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Shahrukh’s latest muse is -Will-i.am for Chennai Express after Akon

Discussion in 'Chennai Express Music' started by mumbiene, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    Shahrukh’s latest muse is -Will-i.am for Chennai Express after Akon



    Published by: Deepak Rana
    Published on: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 at 06:22 IST
    [​IMG] Mumbai: Bollywood’s king of romance Shahrukh Khan, who rules over many of our hearts definitely knows how to make news and grab the attention like for now the news of Badshah Khan’s desire to rope in the

    International rapper Will.i.am to sing in his upcoming movie ‘Chennai Express’ is creating a buzz.

    The fabulous actor earlier brought in the International singer Akon to sing the peppy track ‘Chammak Challo’ in his sci-fi film ‘Ra.One’.

    And now he is eager to have another International singer in his upcoming movie ‘Chennai Express.’

    Let’s hope that this desire of the Shahrukh Khan’s gets fulfilled and we get to hear another beautiful track.

    Uzma Kidwai
  2. raksha anantharam

    raksha anantharam Well-Known Member

    I hope this news is true!!!!!!!! I'd love this!!!!!!!! :love:
    Krisi_love_SRK says thanks.
  3. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    I hope too :) Very like his song with Priyanka "In My City"..will be great if he really sing in "CE" :)
    raksha anantharam says thanks.
  4. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

  5. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    why not ? :)
  6. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    This is so made up
  7. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    This seems very unlikely but you never know. The music for the album has been recorded. Someone posted a tracklist on one of the threads in here so this seems very last min if it is indeed true.
  8. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

    Valid point lol, I just dont like Will.I.am, in his interviews he appears arrogant and full of himself, thats all, otherwise hes a good singer.
    Rayhana says thanks.
  9. srkjuhi

    srkjuhi Well-Known Member

    So no Will-iam..right?
  10. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    the music is out ...no Will-iam
  11. elimeten

    elimeten Well-Known Member

    Nope. No Honey Singh either.
  12. Rayhana

    Rayhana Well-Known Member

    really?! i always thought he appeared sweet and awkward whenever iv seen him....different strokes for different folks eh,lol

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