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Shah Rukh takes a tee-break in style

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by Weda, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Weda

    Weda SRK's Sweetheart

    Did you know that Bollywood charmer Shah Rukh Khan besides shaking a leg can also play golf with elan?

    In the city to promote a new watch by TAG Heuer King Khan managed to charm Delhiites by scoring a birdie. To commemorate 100 years of being in India, the luxury watch company TAG organised a precision golf tournament at the Delhi Golf Club which was followed by a party to honour the winners.

    The cold wave didn’t dampen the spirit of golfers and the chatterati who turned up in full swing. Among those who braved the chilly weather included Kapil Dev, Simar Duggal, Mehyar Bhasin, Rohit Bal and Ravi Thakran, president of Asia Pacific, LVMH Watch And Jewellery.

    The show stealer was none other than Gauri Khan who looked ravishing in a pair of jeans and a Matrix-style long coat. "I don’t talk to journalists, Shah Rukh doesn’t let me give interviews," she laughed. While Gauri stuck to her friends Shivani Wazir and Shalini Passi, Rohit Bal chose to keep Gurleen of the fashion store Carma company.
  2. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Thanks Weda!

    hihihi --- Shah Rukh doesn’t let her give interviews...:p

    It is HIS territory...;)
  3. kimsekim

    kimsekim New Member

    I don't think that's true... I think this is Gauri's preference and she just tries to make it seem like Shahrukh doesn't allow her... or just didn't want to speak longer and gave this answer... that's all...
  4. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member

    ahhaha Shah Rukh... :p
  5. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Shah Rukh and his new watch ![​IMG]
  6. Poonam

    Poonam New Member


    I took this at the launch - :heart: A night to remember forever !
  7. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Whhps - sorry about that, I think the pic is too large, it doesn't download. But do have a look in the Photo Album,it's under the events, launches, etc.
  8. Astri

    Astri New Member

    "I don’t talk to journalists, Shah Rukh doesn’t let me give interviews,"

    Good answer:D Thanks Weda
  9. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    she was the show stealer?? after srk I hope ;)
    thanks weda and thanks poo for the pic. I love him in glasses
  10. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    thx for the pic poo...love him in those specs...hai ....sigh...
    thx weda
  11. cute_srk

    cute_srk Well-Known Member

    Lol, Shahrukh doesn't let her give interviews, thats kinda cute and kinda mean. But wow, i can't beleive that TAg Heuer has been in India for 100 years, and i would have loved to watch Shahrukh play golf. Thanks WEda.
  12. josh

    josh Member

    I think meghna04 has made a joke.I know she likes Gauri too.
    If gauri would like to speak with the press she does itwithout the permissin of SHAHRUKH.
  13. Lachchi

    Lachchi Well-Known Member

    I think also, that Meghna does a joke!...grin.
    But I can also hear, that Mr. Khan say it exactly with this words....grin
    It`s his special humor.....I like it....grin
    God Bless
  14. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    Thanks josh!

    You have right -- that was a joke

    I know that Gauri gets bored by the press...
    She is self-confident and she don't let forbid her mouth. She knows how to talk with the press.... maybe better than Shah Rukh.

    Thanks Poo for the pic -- he looks great! :eek2:
  15. TARA

    TARA "K3T"-Member

    thanks for sharing weda and Poo...wish I would get the chance to take such a beautiful pic of him.....Its really sweet,with glasses!!
  16. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!


    thanks to Poo for this picture.
  17. Mazerq_j

    Mazerq_j Well-Known Member

    :p LOL shahrukh as alwyas :D thanx weda for the article and poo for the lovely pics..
  18. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Thanks so much, Wafa, for posting this pic. Weda, you're welcome. This pic is my prized possession. Doesn't he look every inch a prince.....mar gayi main..:drama:
  19. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Thanks Weda and Poonam. :)

    He looks sooo cute!!
  20. filmifan

    filmifan bhangraholic nattu

    oooo - how sophisticated. :heart:

    thanks poo!

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