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ShahRukh Khan - A personal interview

Discussion in 'Oldies But Goldies **HOT**' started by Bridget, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Several advance searches couldn't find this posted before

    Shah Rukh Khan - A personal interview

    Shahrukh is probably one of the most talented super stars in the history of bollywood he came into bollywood at a time when things were not looking up he revived the industry through hard work with a vigor which can only be his trademark.

    Trying to get hold of shahrukh is like trying to get hold of the Pope but I think I was as determined to interview him as he is determined to keep himself at the top of the industry Very many readers had written to me that they wanted a closer look at Shahrukh Khan hence I pursued the matter And used all my contacts to get hold of him.
    I met Shahrukh for the first time couple of years ago through a mutual friend Tariq Luqman who is also known as the first Pakistani to become the cyber tycoon in the UK.

    And in the preceding two years every time Shahrukh came to London I had the pleasure to meet him through Tariq but never had the opportunity to ask him for an interview but this time Shahrukh was here longer than usual so I asked Tariq to ask him for an interview after couple of days he accepted my request.

    Tariq phoned me at 11.30pm one night to say you could interview shahrukh at midnight at his hotel so be there in 30 minutes…panic. …Panic. …Panic…there was no time to think or get the questions ready I just grabbed my camera and ran to shahrukh, s hotel Having a sports car did help a great deal I was practically flying through the streets of London very weary of speed cameras or a police car this must have been the fastest I had ever driven but I did make it on time…………..

    To my surprise even at this time of the night there was a very large number of young ladies outside his hotel along with many other admirers as well waiting to catch a glimpse of Shahrukh someone told me that he has already been to see the fans once but people just do not give up and stay around just in case he comes back I tried to get into the Hotel but they would not let me in so a little miracle called Cell phone came very handy I phoned Tariq to say I am downstairs and the Hotel people wont let anyone in unless a guest of the hotel invites them in but Tariq came down quickly and took me to Shahrukh's hotel suite it certainly was a very fitting accommodation for the King of Bollywood every amenity was at hand including his own staff and an English Butler.

    When I met Shahrukh Khan for the first time my impression of him was of a very stern and business like person off screen but as I met him few times his personality opened up a little every time than I could see the real Shahrukh Khan and I knew why he was loved by almost everyone who worked with him or was around him.

    Eventually ShahRukh came in to the lounge and we started chatting he said shahid Bhai why don't you take the pictures than join us to eat something and we can continue talking as well

    That seemed like the perfect way to conduct an interview and also it showed me how he controlled the situation and did things his own way which was a very sweet way to tell someone to follow the track, Apparently he does this while on the shooting locations as well people just do things the way he wants them done without realizing that they are fulfilling his commands

    I took a few pictures (a lot actually) and than sat down with ShahRukh and his friends both his children were around too but he would not allow his children to be in the pictures it showed how much he was protective of his children and wanted them to have a normal childhood.

    The food was good and the company was even better but I was dying to ask questions hence even chicken tikka did not divert my attention (a first for me)

    Starting life in Delhi as a bright young student ShahRukh was tipped to be someone very special one day He always believed that he was destined for bigger things in life than just running a restaurant and right from the beginning he was known to be a determined little khan, He was pride and joy of his family His father who was a very well respected person in the community always taught the tight ropes of life and that in turn made him a hard working and a very determined and intelligent young man Shahrukh's mother taught him how to love life and make the most of it.

    ShahRukh was still busy surfing the net while I was quickly thinking of questions to ask him eventually the "Khanna" finished and the laptop closed and I was ready with lots of questions.

    Shahid: ShahRukh welcome to the west from millions of your fans how do you feel when you come to London.

    ShahRukh:. Thank you, I love coming to London, It's a great place and I have a massive following here so I feel very much at home because my fans make me feel really welcome and its almost never too hot here (hahahahahahah)

    Shahid: How do you feel when some of the most beautiful woman look at you and their hearts sink?

    ShahRukh: Oh oh oh really hahahahahahah you are making all this up shahid bhai?

    Shahid: Now would I make anything up?hahahahahahahahah

    Shahrukh: Oh really millions of woman??????? I am just grateful to God for giving me the abilities to perform well, which has resulted in such a large number of admirers. I think lots of hard work and Dedication to the profession and commitment brings in a lot of success and success brings in very many admirers Its funny you should say that just millions of woman are my fans but I get a large number of letters, faxes, e-mails from all corners of the earth from both genders and of all ages who admire my work and even make the effort to write to me.

    Shahid: When I was referring to beautiful woman and their sinking hearts I think my emphasis was on your looks and cheeky loveable style more than your performing talents.

