform!!! my god!!! he loooooooooked sexxxxxxxxxxy!!!!!
    *Gosh he was sooooooooooo damn hot n sexxxxxxxxxxy, i felt like going to teh screen and kissing him!!! ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    *he's soooooooooooo cute and yummmy with his innocent look when sush enetrs!!!
    his eyes, tah tlook, his white top...uffff.. i kept poking my sis (LOL she was getting annoyed of me)
    *HIS BUTTTTTTT!!!!! he shook it!!!ooooooooh baby!!!
    *His cheeeeeeeeest!!! OMG OMG OMG !!!!!! that scene!!! " i couldnt control myself!! " it was a short scene
    felt liek pausing and rewinding taht scene..Wait till i get it on DVD!!! ayyyyyyy!!!
    Sush is sooooooooo lucky!!!had naughty thoughts coming in my head
    uuffff both of them breathing like taht made me breathe in and out!!
    *i just love the way his body has turned out!!! even my sis liked it!! haha!!his muscles, hai allah kiya style hai!!!
    his arms are soooooooo sexxxxxxxxxxxy!!!!
    * i loved his bits with Sush!!! LOL poor babe can tstop singing when he sees her!!!ik larki ko deka to aisa laga jaise.....jaise ....jaise....LOL!!
    he's sooooooooo cute n sweet when he calls her" yes maam" ooooooooohhh also tah tbit wherehe's in sush's arms(where she tell him tah the should tell his step mom teh truth)!!! hai oh rabbaaaaa!!!!!
    *LOL! the sptiing bit was sooooooooo hilarious!!!! esp...when he spits at srk teh 1st time!!!
    *the action scenes....WOW!!! was pretty impressive i loved it!!! srk looked mighty sexxxy n HOT in blk!!!
    * chali jaise - nicley done...liked teh way teh camera moved
    *MHN- soooooo cute!!
    *remix MHN- he's sooooooooo cute doing diff dance steps!!awwwww!!
    *tumse milke- wow!! i loved srk's sexxxxxxxy dance steps!!
    *yeh fizaaein - i just loved it ,even my sis...nicely done...
    *gori gori-- lovely steps esp..when he takes off his jacket!!! uffffff!!! and i love teh scene after the song ends!!
    * AND the sexiest song tume jo maine dekha--- dont ask...i was in heaven...wanted to rewind it!
    he loooked soooooooooo damn HOT ,spicy,yummy and sexxxxxxxxxy!!!
    aaaaaaaaaahhh esp...when he was WET WET WET!!!! " lucky sush!!ufffff
    his chest OMG
    i loved him in "tum ko pooja hai" uuuuuuufff in blk!!! hai re...maaaar daaalaaaa!!!
    ok i'll stop with this song coz i can go on..
    It's a must watch, it was diff and had everything!
    right i'll stop...otehrwise u'll end up here teh whole day!!
    im still day dreaming abt this movie!! esp srk!! haaaaaaii

    Now your turn:D
  2. Mohini

    Mohini New Member

    Good film. Although the beginning was a little bit over the top. Matrix and MI in one? Loved dancing scenes and the story in general. 8/10 :)
  3. Atina

    Atina Well-Known Member

  4. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    aw i loved it! i loved the story and how everyone acted. was fantastic! though i wish Gauri would have been in the generic, eventually they seem to have persuaded her for OSO :D great movie!
  5. klouvios

    klouvios New Member

    Loved it loved it loved it
    SRK was great like an action hero because he wasn't only that, he was also a loving son, a brother who was like a father to his younger brother and a romantic lover who started singing when he saw his girlfriend. I don't like american movies of this kind because all the action heroes look like balloons after taking so many anabolics, they are brainless and they jump up all around like monkeys.
    I would like to see him again in a similar role :)

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