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Shah Rukh Khan shot four action scenes for Fan; three made it to the final cut!

Discussion in 'Fan' started by roger, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. roger

    roger Well-Known Member

    Shah Rukh Khan shot four action scenes for Fan; three made it to the final cut!

    Apr 06, 2016

    A total shift from what we have seen Shah Rukh Khan in, Maneesh Sharma’s Fan is all set to surprise everyone. No, we aren’t just talking about the incredible VFX that the film boasts of! Along with the 3D face technology that Red Chillies has managed to use successfully for the first time in India, Fan will have some great moments. Of showdown between the two SRKs.

    Quips editor Namrata Rao, “The face-off sequences are brilliant and Shah Rukh has put in so much effort for this film. He has made sure both the roles look diametrically different from each other. Being a Shah Rukh fan myself, I was unable to pick any side.”

    To Namrata, the action sequences ‘were like songs in the film’. She also reveals, “We shot as many as four big action sequences for the film. But eventually, we have used three of them for the film. They are some incredibly shot scenes which I am sure all the fans will love.”

    Ask her about the three big high-octane sequences and she tell us, “I like all of them in different lights. For example, I love the Croatian chase sequence because it’s very interestingly done and it really utilises the space very well, in a foreign location. For me, it’s like paisa vasool. There’s another one—the climax—which I really like because of the danger involved. It will put you on the edge of your seat where you will keep thinking, ‘Oh god, what will happen next?’ Then there’s another action scene which has two Shah Rukhs which of course was great to do because double SRKs meant double the fun.”

    And what about the one that was edited out? Namrata adds, “There is a train scene which isn’t an action sequence anymore. We had shot it but then, we didn’t use it in the film. It’s just like another scene in the train now.”

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