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SHAHRUKH KHAN AT Dubai Film Festival award 14 December 2006

Discussion in 'Concerts and Carnivals Gallery' started by cherine, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Indian Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan answers a question during an a press conference after receiving the Dubai Film Festival Salute award 14 December 2006 in Dubai

  2. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  3. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  4. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  5. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  6. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  7. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member

    wooooooooooow Cherine,

    you are very fast. :eek: :thumb: :hug:

    It seems Shahrukh has to let his beard growing again. Maybe the shooting from Chak De hasn´t finished. I read somewhere that they are continuing in the filmstudios now.
  8. romy

    romy New Member

    wow thanx for the pics CHERINE.:)
    he lokks great and so delicious with stubbles.:cool:
    i really hope he never shave off the beard.
  9. tweetytwinkl

    tweetytwinkl Well-Known Member

    AW: SHAHRUKH KHAN AT Dubai Film Festival award 14 December 2006

    thanks cherine you're really fast. THAT'S what I call recent pictures :D
  10. srk_mai

    srk_mai New Member

    WoW.. He is looking nice.. Is he feeling well?
  11. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

    cherine i know you will kill us again and again and again with your pics. thank you so much for beeing present if there is anything news about him. you are really a very busy bee, i think you don`t sleep.....
  12. Pinky Iqbal

    Pinky Iqbal SHAHRUKH LOVER

    Wow Cherine. Shahrukh Is Loooooooooooooooooooking Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute & Sweet. But Why That Beard???? Anyhow Thanks 4 The Pics.
  13. Anoush

    Anoush SRK's Lovely Sister

    thanks chery so much

    i am happy that srk is so loved in dubai , i just wish to see him in egypt soon
  14. vdoggy

    vdoggy Member

    wow! thanx cherine
    i love his shirt :D
  15. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    I second that... :thumb: :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
  16. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    u are welcome dear andrea but i think our king Deserves more efforts;) :D
  17. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    you are all welcome

  18. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    I found another one... :)

  19. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

    thank u for the pic gai

  20. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Awwi... thank you Sweety for all the gorgeous pics. :hug:
    You always find the 'good stuff'. :D

    I'm so happy for our Sweetoo and I'm very proud of him. :heart: :love: :heart:

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