    ShahRukh: Hahahahahahahah looks???????? I am just a normal guy who knows how to act and please his fans I think its because I put all my heart into acting that's why people admire it so much more I also value my fans very much hence I would always make an effort to meet people, shake hands and be with them It gives me enormous pleasure and happiness to be with people .I am very much a peoples person.
  2. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Re: Sha hRukh Khan - A personal interview

    Shahid: ShahRukh you recently went through difficult times professionally? How do you cope with ups and downs of life?????

    ShahRukh: In every profession one goes through ups and lows thing to remember is that never to lose heart and never give up Going through life is a learning curve throughout this curve sometimes you are up and some times you are down but if you remain confident and true to your cause you can always bounce back. Early on in life I learnt that life is not a bed of roses but you can surely change it for the better with lots of hard work and a bit of good luck. You always need a little extra when it comes to luck, but most of it you make yourself. From the early stages of my life I have always found it easy to focus on my aim and I think once you are able to focus that's half the achievement and fortunately all through my life I have managed to achieve my goals to a very large extent. Focus, Dedication and Hard work pays and in my case it pays very well.

    Shahid: Shahrukh are you materialistic?

    ShahRukh: No no not at all on the contrary money means nothing to me, it's the good will of the people around you and the love, which makes you rich you cannot buy love and fame with money. Fame and love is a gift from God and for that reason alone I feel richer than 10 Bill Gates put together as I get a lot of love from people where ever I go. I could be in any part of the world people would come up to me sometimes they don't even say anything they just want to shake hands with me or stand next to me for a few moments and they feel happier they value these moments for the rest of their lives and I feel very humble that God has given me the ability to enrich so many lives.

    Shahid: You have some very close friends in your life and people say you are fiercely protective of them?

    ShahRukh: Yes I do have a close circle of friends and I am very fortunate to have them as friends I feel very close to them I think friends are everything in life after your family. You come across lots of people all the time but you only make very few friends and you have to be true to them otherwise what's the point in life?

    Shahid: Who has been your role model?

    ShahRukh: I have never had a single role model in my life I have always absorbed the good things from various personalities that gives me a wonderful choice in life and does broaden my horizons a great deal. The love in my life came from my parents who were more like my friends than anything else I always had the freedom to do anything I wanted to their faith in me gave me confidence and abilities to achieve impossible. Hard work and dedication came from my Father, he taught me that if you want something in life you have to work for it and no one gives it to you on a plate .So hard work and focus breeds success at all levels. My mother taught me to love life to the maximum and be truthful and upfront and that has taught me so much and has been my savior all through my times

    Shahid: People call you a tower of energy, how do you manage to stay so energetic and full of life?

    ShahRukh: I think energy comes from being creative an I fell I am very creative hence that generates enormous energy also inner happiness and satisfaction of achievement revitalizes your inner being and makes you full of life. Again you must utilize this energy otherwise you are being ungrateful to God who has given you an ability and talent to make this world a better place

    Shahid: ShahRukh you sound more like a philosopher than an Actor, Seeing you on the screen and meeting you off screen are two totally very different experiences Do you feel any different?

    ShahRukh: Hahahahahhahahahahah (a laughter full of life) I am no philosopher but what I speak is same as what is in my heart, I do think things over and create my own perspective but always have respect and room for other people's opinion.

    Shahid: Being at the height of your industry how do you keep yourself so friendly and approachable?

    Shahrukh: That's very easy I always remember that God has given me this success through my fans and I owe it to humanity to give them what I have and I keep my feet on the ground My father once said to me regardless what you are or what you may become one day you will always be a human being. And I never forget that Don't you think that says it all?

    Shahid Yes I agree with that too Please accept my gratitude and thanks for giving me time to talk with you it was a pleasure to be in your company again and I am sure that readers of my words would enjoy meeting you too. The tea arrived at this stage and we started to indulge in the delights of Earl Gray Tea and the cell phones started to ring again I did not realize it till later that shahrukh had asked everyone to turn the cell phones off during the conversation Meeting Shahrukh was an unusual experience one would have thought such a big star would have some hang-ups but no not shahrukh he is as down to earth as they came and believe me they do not come any better.

  3. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Re: Sha hRukh Khan - A personal interview

    Thanks, Bridget! Always nice to read a sweet interview. Not trying to put him down or make him look bad, just a nice conversation at midnight!!!
  4. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    I love interviews done by Shahid. All very nice
    Old but still nice to read
    thanks Bridget
  5. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

  6. lauraleedooley

    lauraleedooley Bollywood Blogger

    Great interview - thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Krisi_love_SRK

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    Thank you very much for this lovely interview ! :)
  8. SRK'sPortia

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    Thank you for posting.
  9. unicorn75

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    Very nice interview. I have a (maybe stupid ;)) question about it, from when is it?
  10. unicorn75

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    has no one an idea? :(
  11. unicorn75

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    so has anyone an idea from which date this interview is?

    The third time is the charm. :D
  12. mumbiene

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    I think it`s an Interview with Shahid (Asian Outlook) London August 2006
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    many thanks!

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